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  1. We made one of the fancier bridges for our first one, and it looks nice enough, but it took us a few days to pay it off. With the basic ones, I can bang out 98K in like 90 minutes, less if I get lucky with larger fish or fancy bugs. A couple of orchard's worth of foreign fruit also works wonders to grind Bells.
  2. I'm sitting on like 700K in the bank right now, and it has all come from grinding bugs and fish overnight. My wife does all the island travelling, and she and the 10 year old have been worrying themselves with inclines and bridges. At 98K per each of the low end ones, I've been able to keep paying their new construction off while still having a surplus at the end of the day. I am still rocking the one-room home, but I feel good about it. I'll get to upgrading my home in the next few days or a week or so. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around all the folks that are just plowing through and creating these amazing towns. This game has never instilled that kind of urgency in me. I love the idea of not being able to complete my fish and insect list until I have played for a year. I'm not even sure what I should be doing as it pertains to terraforming, and I look around and see the craziest of crazy shit that folks have up and running. Also, can I just say that the idea of breakable tools can eat a dick? I don't know what the criteria is for golden tools yet, but I sure fucking hope that I don't have to keep replacing them when I get to that level.
  3. I feel like I am constantly playing RAW and Royal Rumble for the SNES / Genesis. I always wanted to play Rage in The Cage for the Sega CD, maybe I will try to track that down sometime soon. I was poking around the other day and saw that TNM 7 has new builds available, and that made me pretty happy. I fondly remember wasting days and weeks and months on end booking a TNM circuit somewhere around 2000-2001. I should grab it again and see what shakes out this time. I just bought the deluxe FPW, so that will likely take away from my old school playing, but it's been so long since I have had any real meaningful time with Fire Pro, I am really having a tough time getting my timing back. I disagree wholeheartedly. Your top end, and all the way down that list through Finlay is a fucking murderer's row. I'd watch that fed until my eyes bled. And it's not as if the back end of your roster is weak by any means. Lots of good names in there that you could very easily slot into programs with one another and put together a compelling product. Your buddy's line up is really good as well, but in a different sort of way. It's heavier on star power by a little bit, but not a huge chasm or anything, and your roster gets to me with a very "Wrestle And Romance" 6 man lunacy kind of vibe. Also, I would sell my goddamn children to get to throw ZSJ in with that group of Michinoku guys. Well, maybe not my children. I'd sell someone else's children.
  4. Octavian is kind of a fuckhead, and he has been all the way back to Animal Crossing (GC). But he's my kind of fuckhead, so I am looking forward to him moving in to my town. And Jane, a real nice purple gorilla. I hope she is still around as well. I didn't even consider how many of you guys would be playing this. My wife and I are heavy-duty AC players, all the way back to the original. When I get home from work, I'll throw my code up if anyone wants to come through ever. Pacific Time, but I am up all goddamn night so we might be able to work around the time difference.
  5. I remember having high hopes for a game called Pro Wrestling X in like 2004? 2005? I don't know. A long time ago. I just looked it up, and apparently it's now an Early Access title. Anyone ever play it?
  6. He's already out of jail for that strangulation DV beef? Fucking dude falls into shit and comes up smelling sweet without fail. Gives me the impression that even if he goes down for that girlfriend of his that disappeared, he'll somehow get off the hook.
  7. I fucking hate Bianca's braid for the very reason that she never chokes anyone with it. All that goddamn hair-based offense she does, and no strangulation spot? I don't like it. Until your post, I have never considered as to why she may not be doing that very thing. Bravo to you for not being a total dope like me.
  8. Yeah, I had no interest in cancelling. We don't fuck with cable TV, nor does the system in our area carry SportsNet LA. I want to watch the Dodgers in the most trouble-free manner I can. That entails MLB.TV and a VPN, and fuck all their bullshit blackouts. So I had zero concern about the auto-billing, but now that there is no season, and what season might happen is going to be truncated, I just figured they would try to not be hella bitch-made about taking money for some shit that isn't happening. That isn't the case. Fuck 'em anyway. I'm the moron that keeps paying them, so I have to come to terms with that. If I could cut a deal direct with LAD and cut the league out, I for fuck's sure would. All I truly care about is the LAD feed. There isn't some pairing of announcers out there that make me pine to hear them call a game against the Dodgers, so why do I give a shit that I have access to all that? Oh, I take that back. I also want the ambient sounds feed back as well, but they stopped supporting that in all but the Roku app , I think.
  9. Real sad, and what that means in turn is that every LL sanctioned league on Earth will not be playing baseball this year. Fucking bummer. It was supposed to be our eldest's first year in AAA, and the first year of tee ball for our 4 year old. Excellent work on your part. Congrats, I guess?
  10. Now they should refund me my motherfucking money for MLB.TV and if they get a season off the ground, they can charge me whatever the prorated amount should be, like how they start offering discounts at around the ASG.
  11. Fuckin A right. I'm just trying to watch fake fighting that doesn't make me feel like I am wasting my time watching it.
  12. I am still enjoying it, although to a lesser degree than I have historically. I thought that a nice little added piece of the Broken shtick was his ability to flip the switch and allow Matt to pick up and speak. That made things a little more engaging for me, seeing that Hardy wants there to be some more "grounded realism" while at the same time embracing just how fucking weird all this Broken shit is, when looking at it from a universe standpoint.
  13. That feud in APW was fun as fuck, man. I feel so lucky to have been around for a lot of that stuff in that goddamn hot garage. Grimes fucking blew my mind every time he went out there. They (he and Erin) matched up so well from top to bottom. As workers, with the size disparity, their willingness to do insane shit. Fuckin A did I have a good time watching APW. I can't imagine a great too much of it would be held in the same regard as I did when I was 21, though. My tastes have matured a little. I just looked up the show, it's in Davis at the rec hall on campus at UCD. This would have been for Shotgun Saturday Night, I guess?
  14. That sounds like the things that pro wres dreams are made of.
  15. And Nilsson is responsible for the soundtrack. It's a fucking weird one, for sure. I just watched it for the first time in years with my Boys a couple weeks ago, and my 4 year old was walking around singing "He's Large" for a couple of days after.
  16. Replay operator devises a system in which he relayed signs in real-time back to players, but because it wasn't as widely used as the HOU system, it's okay? Fuck Manfred right in the ear.
  17. That was the first one that jumped out at me, but as indicated right above me, Kevin Dunn wouldn't be a bad choice either. Patterson would be another one that would seem to fit the bill.
  18. I want a goddamn shirt with those wrestling babies on it. That is the most outlandish fucking logo I believe I have ever laid eyes on.
  19. There are so many choices!!! What a funny goddamn thing that I have never really thought about. He has to have a Smithers, right?
  20. That is some kind of BEAUTIFUL. Also, I had no idea who Trish Adora was, so I looked her up. She has a pinned tweet on her twitter in which she refers to herself as "Lariat Tubman". That is fucking stupendous. Did she come up with the concept for the title?
  21. Yeah!! That's right! Dana Brooke is all horny for Bautista, and only her!! No one else! Certainly not me! Even as much as I like pro wrestling, the giant muscles thing has never been a super attractant for me, but goddamn is that one hot person.
  22. I got a big kick out of the ref asking about if a pin was happening in the cab of the golf cart, and also Nick almost smooshing him because he didn't realize he was in reverse.
  23. I always got the "Evil Snuka" vibe when he wore a goatee. Now that I've seen his late 70's / early 80's stuff, I know that he wore one going way back, but 13 year old me took it to be like some soap opera evil twin-type shit.
  24. The look on Matt's face after the kick on the staircase is too fucking good. He's so proud of having just blasted his brother. Such a slimy fucking move, I love it.. EDIT - Matt's cartoony selling has me fucking ROLLING. "Ouch, ooh, ah ee, ow, ugh!"
  25. No Rusty Staub on that list is unfortunate He was only there three years (plus part of 1979), but they were great goddamn years, but it's not like you are going to make the call as your backup RF in his favor over Walker. Maybe Alou, but Alou had good years in MTL, and more of them to boot. Alou also gives you the bonus of being able to play all three OF positions, so I get why he's there.
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