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  1. I had no idea that Aaron Eckhart starred in "I, Frankenstein" until I read an article a bit ago about how hard the movie bombed. I've seen that trailer dozens of times during commercials and never heard Eckhart's name mentioned. How did he end up picking this project? Is his career declining? Haven't seen the movie, but the trailer makes it look awful (reviews I've seen agree). Surely, Eckhart gets offered better scripts than this? And why wouldn't the movie promote the biggest name they have in the cast?
  2. Wyatt/Family/Cena strikes me more as a short tv feud. Maybe a throwaway match on a B PPV.
  3. An issue of the PPG comic had a variant cover that depicted them as teens that some thought was (over) sexualizing them. Who was the artist? Ed Benes?
  4. The Moore-written stuff is worth paying $6 for, but, yeah, the way it's paced, you might want to wait for trade. I still have the Moore issues packed away. I quit reading comics sometime during the Gaiman/Buckingham stint, so I'll probably pick up the book when it gets to that point.
  5. I can't imagine them wasting their one full-time draw on Bray Wyatt. Is Cena hurt or something and needs to work a lighter schedule/not take bumps? The Wyatt family gimmick seems moderately over, but it's hardly Cena-level (heel) heat, and none of the three is ready for a push to the top of the card based on workrate.
  6. Now I'm curious about the "Powerpuff Girls controversy. What is it?
  7. Has there been any talk about when Cartoon Network is going to burn off the remaining eps of Beware the Batman? There was a rumor they would put it back on the schedule in January, but that hasn't happened.
  8. Anyone still watching Dracula? I stuck with it through Friday's season finale, but... Hannibal it's not. I feel like I should like it more. It's well staged, well acted, extremely well plotted, reasonably well-written and it attempts to do something different. Staging a character-driven period drama that focuses more on political/corporate intrigue is a gamble, and deserve some consideration for not pitching the show as "Twilight - the TV" or an update of the Anne Rice books. And most of the cast, while attractive, at least don't look like they could get work as catalog underwear models. That said, I found most of the season dull. It seems like very little happened until the season finale. The finale had lots of intriguing developments, but I don't know that I care about any of the characters enough to really appreciate the plot twists. The big weakness of the show is making the characters interesting. Most of them are fairly one-dimensional. Dracula himself is probably the only character I thought was well drawn. I'll probably watch S2 if it gets renewed, but I won't miss it much if it gets canceled. Wish we didn't have to wait 5 weeks for Hannibal. Guess we can blame the Olympics for that.
  9. Chemistry doesn't always create something good, I guess. Just ask Walter White.
  10. Wait, there was a skinny Pam in the montage? How did I miss that? goes back to watch season premiere again
  11. He used to be an indy wrestler. How would that be a problem?
  12. So what is the status of Mistico I/Sin Cara? Was he actually released by the WWE? I heard he was going back to Mexico, but I've never heard it confirmed that he was released. What are his prospects in Mexico? He doesn't own rights to the Mistico name and gimmick, right? There's already a Mistico II. Would he still be a big draw under a different gimmick? Let him work as Mistico and do a La Parka/LA Park thing? I kinda took his jump to WWE to be sort of a bridge burning, but if he's still a huge draw, that can be managed. How's Mistico II doing? As big a draw as his predecessor? I haven't kept up with lucha for a few years.
  13. "It was at that moment that Carol realized she'd never make it as an actress."
  14. They've apparently stored them for such an event... Which one of those caskets has Evan Bourne inside?
  15. Pretty sure Savage broke his sternum with it. Pretty sure that would warrant a talking-to. Robinson suffered a collapsed lung from the elbow drop. Savage injured a number of guys when he came back. He was kinda careless (according to guys who worked with him) and looked to have put on a lot of weight. His upper body was huuuugggggge and he looked kinda bloated. Remember, this is the period he wrestled in a shirt even though he had obviously added a lot of muscle mass.
  16. My next question is "how could anyone have possibly expected him to be cleared for a match?"
  17. Wellness problem + most of roster during late 80's/early 90's = problem.
  18. Hulkamania came back back stronger than ever after all those defeats. The only force ever capable of defeating Hulkamania was Vince Russo's booking. Feuding with Billy Kidman came closer to ending Hulkamania than Yoko ever did. Cocaine could have ended Hulkamania, but Hogan used his BACKSTAGE POWERZ and only jobbed to cocaine on house shows, never tv.
  19. They need to start booking Ken the Box and Mecha Mummy as a tag team.
  20. Did you mean "skrull?" Wasn't too interested in the book before I read that interview, but now I'm going to pick it up. Robinson used to be one of my favorites, but I've probably disliked more of his output post-Starman than I've enjoyed. In the interview, he complains about being pigeon-holed as the "golden age guy". Fair enough, but most of the work that made him popular was set in the "golden age" or relied extensively on older characters and continuity.
  21. Anyone else laugh when Orton jumped into the passenger seat of a car which immediately drove away, and the announcers (prob. Cole, don't quite remember) went on that "OMG! Orton stole a car". Okkkkayyyyy..... Door unlocked, Orton in passenger seat, someone else obviously putting car in drive and pulling away from curb. Looks more like an accomplice, not grand theft auto. Wonder if they'll follow up on who was driving, or if it's one of those things we're just not supposed to notice. My money is on Ted DiBiase Jr. Or Mr. Kennedy, trying to get his job back. Or, in a swerve, John Cena Sr. (hey, at least one Cena would finally turn heel).
  22. Thanks. I remembered him, but thought he was on FSW's list.
  23. Two more: Harry Barnes was president when the show started. Palmer was the democratic nominee during the first season. I don't think Barnes ever appeared onscreen. Palmer's vice president temporarily became the acting president during season 2 (Prescott was the name of the character).
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