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  1. One day Okada will have a shirt that I actually want to buy once again. It's not today sadly. I didn't realize there weren't more letters behind him. "Cold Skull Grape Wasps, The Highlight of Heavy Nope"?
  2. I feel like it would be crazy to get to Night 2 with Naito/Okada and not have Naito win. In spite of everything, he's still the most popular guy almost everywhere they go. I'm hoping for a really interesting DASH because New Japan is at a point where the landscape needs to change to freshen things up. I think LIJ will stick around (maybe smaller) but I'd like to see CHAOS guys branch out in different directions. If Ibushi is sticking around he could take in some guys for his Research Institute; maybe SHO and YOH.
  3. The Main Event for the New Year Wars cards were announced Violence Giants vs. Zeus/Sai January 2nd Miyahara vs. Jake Lee January 3rd
  4. I generally don't buy anything I won't wear in public, but I don't have a thriving instagram. My go-to wrestling shirts are my Okada "Too Awesome Dropkick" and my Takayama Everest German Suplex shirt(below). That was the first shirt I managed to actually get from Japan. I posted this a few months ago, but my Mr. Danger Steakhouse shirt is my #1: https://imgur.com/a/mzY76Db
  5. Naito wasn't being disrespectful the last 3 years, he's just wondering why the mist won't come out.
  6. Big Japan is starting a 6 Man Tag Round Robin at the end of December. Opening night has Sekimoto/Zeus/Bodyguard all trying to pick up Ryota Hama.
  7. When I went to Japan two years ago, I didn't realize how big Kinnikuman still is over there (it's not HUGE, but I believe there are at least two shops that just has merch). Anyway, I ended up hunting down way too many of the Figurarts figures which sadly seem to have been discontinued. That said, those CCP figures above are both REALLY nice and REALLY expensive. Each one is hundreds of dollars. I would've bought one but I wasn't confident of it making it through an airplane ride home.
  8. It's had some poor execution, but they're going to do great with the cards they have put together right now. The majority of the top guys are in the biggest match(es) with high stakes, with Hiromu returning for a title match, an attraction Tanahashi match (even if Jericho has overstayed his welcome at this point), Mox (likely), and Liger's retirement. The top of the card is really strong in my opinion. And they have time to get people more into the matches. This year's DASH really needs to shake things up, though. Mix up the stables, change some allegiances; I am guessing SANADA leaves LIJ, maybe have some CHAOS guys leave to form a new faction? There's 80 guys in there currently. Once the title is away from Okada, I think it'll make things a lot less predictable. Hopefully, I didn't just jinx Naito.
  9. I would say whoever wins the match holds both belts for maybe 3-4 months before they do a 'double title defense' where they have to defend either twice in a night or back to back nights, then they drop one of the belts (probably IC). My preference would be to retire the IC title though and just make it a double championship. There's no shortage of singles titles right now and it would give a lot more meaning to the US title going into those United States shows. That said, given how they book, I think they feel they need each of those titles to main event a city during their tour. The IC title has too much meaning for them, and I think it would leave them without a belt that's strong enough for a guy like Tanahashi or Naito to win and defend.
  10. I'm wondering if he wins at WK and then we end up with Hiromu/Liger for the belt on Night 2 as his last hurrah? If Liger is going all out one more time I think Hiromu or Ospreay are the two best choices. Should be a hell of a match either way.
  11. haha! Yeah, second pic is a towel that I guess he gives out, maybe to foreigners? Not sure. They had like little gift packages either for buying merch or just knowing who he is I'm honestly not sure why he gave it to me but it was fucking cool. I think they have a shirt with the same design there. I'm definitely going back when we're in Japan again this December. It's surreal just seeing Mr. Danger back there cooking steak, and honestly it was one of the best meals we had while we were there.
  12. When I went to Mr. Danger's Tachibana in 2018 he was actually in the back cooking. Same with Kawada's restaurant, they were just both there in the back fixing the food. So you'd probably have your opportunity! I don't want to clog up the board with images, but I bought a (awesome) shirt while I was there, and the waitress insisted I get a picture with him. He gave me a bag with a towel and two signed coasters. https://imgur.com/a/nNQmP8P
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