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  1. haha! Yeah, second pic is a towel that I guess he gives out, maybe to foreigners? Not sure. They had like little gift packages either for buying merch or just knowing who he is I'm honestly not sure why he gave it to me but it was fucking cool. I think they have a shirt with the same design there. I'm definitely going back when we're in Japan again this December. It's surreal just seeing Mr. Danger back there cooking steak, and honestly it was one of the best meals we had while we were there.
  2. When I went to Mr. Danger's Tachibana in 2018 he was actually in the back cooking. Same with Kawada's restaurant, they were just both there in the back fixing the food. So you'd probably have your opportunity! I don't want to clog up the board with images, but I bought a (awesome) shirt while I was there, and the waitress insisted I get a picture with him. He gave me a bag with a towel and two signed coasters. https://imgur.com/a/nNQmP8P
  3. It's also 2 days before the Destiny 2 launch, so I'm sure his hip is REALLY feeling rough.
  4. It's obvious why Undertaker would do Vince's bidding. He must have the urn! Makes perfect sense!
  5. Correct. He's been around a few years now, so no longer green.
  6. I'm thinking I saw some results saying that Jigsaw walked out on the Shard at a Wrestling is show a little while back. They lost the tag belts to the Throwbacks; Jigsaw doesn't really fit in well with the Flood anyway. I feel like the Throwbacks might be a serious team and a contender this year (ie. no Matt Classic), not sure who the third would be though. They'll have to face the Spirit Squad at some point I think. It's likely there will be a BDK team with Ares, Nokken and whoever their third guy is, GEKIDO team of 17, the ant that's still alive and the Shard. I would guess that Jacobs is going to cash in his 3 points for a title match with Icarus at KoT as well unless they're saving that for a standalone show. Anyway, I'm excited for King of Trios even though i won't be able to go this year. The 2012 show was the best live show I've went to in years.
  7. JetBlack83

    2014 G1 Climax

    Final was really good, loved Nakamura busting out that Rainmaker counter into an armbar, that move is swank. Okada makes sense, but my heart was thinking Nakamura. Naito is actually pretty fun as a dick heel. I know Honma wasn't going to win this, but c'mon....Honma HAD to win something, right? I guess just our hearts. Everything was pretty good on the second half of the card, otherwise. The IWGP Jr. Tag was fun and it was funny that the camera men were unabashedly focusing on Maria's butt during the other tag. None of that coy, sneaky stuff in Japan; right up on the big screen.
  8. JetBlack83

    2014 G1 Climax

    I'm still a day behind, but watched Day 9. I'd lean more towards Goto in this mini-Goto/Naito argument, but I think they're both pretty fun. When I first saw Naito I hated him, but I've grown to like him. I always thought Naito looks like Robert Gibson had a really good time in Japan, and he wrestles like a puro rock and roller, roll ups and some jumpy spots. It's actually a nice change of pace from all of the lariats. It's a little light sometimes, but it's wrestling; to me the power of moves is directly proportional to the guy hitting it, not the angle of the neck of the guy taking it. Anyway, Okada/Goto was a lot of fun. AJ/Anderson was pretty great as well. Everything else didn't really do much for me, I guess. Honma match was good. I'm still waiting for that Honma win...I know it's going to happen...
  9. JetBlack83

    2014 G1 Climax

    There may be better matches on these cards, but I'm not into any match each day more than Honma's. I echo all the great stuff said about Suzuki/AJ (and AJ, as i said before, is having a great tournament) but I actually enjoyed Fale/Honma just because the crowd wants Honma to win so bad. Kojima hasn't been as strong this year as he was last, and Benjamin has kind of trailed off quality-wise, basically, since he started losing matches. I love Davey Boy Jr., but he is such an unnatural heel. He has that baby-face, and then he just sort of does weird hand jestures, like pantomiming drinking a beer and then I guess pouring it on the guy he's going to powerbomb? I'm just so confused by everything he does.
  10. JetBlack83

    2014 G1 Climax

    I really love Honma. Even if you don't like his ring work, it's hard not to get pulled into his matches because the crowd is just waiting for him to get one big upset in the tournament. It's going to be huge if/when he does. That Ishii match, as a result, was my favorite thus far. Also, I came into the tournament ready to fastforward through the Shelton Benjamin matches since he really hasn't done much for me so far, but that said, he's been pretty slick. I'm interested to see him take on some of the bigger names to see if he can deliver a gem. AJ Styles has also been great. I have not been a fan of Bullet Club, but it seems they've cooled off either in the G1 or post-Devitt on the annoying-level interference. AJ's really adapted well to the New Japan style; I really liked his match was Naito and the match with Okada from Night 1 was also a lot of fun.
  11. I just got home from this show, I wouldn't be too excited for Jericho/Orton. Maybe it just wasn't my cup of tea though. On the other hand, Bo Dallas was phenomenal. Reigns/Rusev was...slow. I was surprised that they let Reigns get to the point where he was just about to finish him with the Spear. i was sure they would do a couple of power spots back and forth and then Kane comes in. The Usos thing was one of them doing 'commentary' while the other pantomimed the match. I thought it was kind of amusing actually.
  12. Ambrose was super over by the end of the ladder match, I know he was always the one people 'knew' would make it, but he's making it work well. It's refreshing to see him just try to pummel Rollins and not 'wrestle' him at all. I'm surprised not many people are mentioning Rusev/Big E, that was a pretty great match! Between the knee blocking the first spear, the speak to the outside where Big E nearly killed himself and the Rusev kick I think it was about a tie for my favorite match of the night with the MITB match. Main event was very underwhelming. I didn't really see an outcome going in that would please me, and as it turns out the one they picked did not.
  13. I'm totally ok with goofyness, as long as there's some kind of precedent. Invisible choke slam only works for me if he's doing some kind of Green Lantern gimmick and they add a glowing green hand in post.
  14. I am so glad that someone made a gif of this. I can't tell you how much I laughed when I saw this on the Memphis DVDs. And just in time for Friday the 13th!
  15. Worth noting that, after the show went off the air, it came back on, with all the heels coming out. This included a huge guy in a gas mask, with wires and stuff, marching out Soldier Ant and Delerious with hoods over their heads. When they took them off they attacked the Colony and Ultramantis respectively. Everyone brawled and the huge guy did a chokeslam/backbreaker on Kobald that seemed to imply he was done for awhile. I thought the show was really fun, not their best, but solid. All ant match was especially good.
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