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  1. I'm sure he at least would have paid if it had been daylight. He just needed a maple bar.
  2. Indianapolis New England Cincinnati Cleveland Green Bay Detroit Denver Baltimore Tennessee San Diego Chicago Arizona Seattle Philadelphia San Francisco Tiebreaker #1: 24 Tiebreaker #2: 271 Tiebreaker #3: 6
  3. Failed my test once, then bought a 125cc motorbike. Funnily enough, I feel way more in control of the bike, and I never find myself having to tell myself not to drive across the middle of the road. I think the pressure of having someone else in the car got to me a bit. The bike is hella fun.
  4. Green Bay Chicago JJ Watt Detroit Indianapolis Pittsburgh Tampa Bay Atlanta Philadelphia Cleveland Denver San Diego San Francisco Cincinnati Seattle Tiebreaker #1: 275 Tiebreaker #2: 15 Tiebreaker #3: 25
  5. Colston got nothing a few weeks ago. Even with a minor injury, I'm going to put Hilton over him. Can't speak for Mike Evans/
  6. Picked up Owen Daniels today, and I feel like that was a decent pick up. I had Ebron of Detroit at the start of the year, but dropped him after week 1 because it didn't seem like he was doing a whole lot. Anyhow, I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself. Should I be? Full disclosure: my other TE is Julius Thomas.
  7. Is it just me, or does Melendez talk just a little too much about scoring points and winning rounds? He comes across like he puts more thought into his game-plans than Pettis [that could be editing, I suppose] but he never seems to mention the other ways a fight could end.
  8. NY Giants Carolina at Baltimore Green Bay at Chicago Houston Indianapolis Detroit Oakland (in London) Pittsburgh San Diego Atlanta Philadelphia Dallas New England Tiebreaker #1: Geno Smith interceptions - 3 Tiebreaker #2: Tony Romo passing yards - 247 Tiebreaker #3: winning margin in the Philly/SF game - 10
  9. I'm in an NFL.com fantasy league, and I just read this unfortunate choice of words:
  10. I remember reading an article in the run up to Heath Ledger being the Joker, and he said something to the effect of: "I'd hate to follow Jack Nicholson anywhere, except maybe into a strip club."
  11. See, that's what I thought. I guess I just find people who aren't willing to give some of his good recent stuff a chance.
  12. Here's one that gets me some funny looks in the real world: Matthew McConnaughy [or however you spell it,] is actually a good actor who has made some appalling career choices until fairly recently.
  13. It's going to be a while before I get bored of watching Mark Hunt punch other huge blokes in the face, too.
  14. I realise railing against the stupidity of judges is pointless, but what does a person have to do to get a 10-8 round? Kunimoto winning was baffling. Did he really win the second by the same margin he lost the first?
  15. Atlanta BuffaloCincinnati Cleveland Green Bay Indianapolis New England New Orleans Houston Philadelphia Dallas Arizona Miami Seattle Carolina Chicago Tiebreaker #1: Indy. Tiebreaker #2: Antonio Gates Tiebreaker #3: 325
  16. I've seen the bloodbath this guy was in, but that's all I've seen of him. This should be interesting.
  17. Baltimore Buffalo Carolina Atlant New Orleans Minnesota Arizona Tennessee Jacksonville Seattle Tampa Bay Denver Green Bay Houston San Francisco Indianapolis Tiebreaker #1: Jay Cutler passing yards - 215 Tiebreaker #2: Under Tiebreaker #3: Antonio Gates receiving yards - 73
  18. Green Bay New Orleans Baltimore Chicago Houston Kansas City New England Oakland Philadelphia Pittsburgh Minnesota San Francisco Carolina Indianapolis Detroit Arizona Tiebreaker #1: Eli Manning interceptions thrown - 3 Tiebreaker #2: more passing yards, Andrew Luck or Peyton Manning Tiebreaker #3: Colin Kaepernick rushing yards - 47
  19. Rugby League's Challenge Cup Final is tomorrow: Castleford vs. Leeds.
  20. I don't know for certain, but I think there was some kind of unpleasantness going on in the world between '39 and '45.
  21. That first one reminds me of Leslie Nielsen in the Naked Gun. Goddamn, that umpire milked that call.
  22. Is the match against the Lake Monster still floating around? That was a masterclass.
  23. St. Helens squeak through to the 6th round of the Challenge Cup, 16-17, last minute drop goal after Danny Brough had three charged down, got his fourth attempt up in the air, went up, and the referee decided he'd missed it. Match also featured Brett Ferres getting sent off for what looked to me like a Karelin Lift on Johnny Lomax. On the downside, the Crusaders got spanked by Fev. Boo-urns.
  24. I always had a soft spot for Hashi, but damned if I could ever explain why. Hey ho, he was better than Marufuji.
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