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  1. Raven's not someone I'd think of when I need workout advice.
  2. I have no idea what's going on with Lawler's hair I'm going to embed the "Wimpbusters" video in the songs thread, but here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjgwAfi9eIo
  3. Yeah, I knew better. Brain cramp. It was Walt's voice mails to Jesse that Hank was intercepting. Do most cell phones not have passcodes. I'm not an expert, but every phone/carrier I've ever dealt with made me set a security code before the voice mailbox was usable.
  4. Skip (Bayless) let me down this morning by executing a babyface turn and appearing reasonable when the subject of Tebow came up. He did redeem himself during the Manziel discussion when he remembered to keep up his heel act.
  5. Oh, and Walt has the worst cell phone carrier ever. No passcode on voice mail? I've had three carriers in 15 or so years and never seen that. C'mon, Walt, you're a drug kingpin. You can afford AT&T.
  6. Show is definitely going out strong, it seems. I kinda expect that none of the major players will be left standing at the end - not Jesse, Walt, Skyler, Marie, Hank. I have no idea how this ends, I'm kinda wondering if someone tries to take out Walt and gets Skyler and/or Jr. instead, leading to the "flash forwards". Jesse? Marie? I can see Marie trying to poison Walt and getting his loved ones instead. I've wondered if the flash forwards don't have Walt stalking Jesse, blaming him for his downfall. Jesse takes out Skyler and Jr as "the better idea" he alluded to in last night's ep? I've had this Jesse theory for a couple weeks, and last night's ep makes it seem a little more plausible. There'd be a certain emotional catch there, since Walk apparently wasn't planning to kill Jesse at the meeting. I'm actively rooting for all of the White's extended family to be destroyed. Walt really deserves it, for a lot of reasons. And Skyler's speech last night.... wow. You kinda knew this is where the character is, emotionally, but it's still shocking to hear her admit it. Walter abandoned his ethics and morality at a moment's notice. He embraced Heisenberg. Sklyer has slowly abandoned her values and climbed into the same hole Walt's in in fits and starts. In a lot of ways, Skyler's turn has been more interesting to me. I've never really disliked Skyler until she recently. I wouldn't mind if Marie was the only one to walk away from this. That'd be kinda amusing, really. I also wouldn't mind seeing Jesse walk away unscathed, but that seems unlikely. He doesn't deserve a happy ending, imo, but, without Walt, he'd probably be a harmless, brain dead meth head. He's at least somewhat Walt's victim. Think Saul will survive? I expect him to walk away unscathed. If there's a nuclear war, I'd put money on the survivors being cockroaches, Twinkies, and Saul. He's just got a built-in survival instinct and no scruples about what he might need to do to stay afloat.
  7. Same here. I don't love his early work as much as some, and the releases from the past decade don't match his peak, but, even Princess Monoke/Spirited Away represent a career high that's pretty hard to match (or his earlier work, I like Porco Rosso quite a it too). The Eva talk has inspired me to sit down and re-watch it for the first time in... years? A decade? More? I've watched the show a couple of times, but not in quite a while. Since the last time I've watched it, I've seen a lot of shows that changed my conception of what I want out of an anime (the Ghost in the Shell tv series, Monster, Millennium Actress, FMA, etc.). Not very far in, but EVa's seeming sort of dated looking at it now. Very much a product of it's time. Not sure how it's going to hold up. Be interesting to see.
  8. ironic that Nash is probably the healthiest of those three. Or at least the one likely to live the longest.
  9. Assuming Tebow, spends this season out of football, what's the overunder on how many times he still gets discussion time on First Take. I assume that, if Skip, can't work Tebow into the discussion, the show will henceforth feature long stretches of dead air.
  10. I'm 100% sure he doesn't have trunks over his singlet & 1000% ashamed of myself for examining his mid & pubic area to make sure. No, he doesn't. One of the reasons people like Bret Hart wore trunks over their tights/singlet was to... ahem.... conceal the bulge. In that instance, Perfect should have considered it.
  11. Didn't see one, so I'll start. Really young Randy Savage "Maniac" Mark Lewin, Gary Hart, and Kevin Sullivan looking way too normal. It's actually kind of disconcerting to see these three out of character. Hopefully, they're still planning something evil. Road Warrior Animal. I have a sudden urge to sing the lyrics to "YMCA", but I'm not going to be the one to tell him he looks silly, Young Gordon Solie. Whoever told him he could pull off that color lied. Ric Flair "Mr. Perfect" looking way too happy. Never quite understood the "wear same colored trunks over your singlet" deal until I saw this pic.
  12. There was an article in SI back when Tebow was still in college that gave the impression his father's ministry is open to everyone - so long as you're not gay, a minority, possibly a woman, etc.
  13. Just came across this on Youtube. I saw this when it aired and forgot all about it. From International World Class Championship .Wrestling out of Boston, Vic Steamboat.... tells a story on the air. Tells a story in the most relaxed, boring manner possible. I'm not sure how this would make me want to see him wrestle. It does sort of make me want to hear him read a book on tape, preferably late at night when I'm trying to fall asleep. If nothing else, Victor has a very soothing voice (really, that and a good physique were about all Victor had going for him) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKzn8yHxhEY
  14. Obviously, the thing to do is ask Congress... errr, I mean, Billionaire Ted.... to authorize a missile strike. And, by "missile strike", I mean, put Sid Vicious inside a big cannon, light the fuse, and fire him into the nWo limo. Problem solved.
  15. A couple Ken Patera promos: The classic "Mean Gene tries not to lose it promo" from Patera's last run in the WWF: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xyokoi_ken-patera-murders-a-promo_shortfilms A compilation of Patera NWA promos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9aDvbIY8L8
  16. I haven't kept up with joshi (or Japanese wrestling in general) for 3-5 years, but Kana has me intrigued. I've seen her before, but she seems to have a new attitude/gimmick. Can someone bring me up to speed? What's with the face paint? I'm guessing she's working a heel outsider gimmick of some sort?
  17. Women's Championship Wrestling. I have no idea when - or if - that promotion got off the ground. Never been able to find results or anything else from the promotion. The Prince promo in that video (and the one before it) are from a commercial VHS tape called "Best of Women's Championship Wrestling - Vol. 1". All the footatge I've ever seen from that promotion comes from that tape. They advertise Vol. 2 at the end of the tape, but I don't know that it ever came out. The promoter (whose name escapes me at the moment) went on to promote :LPWA. Most of the promos on the tape are racist, misogynistic, or homophobic. It's really a nasty, amateurish production.
  18. He definitely had the head tattoos by then. I don't think he got the tattoos until after he abandoned the Crusher Brumfield gimmick. My understanding is that he got them when he around the time he started doing the OMG gimmick.
  19. Wife and I graduated from WVU and had season tickets until we moved several states away. She was raging when I repeated "Morgantown, Virginia" to her.
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