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  1. The very fact this puts one of my all-time favourite matches (the Bash 90 tag) in there makes me very happy
  2. Lush green English fields where I live, and some stately homes nearby. I mean essentially I live in Jane Austen countryside, so it's probably got to be one of the adaptions
  3. The Gino episode just aired in the UK yesterday. Jaw was seriously dropping at this one. So powerful. Obviously there is the "these two guys both said it wasn't murder, so that must be the case" issue, but it gives closure to his mother, which was a great ending. There were bits that suggested a full investigative series could be done just on Gino's death, including the inaccuracies in the identification of the body (them listing him as uncircumcised), but overall this was my favourite episode so far, alongside the Brody one.
  4. Aoki's death is so sad. Such an incredible talent, and a really nice guy. I became friends with Aoki on his UK excursion back in the NOAH days, to the extent that the NOAH crew filmed us saying goodbye to each other on the last show. I went to the Champions Carnival final in 2015, years later. Aoki saw me, and called me over to the merch table to chat to myself and my wife (who is Japanese, but has little interest in wrestling). So shocked to read of the news of his sudden death this morning. Was only recently speaking to someone on Facebook about how good it was to have become friends with him during his tour. Such a tragic end to a talented and lovely guy
  5. If Skyscanner.Net works for US flights try that. It actually tracks flight costs on a day by day basis so you can nab them when the price drops
  6. When we went we found that simply by switching the outgoing or return date from a Monday or Saturday to a Sunday dropped the price by a massive £1100. Worth moving a day or two to the left or right to see what might happen to the price!
  7. I shall await an easier official solution to turn up. Thanks though
  8. Ah yes. I know about the PC one, but I want to have one that fires it up on a phone as I don't like turning on my PC to watch my TV
  9. I'm longing for this to have PS3 or Chromecast support. Literally the only thing stopping me lay down my cash is that I can't put it on my TV in the manner I wish. But when I can... Oh, when I can!
  10. Thanks. The ten man looks like the kind of wacky fun I will enjoy plus has Ultimo Dragon, Suzuki and my friend from his tours of the UK Aoki on it so I'm happy with that
  11. I'm going for my first trip to Japan next week primarily to meet my fiancées father, but she's been nice enough to get us tickets for the Champion Carnival final too, despite not really getting wrestling herself. Looking on the site they list the four final tournament matches. Other than these and the final match, do they normally have additional matches on the last day. Would love her to experience a juniors match or a multi man match on that show
  12. And I had to note down where I was on my Nitro viewing by episode number not date....!
  13. It's just a sneak peek on Monday so not an official series start just yet
  14. Yeah . Gene, Hacksaw, Jimmy and Pat all did me in on that one. Tony Atlas story was pretty amazing too
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