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  1. Yeah, Jon Horton was a play-by-play guy for Global and USWA (using the name Craig Johnson).


    Was the Mid South he's asking about run out of Lousiana?  I'm drawing a blank.  I vaguely remember a promotion calling itself Mid-South run from LA.  The booker was John Horton, but he wasn't the promoter.  Not even sure John Horton and Jon Horton were the same guy.  Time frame is rightish, though.


    FYI: Jon Horton got out of the wrestling biz and has a job in Hollywood.  Last I heard, he was shopping around a sitcom (don't think it ever got made, though).

  2. i'm waiting for a time traveler gimmick where they traveled forward through time. So they'd be time travelers from 2002 in 2014 or something


    New Age Outlaws are living that gimmick.  There's no way I believe Billy Gunn got up one morning in 2014 and decided he wanted the same mullet perm he had 15 years ago.


    The Mike Johnson version is similar to Meltzer's version (though it doesn't specifically mention the PPV revenue thing)



     Punk had been very vocal in the past about the usage of returning and "part time" stars being pushed beyond wrestlers who were working full-time for the company.



    I've been wondering about the part-time situation for awhile.


    1) As a fan, why should I buy a b-PPV with, say, Del Rio vs. Cena headlining the card when Vince obviously has no confidence in most of the full-timers ability to sell the major PPV's?  I imagine him looking over the roster in the fall, saying to himself "We can't do a good buyrate for WrestleMania with these tomato cans.  Quick,  Find me someone who was over 10 years ago.  That's the ticket.  New Age Outlaws draw better than Del Rio"


    2) As a worker, why should I put myself through the wringer for the company when, come Wrestlemania or Summer Slam season, the company is going to go out and sign big-name part-timers, give them a big push, pay them better, and ask them to work 1/10 of the the schedule (if that)?  Oh, and the end result of the part-timer's push will probably be to push me down the card and make me job to the part-timers.


    I'd prefer to see WrestleMania used to push full-timers even higher up the card.  There's not a lot of long-term benefit to putting, say, Batista over Del Rio or Orton since Batista won't be around long-term.  In most cases, outsiders should be putting over the full-timers.  But, Del Rio going over Batista won't pop the tv rating on Monday.

  4. If the mother did indeed die, older Ted's kind of a douche.  If that's the case, instead of telling the kids about their mother, he's told them long stories about Barney's sexual exploits, Marshall's weird family, Robin's career as a Canadian pop star, etc. 

  5. The final scene apparently involves Ted's kids.  They filmed the final scene during season one because they were afraid the actors would age too much by the time the show ended (the actors playing the kids were 16 and 18 when the series started, so they're both mid to late 20's now).  So whatever they're doing, they probably had it planned from the beginning.


    I'm kinda leaning towards some sort of downer ending.  The mother dying?  Until it was brought up that the kids asked Ted questions in season 1, I was guessing he died and the kids are watching videotapes left by him.

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