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  1. One of the WWE video games, I expect? If that was real, the table wouldn't collapse and Sin Cara would break both legs.
  2. DeMatteis is probably my favorite Spider Man writer. His run is undermined some by some really silly crossovers and edjtorially-mandated developments, but his run as a whole is extremely underrated, imo. Did the volume you read reprint "Soul of the Hunter" too? Soul of the Hunter was a semi-sequel by DeMatteis & Zeck published as a graphic novel about five years after Last Hunt. Not really essential, but cool if you dig DeMatteis' philosophy/mystical stuff Marvel's publishing a "Kraven's Last Hunt" novel later this year (written by DeMatteis).
  3. Heath Slater needs to be repackaged with a Webb Wilder gimmick.
  4. Until I read this thread, I had no idea that Megan Markle (Mike's girlfriend on Suits) started off as a Deal or No Deal model. That explains so much about her acting. So very much. Edit: I guess DonD was her break. She had a string of bit parts before that.
  5. He knows who Pitbull is. That alone deserves a "like"
  6. Yeah, Goren/Eames was one of my least favorite pairings on the show. D'Onofrio's performance was alright, and I like Erbe, but the Goren character was written as a jack of all trades with a deductive intellect that was basically supernatural. Sherlock Holmes was less competent. Episodes basically devolved into Goren knowing everything about everything and Eames standing around holding his coat. I much preferred the Mike Logan episodes - particularly his first season on the show when Noth was paired with Annabella Sciorra. And I liked Goldblum, even though his partners and the writing wasn't the best (the season with Saffron Burrows was pretty meh). Haven't seen all of Law and Order: UK, but most of what I have seen was top notch.
  7. I'll be satisfied if I can run it off my Nintendo 64.
  8. Ok, the first ep of "Archer Vice" was amazing. More interested in seeing them as an incompetent drug cartel than I was in the spy stuff.
  9. Only if they generally put more effort into it than they did when they designed that hat. In all seriousness, who would wear that?
  10. Wouldn't discount that, but the actress (Natalie Zea) has said it was her decision not to return and she wouldn't be shooting any scenes aside from the hospital scene they used at the beginning of the ep. I kinda think Claire will stay dead unless they recast the part. My impression is that Zea really doesn't like the show. I watched the premiere because... no idea. I really don't think it's a very good show, full of fairly predictable twists and cardboard characters. I watched all of season 1 and kinda wish I hadn't spent that much time on it.
  11. IGF still runs. Last show was New Year's Eve. Wonder if Angle could get a few paydays in NJPW? He's worked there before (though the TNA/NJPW relationship is dead). They certainly book worse gaijin.
  12. Meltzer has said that Angle couldn't even get his calls returned by WWE last tine he sent out feelers (before signing his current contract). Supposedly, there is still interest in Jeff if he wants to return (per Meltzer, anyways). He'll be 37 this year and carries a lot of baggage, so I'd imagine his window is closing.
  13. So..... Walker, Texas Ranger with better acting? I do kinda want David Caruso's CSI: Miami character to cross over though. Watching Dusty and Caruso try to out-act each other should be interesting, Hopefully, Horatio can teach La Parka how to dramatically remove sunglasses.
  14. I've been wracking my brain for a couple days now trying to figure out what "muppet" could be slang or a euphemism for. Imagining all sorts of crazy things. Trying to remember if anyone's ever come up to me in a bar and said "Yeah, me and the waitress, we muppeted 14 times last night." Unless it has something to do with, ahem, furries, I have no idea.
  15. Yes, his cheek was pierced. I've never heard of a backstory for the rubber bands. Albano has mostly said he did it just to be different. I've heard that he had a fetish for both piercings and rubber bands, so maybe that explains it.
  16. Correct. Just because he's maybe the most popular wrestler in the company, probably the best wrestler in the company, and definitely proven immune to terrible booking, doesn't mean he's a main event level guy. ... Wait, why isn't he cut out to be a top guy? I'm assuming he's either skinny fat and we haven't noticed, or has terrible punches. Or maybe he knows too many MOVZS!!!. He used to be an indy guy, after all. Anyone have a gif of him no-selling a top rope superplex?
  17. Colt Cabana vs. Jeff Jarrett is kinda surreal. Is Sting actually done with TNA? I have no interest in seeing him wrestle, but I'd be interested if he got inducted into the HoF. What's the fascination of Sting vs. UT, anyway? Never seemed like a natural dream match up to me. I can think of a handful of WWE guys I'd have preferred to see him wrestle when they were all in their primes (Surfer Sting vs. Canadian heel Bret Hart, for starters).
  18. Doesn't do it for me. I don't mind the actual booking, but I don't think a 30 second title match gets a guy over strong. If anything, it screams "gimmick booking". I especially don't want to see an uppercard feud paid off on the biggest PPV of the year with a 30 second match. Don't really want to see that on any PPV, really. That's worse than non-finishes, when it comes to giving paying customers their money's worth.
  19. Cool picture. I'm sure the match would be pedestrian but the youngster in me still wants to see it happen. Meh. I'd prefer to see early 90's Surfer Sting wrestle John Cena.
  20. DnA don't work together anymore? What's the story behind that? Who did the art for the X-Men/Groot cover above?
  21. Taker would be in his late 50's by the time this played out. Would beating a 58-yr. old Taker carry enough of a rub to justify ending the streak? I've always thought the streak should have been ended before now. WWE has let the streak build to the point where whoever ended it would be under enormous pressure to both get over to an insane degree, and already be massively over before the match takes place. Fans at this point aren't going to accept a new Ryback/Ziggler/ADR-level guy coming in and going over. Truthfully, though, I don't have a lot of faith in the company to pick the right guy to end the streak and follow up strongly. I'll believe the Taker wants to end the streak/wants to put Daniel over/wants to put Punk over stuff when I actually see it. Cena makes the most sense, probably as part of a heel turn, but, by the time they turn Cena heel, Taker will be collecting social security. Might be better to let Taker retire with the streak intact. Truthfully, I'd just as soon not see a physically diminished Taker trotted out every year or two for WrestleMania. Never really been a fan of the whole act. He became a damn good worker during the 00's and I enjoyed his run on Smackdown as Big Evil. But he's getting past the point where he can get his A game together for WrestleMania (I kinda feel his the Michaels match, and, to a lesser extent, the last match with Trip, were his last hurrahs). I do kinda want to see Davey Richards end the streak just for shits and giggles.
  22. Jamie Alexander is guest-starring on an upcoming episode. No idea if she's playing Sif or not, but it would stand to reason she's appearing as her Thor character.
  23. Please tell me the hamster no-sold the move.
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