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  1. Then how would you explain Flair appearing on Vince's show with the big Gold and going onto winning Vince's world title 5 months later in a match that housed a who's who of WWF royality (pun intended)? That's just one example of Vince rolling out the red carpet, I'm sure there's hundreds more
  2. Raw ratings have been on an uptick for the past 4 weeks which makes me believe people were suffering from chronic post-Mania fatigue and took a break. It's been proposed before but a simple remedy for the post-Mania slump would be having Raw after Mania be the season finale. Taking a month off and returning with the Superstar Shakeup in May.
  3. what the hell is Block 6? Cesaro should use something from the classical/romantic-era. Symphonie Fantastique perhaps. Cesaro conveys an air of badass-ness in appearance alone, and nothing is more badass than a piece of music depicting someone getting their head chopped off with a guillotine.
  4. Riddle/Cole [May 5th NXT], AJ/Rollins & the Men's ladder match [MITB] are somewhere in my top 10. Will revise later.
  5. I wasn't defending Lars, I was condemning Kalisto's behavior and double standards. Pile-on culture only causes more antagonism and division. If I see something that is glaringly unjust and contradictory, rest assured I'm going to call you out on your shit. Consider me the Tim Pool of the board. Anyway back to the fake fights.
  6. It's really indicative of your character that you're not susceptible to the concept of forgiveness or redemption. There is no honor or nobility in cheap shots. Glad we settled that.
  7. Cheap-shotting a coworker on national television and not offering a solution privately is a pussy move. Especially when the entire roster is breathing down Lars' neck and calling for his head. Lars has no window for retaliation. He has been fined, and Titus and other minorities called for calm after Lars apologized. So yes, Kalisto is a little bitch and should be fined 100 grand as well. Lars is done at this point, it doesn't matter if he apologized and offered some kind of rehabilitation and learning. This will continue to hang over his head like a dark cloud for the rest of his days.
  8. That just makes Kalisto look like a pussy to me. Let's see if taking advantage of a coworker in a vulnerable position results in the same kind of damnation Lars came under.
  9. did someone insinuate she was? Brock being money in the bank winner is quite a fresh option for him in theory. In execution we all know it's simply a catapult to get him and Rollins to Saudi. I'm hoping for something different though. He looked massive, clearly back on the gear and ready to commit to wrestling for the long haul. I think some of the bad energy towards Brock is self-inflicted on WWE's part, the booking of him being this lazy mercenary has completely killed him in the eyes of the viewer. They murdered their biggest star in order to get Roman over, and it backfired massively. No-one cares.
  10. Have it be the European and have WALTER murder fools all summer.
  11. Lacey's entrance with the money guns and Okada bills was tremendous too
  12. There's only so many times Dave can cover for Jericho's drunken shenanigans until Bork pays Chris a visit. My emotional investment in the product is at an all time low so when Brock ran down I just laughed. To be honest, the match was one of the better ladder matches I've seen, all the transitions were smooth and everyone nailed their spots and looked great. Finn is a lunatic. Even if the ladders are gimmicked (certain ones are wooden that have aluminum coating and are painted) some of those bumps will shorten careers. and then I watched the Becky 24 special and remembered why I love this. Bastards.
  13. If we're going full TNA, they could call Enzo. Imagine the heat.
  14. suit Jericho and list Jericho are tied as my favorite Jericho's. The less said about undisputed Jericho the better.
  15. Kenny's 35 and has had considerable amounts of time off in between matches to recuperate and rehabilitate injuries. I see no reason other than him wanting to do his own vanity projects in the gaming industry why he wouldn't be the ace for another decade. And given AEW's current schedule, he gets plenty of time to do both now anyway. Jericho is 48. Page can take a L here and be fine. I honestly don't see Page as a top guy, he's years away. Trigger too early and you have a Jay White situation on your hands.
  16. First time seeing a woman hit a shooting star, very Liger-esque in execution too. For the record I had no idea she passed. Probably wouldn't have posted it if so.
  17. Norse culture = White identity. White identity = Nazis. Godwin's Law 101
  18. The Outliers? tremendous. Shocked no-one came up with that name before them.
  19. AEW selling themselves as this ultraprogressive company I seriously doubt the girls are being held against their will to do it. The fact this is even a talking point is bonkers.
  20. You would think a generation that's getting more and more nihilistic and apathetic wouldn't give a shit about some women's photo shoot for a pro-wrestling show, something that was probably a Brandi Rhodes invention and has been showcased in BTE already with no issues. Some would call it bad optics. I dunno man. One would only have to look at some of the WWE girls' instagram pages to see something resembling those kind of shots. Does WWE actively encourage this? who knows. I doubt this is a AEW brass scheme or some kind of fan-grab. If the girls want to show off their boobs, let them, I don't care.
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