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  1. Bianca joining the Hurt Business is the way to go. They are faces so no stress about losing merch opportunities. And agree on Priest. I'm so done with... whatever Rollins is meant to be.
  2. "Always leave em wanting more" If it's not Cody or Bron at Mania next year then they are shark jumping. The gue issue is you have to get through SEVEN MORE MONTHS of Roman as champ where he will be unbeatable. Everything he does now is just wheel spinning until Mania. And don't get me started on the turn... Geebuz that is just so dumb. Frame it anyway you like but Jimmy and Jey both look like idiots coming out of this.
  3. Pretty good show, ruined by an AWFUL main event. The flip flopping Usos are getting to Big Show levels of stupid. Get the World Title on Logan Paul already.
  4. Man... If Rock lost about 60 lbs and trimmed down, went back to Hollywood Rock/Rundown era shape... Just really lean... And then started playing villain roles in like a Guy Ritchie or a Tarantino or a Coen Brothers film. Something with snappy dialogue where his charisma can really pump up the volume on a scene. Make that happen Hollywood, and he'd go from overexposed to movie star again in a heartbeat.
  5. Punk, Dax, Cash, Starks, Cassidy vs Black, Matthews, King, White, Juice No idea if this works from a kayfabe POV but I think it would be pretty cool. Build from Punk/Starks distrust into Starks v Cassidy for the International Title. CMFTR v HOB for the Trios Title
  6. Roman brings in ZIlla to team with Solo and outnumber the Usos. Jimmy and Jey ask their dad to come in for 'one more match'. Roman puts Rikishi out for good, either before the match (if 'Kish can't go) or after the match. Just when all hope looks lost, they finally get The Rock back to help the Usos Usos v Solo/Zilla & Roman v Rock at Mania.
  7. That's highlighted even more by guys like DDP and Batista turning up in their mid 30s. It's why someone like Garcia is so fascinating. How quickly do you build him up and push him? How long is it before he becomes stale or the crowd decide he's not going to be a top guy because "He's been around for ages and done nothing". In theory he could be a main eventer for 15+ years...
  8. Think they run Seth v Balor one more time to keep the implosion of Judgment Day going. Is Devlin still joining them? Or joining Balor against them? A Balor/Devlin tag team could actually be pretty great... Knight taking the title from Theory feels like the right move. Sami/KO vs Imperium maybe? If they have Riddle backing them up then maybe this is this where the rumored Ilja call up happens?
  9. I'll take a stab at Chris Jericho being one of them.
  10. Now that Luton Town have made the Premier League, Vince should run Mania at their stadium. It holds just over 10,000 for football. Im sure with the right set up in place they could announce a figure at least 5 times that. Maybe count all the people living in the houses that are technically attached to the stadium?
  11. FTR should come out like the wrestling coach on South Park. Just smash both teams in one of these random matches and get on the mic with: "That's not REAL tag team wrestling!!!"
  12. Roman is the biggest change by far. I feel like promos are less... stilted? Paused? It used to be. That every promo. Sounded. Like. This. But these days the promos feel a little more natural, they flow better. I think not having the crowd there meant that everyone relaxed a little more and let things happen a little more organically.
  13. My all time favorite Cena match. I need to rewatch it but, on the LWP scale, it was a full 5 stars. Just watched the finish on YT. Cena's selling is brilliant. Umaga is amazing in this role. Estrada does his part. The commentary team are on point. 5 stars all around. "Even a monster's gotta breathe!!" - This might be up there with some of JR's best ever work. Cody and Roman should steal this finish for Mania.
  14. Time for the long overdue AEW Mixed Tag Team Titles*. Cole/Baker Perry/Jay Sammy/Tay Kingston/Soho King/Hart Kip/Ford Blade/Bunny OC/Statlander That's a pretty decent KOR style tournament right there. *Please don't TK.
  15. Not a baseball fan by any stretch but Domingo German's perfect game is already making the rounds in my social circle here in Melbourne.
  16. Heel Perry should come out in a black turtle neck with a dark suede jacket. Then he should look straight down the camera and say "Christian was right" Then leave.
  17. AEWxNJPW Battle Bowl? Team up a random AEW star with a random NJPW star in a tag team tournament. The winning team earns matches against their respective world champions. This gives enemies a reason to reluctantly work together for their own personal gain. If you have say 16 teams to start, get the first round done on TV with the last 8 teams going to the PPV. That gives you 7 tag team matches for the night. -First rRound (4 matches) -NJPW Women's Title match -Second Round (2 matches) -AEW Women's Title match -Final Round. Imagine some of the amazing teams you could put together for this - Kenny + Ospreay/White, MJF + Naito, OC + Suzuki, Danielson + ZSJ...
  18. Bryan Danielson doing a Cowboy Bob Orton tribute could actually be amazing. Then when the cast comes off he should go full Heel Luger; "I had an adamantium bone put in. Secured it with vibranium screws. Then I had the witch mother of the Arizona Earth clan cast an all vegan spirit bonding spell to fuse the tendons with the strength of Gaia itself..." Then he can run around just clubbing people with Misawa style elbow/forearm smashes.
  19. I actually hope the third match is built up as this insane epic and then it ends in 15 seconds after Kenny just punts Ospreay in the crotch as his opening move. That or Ospreay spends weeks hyping up a new move. A way to get the win. A way to #killkenny and when the bell rings he just hits him with a thumb in the eye and a backslide for the 1,2,3.
  20. Bucks/Hangman/Starks vs Mox/Claudio/White/Juice Get some real Bullet Club vs Elite tension going. Yuta v Shota on the kickoff as mentioned earlier would be aces.
  21. The Santino Rumble. It wasn't an official win but geez... they should have absolutely called an audible on that.
  22. Shawn & Hunter is actually a fascinating personality study. I'm sure Hunter wasn't perfectly behaved but to see the path Shawn was going down, the path Nash started going down, the path Waltman DID go down and then how badly Hall ended up, for Hunter to essentially be the 'Straight Edge, designated driver, goody two shoes' of the Kliq feels... bizarre. Hunter is the guy that would be learning TV, sitting in gorilla, going to meetings etc and learning all he could. Then these four are hitting clubs, drinking, drugging etc Totally oil and water. EDIT: And now I can't help but wonder if Hunter was actually hooking in with these guys purely for the political clout... This entire friendship might have been built on the foundation of "I need to get in with this guy to help my career" rather than any genuine connection. I'm sure that a genuine bond formed over time but, on the surface, this now looks like a straight up power play from Hunter to make sure he got to the top of the card as quickly as possible. I feel like if Shawn didn't have that break to heal up and find Jesus then there might have ended up being a pretty serious split at some point. No way Hunter can get pushed so hard in 99/00, while also making a move on Steph, with drugged up HBK hanging around the upper midcard and going to parties after every other show.
  23. All absolutely true. I think the reason it doesn't get looked at enough is because the 'Heel Authority Figure' became such a horrible trope for years and years afterwards without considering WHY Vince was so perfect in that role. The real life owner, who really screwed the face of a generation in Bret, who was then 'out to get' the next guy the fans had anointed (Austin) was a god damn perfect arc. I've said it before; Screwing Bret won Vince the 'War' with WCW. It's the single biggest catalyst in kicking off the Attitude Era, launching Austin which then launches Rock, who took Foley with him so that Foley could put over Triple H who is now THE guy in professional wrestling. NONE of this happens without Vince screwing Bret and that single, kayfabe shattering, moment is why Vince worked as a heel boss while Bischoff, JBL, Regal, Steph etc all felt less than.
  24. This will always be the winner. Even as a kid, it blew my mind how many guys fell for that. Did they ever make an angle out of it? I feel like Nash would absolutely book himself to be the first (and only) guy to hit a powerbomb on Kidman...
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