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  1. Did they even need to bother screen testing Murphy? As soon as he walked out in the suit, they should've said, "Yeah, you can go ahead and take that off."

    "Hi, I'm Cillian-" THANK YOU YOU'LL HEAR FROM US
    Congratulations Cillian Murphy, you're our new Batman!*Cillian gets excited*That's what I'd be saying to you if you weren't that half inch too short. NEXT!
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  2. Going through the season to have everything fresh for the finale and I want to highlight Walt's 'confession' DVD - That scene was fantastic.

    The realisation from Hank that his career is over. The chill from Maree knowing it's her fault for taking the 'gambling' money. The issues it raises about trust and communication in a relationship. It also brings up Hanks pride being just as big a weakness to him as it is to Walt, which is a running theme for the episode.

    Maree knew Hank would refuse help and so she did what. she had to do to get him walking again even though she knew it would hurt him to find out.

    Obviously there was no way of knowing it would ruin his career but thats the point - Everyone in this show is doing illegal/immoral things with 'good intentions' and its biting them on the ass.

    Its a fantastic episode and probably my favorite scene of season 5 to this point.


    13 years ago today. NEVER FORGET.


    How many penalty yards would be givien away these days?


    Fantastic stuff with Owens and Smith trying to one-up each other and massive respect for Teague coming through to defend the home turf. Awesome stuff all around and wish there was more of it.

  4. I'm with Niners. That looks fantastic.

    Im now counting down the days for the summer blockbuster that will be -

    The Need for Fast and Furious Speed part 9 Redux.

    Have the Hobbs character lead the chase on Jesse, thinking he might be linked to Doms crew or Stathams gang or something and that can be your link for the universe tie in.



    Notice how Reigns only did the job for a fellow Samoan.


    His backstage politics are out of control.


    Aren't the Usos his Cousins?  I forgot who's son Reigns is.



    He's Sika's kid and yeah, the Usos are his cousins.  Matt aka Rosey is his older brother.



    What is Rosey up to? Any chance he can come back to help "even the odds" for HHH?

  6. oh man oh man oh man oh man....


    I cant wait for next week, but at the same time im not sure I want it to get here. The writing has been nigh on perfect but there is just so much to tie up that one episode of televsion doesnt feel like enough time to get a resolution on everything.


    Im going to try and get back through these last few eps before the finale. Between this and GTA im pretty sure I could stay awake between now and then.....


    Liked this episode too. However it really underscored the handicap the lack of a brand spilt presents to introducing NXT talent. Not a definitive list but I feel the following talent run against each other too much:
    Daniel Bryan vs Sami Zayn
    Fandango vs Tyler Breeze
    Wyatt Family vs Ascension
    Damien Sandow vs Aiden English



    You need reasons for them to co-exists or interact?


    Bryan and Zayn are '"Old buddies who grew up in the indies together" a great story for a team or a rivalry.


    Fandango and Tyler Breeze can become a womanizing (but possibly closet) team. If you want to get really into it, a feud with the PTP where Darren Young becomes a role model for "comingout" could get some press.


    Ascension as a new era Acolytes for Heel Kane to fight back against the face turned Wyatt Family.


    As previously mentioned - Aiden English as World Champ Sandow's hand picked prodigy would be fantastic.


    I also want CJ Parker and Emma as a hippie couple, getting under everones skin with their public displays of affection and terrible, terrible dancing.

  8. Maybe that's how Big Show does it. He watches Jurassic Bark right before coming down to the ring, and the real talent is holding off the tears until it's time.

    Or that one scene from Fresh Prince when Wills dad leaves him again.Probably reminds Show of his own dad. Or the funeral at least...
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  9. Posted Image


    Posted Image


    Yeah, I'm leaning toward Jesse being the one to take out Walt now (if anyone does).


    Beautiful framing and foreshadowing. Has anyone mentioned this show being the best thing on TV ever?


    A question for some of the more die hard fans who have been on board from day one - Was it always planned that season 5 would be the end? Did they talk at any stage about coming into this with a plan for X number of episodes to tell the story and then they would get out while it was still good?

    Kurt Sutter with Sons or Anarchy said he only planned 5-6 seasons out but that the network kept offering extentions so he expanded the story and I think it's really hurt that show alot.


    Just wondering if BB was planned with this arc and conclusion from the start or if the team decided to just quit while they were on top of the world.

  10. Anyone remember that episode of South Park where Cartman breaks his 'funny bone'? He sees something so funny, that his body is unable to process any kind of humor from that point forward.I think this show has broken my 'drama' bone. I can't see how I will ever be able to watch another serious TV drama without holding it to the impossible standards this show has set.


    I was sceptical when it first aired and people were raving about how good it was. I'd heard it all before with The Wire, NYPD Blue, The Sopranos etc. so I put off watching it for years. I've spent the last 4 months just plowing through it to catch up and I can say, without a doubt, it is the best TV series I have ever watched. Just incredible stuff.....

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  11. Finally saw Glengarry Glen Ross having spent the first 5 or so years of my post high school life working in shitty sales jobs, I could totally empathise with these guys. What bugged the hell out of me is why so many sales coaches and team leaders quote it or refer to it.


    No-one in this movie comes away looking good. Everyone is just trying to pedal the shit they've been dealt to try and get through life. It's not a desirable situation to be in at all.


    I can understand people bringing up the hot shots from Boiler Room because those guys game across as cool, even if they were shady as hell, but the sales side of GGR is totally depressing and makes me thankful I got out when I did. Any team leader using "Always Be Closing" on their staff should be ashamed of themselves.

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  12. The Riley face turn was so well done, awesome reaction and he always remained pretty over after that. Loved him teaming alongside Cena & Orton following that..thought he did really well until his push died. At this point, I'd like a Miz/Riley reunion as a babyface team.


    Miz can call Flair and get him to call Double A to come in and teach Riley how to hit a spinebuster.Instant nostaligia team that can eventually go heel by claiming they do the moves/spots better than Flair/Arn which leads to your HHH face turn to 'help his buddies'. Simples.

  13. Alexander Rusev is AMAZING. He seems like he was born to be a crazy pro wrestling monster. His spinning heel kick ruled, great headbutts, and his mannerisms are fantastic. I was getting a serious Umaga vibe. Dude is money..

    Came here to post pretty much the same thing.I loved the wheel kick and when he cranked that Camel Clutch... Awesome stuff.
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