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  1. Kushida is doing nothing to convince me. Cool entrance music aside, he looks like a complete dork in the back to the future cosplay, and is nothing special in the ring (and tiny). Should have been shipped to 205 straight away.
  2. If his IG is anything to go by Tino is getting closer to his return from pec surgery. Tino/Moss/Matha with Robbie E orchestrating? I'm in.
  3. If I'm reading correctly ITV has picked up AEW. BT hoarding quite the portfolio with UFC, Champions League and now WWE rights. If BT can wrestle away more Premier League games I can cancel cable entirely.
  4. so now that's settled - maybe we can move on from all the racial accusations and point scoring in every fucking thread that's turning the board to shit. Didn't watch the show, but everyone should check out the 4 way from 205 live.
  5. Moss has leaned out significantly and I like the Masters/Simon Dean gimmick. Look forward to watching him progress - plenty to work with there. Having him lose so convincingly in his repackaged debut was weird though, he should be steam rolling dudes like Mendoza. Riddle/Cole was excellent.
  6. Bully was in the shape of his life in TNA as well. Unless NGE was referring to their early TNA days
  7. So he got that MF bag but demanded two MF bag's? Nothing but respect.
  8. Liked everything about Kushida's presentation but wasn't a fan of the match, actually, aside from the Ospreay matches Kushida is kinda boring to me. Velveteen continues to be the crown jewel of the show. I wonder where they're going with UE. Roddy going solo would be disastrous.
  9. I didn't realize Harper is 40 this year. If I was Hunter i'd be running Harper's contract down in NXT if Vince has no plans for him.
  10. Lio should be paid his share in royalties, and making Lashley actually watchable deserves all of the pay rises. But WWE is WWE, he hadn't been on the main roster a year and was in a managerial role similar to Spud for the most part. If he shut the fuck up and paid his dues and played the game like everyone else, he would have gotten that MF bag eventually. Toxic working environment withstanding, toxic behavior only makes things more toxic. Throwing one of your co-workers under the bus is a dumb move. Playing identity politics is cute however, we'll see how that one plays out. Ali is a perfect example of someone who represents himself in the best possible way and it's paid off ridiculously well for him. Go figure.
  11. Were The Heartthrobs also known as The Dicks? The mid to late noughties era was something else.
  12. The production values of the Ambrose video smell like Tony Khan money to me. If so, AEW need to piggy back off this momentum immediately. The tweet has 14k RT's as of now. When was the last time a WWE talent had that kind of engagement on social media? I know it's been a slow news week, but that's insane. I'm sure Niners can shed some light on this for us. I know the promo game in the indies has improved massively over the years, GCW being evidence of this, and Ambrose being at Blood Sport during Mania week could fuel those GCW rumors even further. Cody has interacted with the tweet too. Or it's a swerve. Exciting.
  13. It's a time-honored tradition, and Lio Rush didn't wanna honor that tradition.
  14. Love that Ambrose/Moxley never touched Twitter bar I think one time when WWE made him create the account, 5 minutes after his WWE deal ends he's on there promoting his return. Are we thinking AEW? Moxley/Havoc would be something.
  15. Someone needs to push the envelope even further. Harper should show up to Raw next week with a crackpipe.
  16. I don't have kids but I imagine my enjoyment in the product would increase tenfold if I could live vicariously through them.
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