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  1. I guess Correa's coming out party made them realize that Lowrie was an expendable piece. I assume this means that the Marcus Semien experiment is over, 35 E's does not a top tier SS make. Semien has got a pretty good stick with some sock, but you can't commit more errors than every other team in the AL all by yourself and expect to keep that gig.
  2. Part of that is probably who he actually is, but I think a lot of is that he is just super guarded. I just kind of expect it now when it comes to high profile athletes. I think fans are expecting people to open up a part of them that they (1) have no interest in showing or (2) don't want anyone to use as a weakness against them. I mean that's expected too since that's just how people view celebs, especially when there is a definite character flaw or downfall. As weird as it may sound (it shouldn't be), not that many people in the public eye are going to be that open and honest as you might want them to be. This even happens with people who had a lot of information revealed intentionally (whether it's sit down interviews or books). In MMA, especially with what happened with Ronda up to, after, and prior to UFC 193, it is more evident that this is the case. When you're talking about pressers and conference calls in MMA or boxing, I can definitely understand why people want to see or define the face and heel dynamics. It is something that people (including myself admittedly) have been programmed to do especially after the glory days of when pro wrestling broke big and boxing got a ton of coverage in the wake of having more larger than life personalities. However, there is a point (especially when you get into actual domestic violence, drug use, people getting hit by cars etc.) where all that ceases to exist and becomes trivial. You're probably going to see a moment (if it hasn't happened already and I missed it) where you get to see more of Jon Jones than he actually realizes and that makes you want to hate him or love him more. However, I don't think that is so much more important than whether or not he gets his life back (if ever was) on track. I agree with the fact that he is being guarded, and for good reason. He is a human being that deserves all the privacy that we should extend to anyone. We don't have any real right to expect him to be completely forthcoming, no matter how much we would like to see it. There are some points in the interview that I think really show that the side of his personality that show him in a not so flattering light are probably more true to who he actually is than the smiling good guy that he has tried to put out there from time to time. When Ariel asks him about finding out that the lady he hit was pregnant, he says something to the effect of "I thought about how much worse it could be for me", as opposed to any thoughts of the damage he may have done to the woman or the baby. Some of that could be simply because everyone's thoughts will typically go to self preservation first, but it could also speak to that he just doesn't care about what happens to anyone outside of his immediate circle. There's nothing wrong with that frame of mind, but I'm not sure I would want that sort of thing in a video interview that I think was supposed to make me more of a sympathetic figure, and a guy that you could solidly get behind. I want him to do well for very selfish reasons, and they have nothing to do with who he is outside the cage. I hope all the best for him in his regular life, but I want him to stay healthy so that I can watch him put together what appears to be one of the finest careers in combat sports up to this point.
  3. I'm about 40 minutes in or so, and it is super interesting. I don't particularly care for him, and that is completely based on his demeanor and attitude. But there is no denying his talent, and he sure is fun to watch in the cage, but from what I have seen of it so far, I don't feel as if this really changed him too much. Not in the sense that he won't wise up and stop doing dumb shit, but in listening to the interview, he doesn't come off as any more centered or grounded. Not that the best fighter in the world should really be all that grounded, they should understand just how amazing they are, but I guess I expected him to be a little less of the same "Look at how great I am" kind of guy in the interview, and I didn't get that vibe from this at all. I am really looking forward to the return fight against DC, I hope that Jones actually does have all his shit together, I would hate to see him squander all that talent. Edit: Now that I have finished it up, the part when he speaks to his thoughts on Lorenzo and Dana's differences in his dealings with them are really cool, and I agree with him completely about how the company portrayed him re: the 151 cancellation. Also, he seems pretty pissed about the idea that the company knew about Belfort being dirty and let the fight go on anyway. I also liked his thoughts on the NSAC needing a commission to watch over them, pretty spot on, it seems.
  4. Lots of current Dodgers and a pretty decent chunk of Roberts former teammates seem to think that this is a mighty good hire. I am pretty shocked that it didn't end up being Gabe Kapler, but I am quite happy to see Roberts back in Dodger blue. I will never forget the catch he made in Houston up on that stupid hill to keep Gagne's consecutive save streak going. Nothing outrageous, just tracked the ball all the way to the wall and made it look easy.
  5. Correct or no, it's the wrong place to open your mouth about it. And as a former player, he should understand that better than anyone. He waited 20 years to make the claim that he had told Bonds to come in a few steps to play Cabrera in the 1992 NLCS. Whether or not that's true, we will probably never know, but it's odd that he didn't throw Bonds under the bus then, especially seeing as there was no way he was going to be back with PIT the following year. Andy has never really been one to not speak out, so I guess I shouldn't be that surprised that he said it, it just strikes me as improper.
  6. That is insane. All in one interview, no less! That is a pretty impressive way to burn it all to the ground, I guess.
  7. How many more years of this kind of play before we can start seriously talking about him as one of, if not the finest talent the game has ever seen? He's what, 23? I am so fucking stoked that I get to watch this guy for another 17 or 18 years potentially. What an amazing young man.
  8. I guess this belongs here, only because he probably should have kept his mouth shut, regardless of what he may have heard from his son: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/mlb-big-league-stew/andy-van-slyke-implies-clayton-kershaw-wants-yasiel-puig-off-the-dodgers-190716117.html SVS would stand to gain quite a bit of playing time, so for all I know, Andy is just trying to stir up some shit and get his boy some more time in the field. True or not, probably not something he should have started spouting off about.
  9. As much as I love Raines, not only was he not better than Schmidt, I am of the idea that he wasn't better than Dale Murphy in the 80's. As for a comparison to Brock, he was better than Lou Brock in the following statistical categories: BA, OBP, SLG, OPS, OPS+, wOBA, TOB, HR, SB%, wRC+ and WAR. I don't know that there is really much of a comparison there. Granted, I'm not old enough to have seen Brock play, so I can't speak to his impact during games, but just based on numbers, the only reason Brock is in and Raines isn't appears to be the 3000 hit club and 130 SB (Hey, Rickey 1982!) All credit to @theaceofspaeder on Twitter, he's always rolls out the Raines stats and comps around this time of year.
  10. Brandon Crawford gets extended by SFG, terms are reportedly 6 @ $75MM. If he continues to improve on the offensive side of the ball, I can definitely understand paying him like the rest of elite SS in the league are paid. If the stick regresses to its former level, then his D is so goddamned good, it's not like SFG is losing out. Great fucking infield core that is pretty young there. Goddamn them.
  11. We don't even know that there was a "before". Barry says he never used anything except when he was duped by adulterated flaxseed oil. At the very least, the failed test for amphetamines disputes the "I never used anything" claim. It doesn't speak to steroid use obviously, but it shows that he might not be the most trustworthy source.
  12. Bonds, Clemens, Griffey, Hoffman, Edgar, Rock Raines, Trammell, Wagner and Walker. I despise Barry Bonds, but that dude could fucking play, man. Even with all the steroid hullabaloo, that dude was well on his way to Cooperstown before all of that nonsense. Clemens falls under the same deal, but I can't dispute the guys numbers. Griffey is a no-brainer, one of the finest talents I ever got to see play in person. We were talking about Hoffman the other day, and I just feel like that while there is a wide gap between he and Mariano for title of "best ever", it's probably not as wide as folks would make you think. Hoffman played on teams that averaged just under 20 less W's than Mariano's per year. If Hoffman had played anywhere that was a consistent contender, we would have seen more of him, and the overall numbers might be tilted in Hoffman's favor. Except for ERA, Rivera didn't fucking play when it came to allowing runs. Edgar Martinez is the best hitter that the DH has ever seen, and I hope that fact that he "only" hit 309 HR's instead of 500 like Ortiz doesn't keep him out until Ortiz gets in. I don't think that there needs to be any real explanation for Raines or Trammell, it's a shame they aren't already in. I haven't really crunched all the data on Wagner, but I remember him being so fucking dominant and with such electric stuff. I'll have to go back and see if I really think he is worthy, or if I just remember him as better than he actually was. Tabe and I had the Larry Walker conversation the other day, and while I do cop to the fact that he was made so much better by playing in Coors, I still like to think of him as my benchmark for induction. Plus, he was an Expo, man!! I give bonus points for playing in MTL.
  13. Same goes for another of Colorado's finest in Todd Helton. Great fucking ballplayer, but Home/Away numbers are just too ridiculous to overlook. .345 at home, .287 on the road. Still love the shit out of both of them.
  14. Larry Walker is my HOF measuring stick, I think. As good or better than Walker, in you go. I thought he was fucking awesome. I know his Coors numbers and the injuries later on in his career bring him down a bit in some folks eyes, but by both JAWS and WAR, he is a better RF than guys already inducted. Just for kicks, I looked up his slashes from Coors Field. Straight ridiculous: .381/.462/.710 What a stud. Also, he won the Tip O'Neill Award 9 times!!
  15. Brett Anderson took the QO, and he is the last of the 20. Estrada bypasses the process with a multiyear deal, which I believe also lifts the no trade until 6/15 clause in the QO language. Not that I think TOR will deal him, but I suppose it is possible.
  16. Andrelton Simmons dealt to Anaheim. The only name I have seen mentioned going to ATL is Erick Aybar. Newcomb, Ellis, Aybar and $3MM to ATL. Apparently the rap is that ATL is afraid that Simmons offense will continue to regress as he gets more expensive.
  17. And a QO has been accepted. Colby Rasmus reportedly takes HOU's offer and will return.
  18. I am right there with you. One of the few things that elicit both rage and joy simultaneously for me about the game.
  19. The problem with both closers and DH's is that both are such one-note positions, it's hard for me to wrap my head around who belongs and who doesn't. I love Edgar Martinez, but I don't think I can convince myself of his candidacy for the HOF. Anyway, I would like to see Griffey and Hoffman, and for my own selfish reasons Alan Trammell. I loved watching him when I was a young lad, and although I know there are lots of arguments on both sides, I just don't see how he is on the outside if both Larkin and Smith are in.
  20. I went to the Cow Palace to watch the first Mania, but I honestly don't remember anything about it. I was only 6, but I do remember being hella amazed that my Dad was willing to take me, he was not at all a fan of the pro wrestling.
  21. Does Hoffman get in on the first ballot? I say that he should, without a doubt. You know that Mariano is going in on the first ballot, so why wouldn't the only other guy in the history of the game with 600 saves get the same treatment? I would hate to see Hoffman get the bone like Biggio did. 3000 H? HOF, first ballot. Unless you are Rose or Palmeiro, obviously. Same deal should go for such a ridiculous SV total.
  22. I agree completely, which is why I think he will probably take the QO. In listening to him talk in interviews, he has always been pretty up front about his frustration with the constant injury throughout his career. Obviously, if someone offers him 3 at $45MM, he's not going to turn it down, but I have gotten the feeling from him that he understands his limitations and might want another healthy year under his belt to prove to himself that it wasn't just a fluke. He has also been pretty vocal about how he has enjoyed his time in LA so far, so that could be a factor as well,
  23. Teams in smaller parks with good hands around the infield could do a lot worse than Anderson if he stays healthy. GB rate of 67% on balls in play. He turned out to be an excellent acquisition in a year that really needed a solid third guy in that rotation. I'm not sure that anyone would be chomping to throw 3 or 4 years at him, but I could see him getting 2 @ 30 or $32MM.
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