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  1. Kingman never hit 4 in game, the Lasorda freakout was after Kingman took them yard 3 times in May 1978. I loved Kong, and as a matter of fact, he hit a GS in the first big league game I ever went to.
  2. This OAK - SFG game is fucking insane. Check the scoring summary, it's too ridiculous to type out. Jarrett Parker has 3 HRs today, and just hit a GS to put SFG up 14-10 T8. The Zito - Hudson matchup was everything I had hoped it would be. They both sucked and didn't last. Zito went 2+ IP, Hudson went 1.1. I love nostalgia, but I can't imagine there was anyone that figured this to be some kind of pitcher's duel. At least they both got to catch a standing O from the crowd at the Coliseum, which is really the only reason for them to face one another.
  3. Yeah, Uribe is the man. Thank god he still had the top flight defense in those first couple years, or I might have turned on him completely. Holy shit, you are a better man than I am. SFG could be playing a team comprised entirely of Nazis and I couldn't bring myself to root for them. One day the Yankees & Giants will play in a WS, and my heart will break, because I would have zero reason to enjoy the Fall Classic. I couldn't either. I recently went to an event in the Bay Area, and was sad because my friends wouldn't let me wear my Dodgers hat. They said we'd get in a fight. Stupid battery chuckers. You wouldn't have had anything to worry about, a lot of the new breed of fans brought on by their recent run of championships don't know a goddamn thing about the game, and certainly don't treasure the rivalry enough to have given you any kind of hard time. SF is a fantastic baseball town, and the Giants fanbase for the most part falls right in line with that. I am at Pac Bell like a dozen times a year, and not just for Dodgers games, I try to get there for an AZ series, and almost always for SD a couple games. I walk in there like a courteous visitor, draped in as much Dodger blue as I can get onto my body, and the only grief I catch is relatively good-natured ribbing. You might hear a lot of "3 in 5 years!", but you just have to remind everyone that it's actually 3 in 60 years.
  4. Outside of all the Jays games, what kind of baseball broadcasts does Sportsnet get? Do they show Sunday Night Baseball, or the TBS / FOX / FS1 games? Obviously, there is some assorted randomness, what with you getting the Dodgers a couple weeks ago and now PIT - CHC.
  5. Yeah, Uribe is the man. Thank god he still had the top flight defense in those first couple years, or I might have turned on him completely. Holy shit, you are a better man than I am. SFG could be playing a team comprised entirely of Nazis and I couldn't bring myself to root for them. One day the Yankees & Giants will play in a WS, and my heart will break, because I would have zero reason to enjoy the Fall Classic.
  6. And America loves him. I was supremely disappointed in his acquisition through the first two years of his deal, but I'll be damned if he didn't bring it all together in 2013, and hitting .375 in the NLDS against ATL helped when he signed the deal after the season. I miss him quite a bit. Not so much in the lineup, because he wasn't having the most productive of years and had been pretty well replaced by Justin Turner, but I think he is a great addition and a pretty good veteran to have in a dugout and a clubhouse.
  7. I hate every Yankee, but for whatever reason Yogi got a free pass from me. The life he lived and the career he put together are the kind of things that end up in a fictional account of ballplayer, not a real guy. His overall vibe always came off as a dude that understood exactly how great of a life he had gotten to live and was going to enjoy every day he had. Plus, I can pretend like he was a Met because of 1965 and his subsequent stay on their coaching staff. I'm pretty sure that Kershaw was grown in a lab somewhere, the numbers he puts up are almost too much to believe. All the advanced numbers just reinforce how special he is, because it's not like you have to look past his standard metric stats to find some hidden gem. All of his numbers across both sets are eye-popping. And he's such a sweet kid, dig the page for he and Ellen's charity, fucking awesome stuff: https://ellen-kershaw.squarespace.com/
  8. How about a little love for that fucking RIDICULOUS tag that Donaldson laid down to get the out? Hell of a strong throw, but way up and Josh went up and pirouetted to get the tag on Ackley's foot. That should be the takeaway from that play. The throw to the plate was straight money, though.
  9. Without a doubt, the only 81-81 Dodgers season I have no complaints about. The powers that be don't truly care about fair when it comes to playoff teams. All that matters is TV revenue. Hence an extra game that has "meaning" to stick on TBS. I keep hoping it doesn't turn into the NHL where 16 of 30 get in, but I don't have a ton of faith that it won't get to that point eventually.
  10. I appreciate Krukow and Kuiper when they are simply discussing the game unfolding in front of them. I feel like all too often their broadcasts turn into a celebration of San Francisco players, even in a game when there is nothing of note to speak of done by the team. I understand supporting your club, but there is a time for calling them as they actually are instead of speaking in flowery terms about a play on a routine ground ball by a Giant in a game they are losing 11-2.
  11. Next year will probably be his last, so I really hope that LAD can win it all for him one last time. Even having listened to him for the last 30+ years, he still brings me such joy. All the little things he makes mention of, or the stories about ballplayers long since gone just bring such vibrancy to the games he calls. I'm at a point in my life that I think I have heard every story he has in his repertoire about any Dodger that ever played since he's been around, but I don't mind hearing the repeats. I feel so spoiled getting to listen to him every night. I couldn't imagine growing up and suffering through Hawk Harrelson calling games. Or Krukow and Duane Kuiper. Granted, some of my hatred of them stems from my disdain of the Giants, but that doesn't make them any less of a homer booth. And it is such a shame, since SFG has Jon Miller and Dave Flemming doing radio, and they are so fucking good. Charley Steiner, Orel Hershiser and Nomar do most of the roadwork as a trio, but occasionally one or the other of them won't be in the booth for TV and do radio. They are a very good team, although a little more homerish than I want my announce team to be. Orel and Nomar bring a lot to the table as far as the differences in how pitchers and position players see the same situation in a game. I find it hilarious that to replace Scully, you need to bring in three guys.
  12. That is one of the best baseball pictures I have seen this year. Knowing that he got the out on the other end of the shovel probably helps sway my opinion.
  13. Middle infielders get the luxury of the neighborhood play. Coghlan came in late and a little high, and because of that Kang didn't really have an opportunity to get any weight off the leg. I would never consider that to be a dirty slide, but I can get why folks would be pissed about it. Kang has been pretty great this year, so I'm sure it feels deflating to lose him. Holliday is the fucking worst. Ask Marco Scutaro about Holliday's "slides". Or Starlin Castro, I've watched him eat a couple of bad ones in the last couple years.
  14. Kinda, but the Giants' offense during this run has never really been great even at full strength. Mostly it's that it turns out you need more than 1 good starting pitcher. Heston, the rookie, kinda ran out of gas several starts ago. Mostly okay for 6 now but tends to have 1 crooked inning (and it's typically the 1st). Peavy's best case scenario is 6 effective innings. Hudson missed a couple months with injury and has only been back for a couple starts [and has already announced his retirement as of the end of this season]. Leake, the BIG DEADLINE ACQUISITION [tm], has been Not-Terrible but less than expected (and missed a couple starts with injury almost immediately after being traded for). Cain had to "Go on the DL" because he stinks and/or never really recovered from last year's season ending injury. Lincecum was actually slightly better but has been for many years what Cain is this year, and he actually is hurt (and may now literally be done as well as figuratively). Vogelsong is old and has always relied on savvy and location and technique rather than having good stuff/"talent". He's dependent on routine and hard work. Thus, moving him to the bullpen to make room for Cain only to have to move him back to the rotation a month later due to Hudson's injury and Cain's being unreliable messed up Vogelsong's routine. The bizarre silver lining is that Hudson, Vogelsong, Leake, and now Peavy have all hit a home run in the last couple weeks. In addition to their "Bumgarner isn't enough" problem, the typically damn near infallible bullpen has been much closer to mere mortals this year. Also, multiple losing streaks of 5 or more does a pretty good job of torpedoing your playoff chances in a division where the team on top didn't lose 4 straight until August. I don't think Cain will ever be the same, a friend of mine and I were having the discussion as to whether or not he was fully healed when he came back, and neither of us thought he was healthy. His showing this year seems to enforce that line of thinking. Your description of Leake as not-terrible is almost spot-on. Comes out every night, gives you a good shot to win a game, but only has a record of 1-1 since coming over? The real story is that Marlon Byrd has been KING-SIZED since getting dealt, really helps to soften the blow of having to play without Pence. A team can only take so much of what Gregor Blanco considers "good OF play". Losing Panik has really hurt them, and Pence is a big part of that team's make-up. Losing Aoki for a couple of spots didn't help any, and then Susac and Sanchez getting hurt isn't great either. Pretty tough to contend with that much injury trouble. All that being said, fuck 'em. A pox on the house of San Francisco!!
  15. Alex Wood spun a motherfucking gem tonight. 8 scoreless IP on 78 pitches, only allowed 1 H. Really nice to see after last night's 16 inning job. Off day tomorrow, then the Bucs in town for three over the weekend. Greinke, Kershaw and TBA on Sunday against Locke, Liriano and Gerrit Cole. Should be a really fun series to watch.
  16. Sorry for doubling up, but I wanted to express my admiration for Polanco's assist on the 9-3 putout to get Trevor Cahill. Good work in taking advantage of a chubby pitcher going down the line.
  17. That dude wanted that ball, I would love to know what Adrian said to him, because the look on that cat's face when he finally let go was of abject terror. Greinke will win the Cy Young, but holy shit is Kershaw otherworldly. Scully made a comment last night about how only with Kersh could you talk about how he was having an off night having given up (at the time) 1 R on 1 H. What is Greinke going to get from LA after the Series? 4 @ $120MM? What an opt-out year this dude is having.
  18. Yoenis absolutely DESTROYED a ball into the 2nd deck tonight, 17 HRs in 41 games as a Met. Fucking incredible.
  19. The Central is goddamn ridiculous this year.
  20. LAD loads the bases T9 with 2 outs, Justin Ruggiano hits his first career GS to ruin the shutout, and LAD loses 12-4 one pitch later on a foul pop to Jamie Romak. If SFG can keep SD from scoring 8 coming up here T9, it will be the first time since 8/21 that SFG gains ground on LAD.
  21. Jesus, LAD is getting fucking tomahawked. 10-0 after 2, Alex Wood gave up 6 and only got 5 outs. Baez gave up another 4, then the pen seems to have settled down, Johnson gave up one more, now 11-0 B6.
  22. Hey, you leave a perfectly capable third base coach and likely next manager of LAD out of this.
  23. I loved APW. I haven't been to one of their shows in forever, but I used to go see them almost every time they ran. Gym Wars shows were tons of fun, and a lot of their paid shows at high schools and stuff were pretty good for advancing storylines. If I still lived in the Bay, I would probably still go to their shows, but driving to Daly CIty and back to see a lot of guys I could see here in town at SPW seems like a waste of time.
  24. Did you go to all three in Shea in 88? I can laugh about it now since it all worked out ok, but I remember thinking that losing Howell was going to be the end of the Dodgers in that series. If it turns out the way it stands now, I am really looking forward to an LAD - NYM NLDS. Short series and stud pitching? Yes please!! I'm just hoping that Cespedes gets lost on the way to the yard before every game.
  25. That Glenallen Hill HR is burned into my brain, what a fucking mammoth shot that was. I get the feeling Bryant's shot today will take up similar residence in my head.
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