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  1. Good on the LAD front office for keeping Utley out of SF, I suppose. (Although he's 10/5, so he had full veto, who knows if he would have landed there) Kike to CF and Joc gets sat down for a spell, perhaps? That bullpen broke my goddamn heart last night. AJ helps out his buddy with a 3R HR, and Baez, Howell and Garcia gave up the ghost. I drove all the way home hella steamed. Today everybody sucked, so at least they are playing as a team. I do greatly enjoy the lunatics in the RF bleachers at the Coliseum. So I got a good game to watch with a shitty outcome. Can't win them all, right?
  2. I figure he'll get within 45-50.1-2 and 2 BB today. When is Stanton due back? He'll play damn near every day until then.
  3. Giants vs Dodgers for the West shall be settled head to head, as the baseball gods intended. The true pennant race is dead (and year-round interleague play dances on the grave like a mascot on a dugout roof) but at least this way we can squint our eyes and pretend. It's high time the Yanksox got pushed out of the rivalry limelight anyway. Oh, I agree completely, but can you blame a guy for wanting a little breathing room? The way the bullpen has been performing since late May or so has me super nervous about how these last 52 games are going to go.
  4. I can't remember who used the term, I think it was Rob Naylor, but whoever it was called jobbers "wimpies". That immediately replaced jobber in my vocabulary.
  5. As fun as the Pirates are to watch every other day of the season, they can fuck right off in these last couple of days. CHC handles SF in 3 straight and these goddamn Bucs stop LAD from putting some space in between them.
  6. Sweet Jesus is Clayton Kershaw some kind of pitcher. Now at 37 straight scoreless, 8 IP, 2 H, 7 K and his first BB since 7/3. Plus a gem of a defensive play to get a DP on a popped up bunt. Additionally, he's a goddamn peach of a human being, so it makes rooting for him that much more fun.
  7. Is there any chance that Manfred modifies the ridiculous notion that the ASG determines home field? If they feel the need to not just go back to the alternating years method, why not base it on the overall interleague record? Or even more simply, the W-L record of the two teams that find themselves in the WS?
  8. I think about them knocking us out the last two years every single day. I also curse the 1985 NLCS and Ozzie and Jack Clark's HR's every day, and the 2004 NLDS. I'm not one to let things go easily.
  9. I like watching Jose Fernandez hit HRs. I think he only has the two in his career, but he has enjoyed the fuck out of both of them.
  10. And Ryno has resigned as PHI's manager.
  11. And the board's very own Tim Livingston gets a pull quote in the article!! Just looking at the kid's linescore, he had a hell of a night. And he did it on 140 pitches, so he worked for it. Tim, if you read this, I would love to know what you thought of his stuff, any chance this kid moves into someone's system anytime soon? http://www.foxsports.com/mlb/story/sean-conroy-first-openly-gay-pro-pitcher-independant-baseball-league-history-sonoma-stompers-062515
  12. I have no idea, LAD only reached against him in the first two innings, he had 1-2-3's in his next two innings of work. They didn't really do much to try to draw a throw. Rollins tried to steal 3rd and Ross got him in the 2nd.
  13. Is that shirt available now? I looked for it during their entrance at EC, and it wasn't listed on the site. In fact, I got a zero results page when I searched "Prime Time Players"
  14. For having such a super dope resource in luchawiki.com. I had Shu El Guerrero's Kraken mask tattooed on my shoulder last night, and without your site, I might have never come across the picture. Here is the finished piece: https://instagram.com/p/z2q-Z7GRK_/ Also a big thanks to the folks that edit and maintain the wiki.
  15. Sorry for bumping a two week old topic, but I thought this could use a response. As a dude that grew up in that neighborhood, I don't find it to be all that sketchy. It is a bit of a rough neighborhood, but it's not a war zone by any means. Especially if you aren't going to be there in the middle of the night, you have nothing to worry about. Also, you don't need a car to get to the Fairgrounds from downtown SJ, you can take the number 68 bus to Monterey Highway And Curtner Avenue and walk like a half mile to the Fairgrounds. I don't know if you are going to Kaiju Big Battel, but if so, then I would rent a car, since that show doesn't start until like midnight.
  16. I know that the LAD thing has been kicked around a lot, especially in the last week or so, but none of that stuff gets finalized until after postseason play gets completed. Have you seen anything that stated any of this was concrete? Also, all I've heard about the Sacramento/SFG deal would likely end in Oakland picking up the Grizzlies franchise, not Nashville. I live like 2 minutes from Raley Field, and I hope that they stay in the OAK organization. I would have to stop going to River Cats games if they were a Giants affiliate. (Unless Pence was rehabbing down there. Even as a DIEHARD Dodger fan, I can admit my love of Hunter Pence)
  17. I just tried to get on the board from work, and maybe this is just my department's sensitive filters (I work for a county government agency), but it didn't happen to me earlier today, so I wanted to bring this to your attention. I got a warning that the site could not be displayed because it was a known phishing site. I have a screenshot, but I don't see any way to image tag it in this post box. If need be, I can email it to someone if you want to see it.
  18. XBOX app is working really well for me, but a ton of content is unavailable. As stated, no WCW or ECW PPVs, no search function. Hopefully we get another update to fix these issues.
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