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  1. While I don't disagree with that in any way, that is a dumber name than WARHORSE. I'd be interested to hear how it gets called on commentary.
  2. Thank you!! I kept telling myself it was HYDRA, and I knew that was wrong, but couldn't remember any other squiddy organizations.
  3. I can't make out all of his jobstoppers. I can make out a Bat chest logo variant, Wu W, Imperial Crest, Superman shield and what looks like a Starfleet logo? What a fucking nerd. I love it!
  4. I think that is the cheapest I have ever heard of for sale. I need to start checking this thread before I go to bed. All you not in my time zone folks have the jump on me!
  5. My first thought is something terrible, but then I remember that this is Yoenis Cespedes we are talking about, so it is probably a better bet that he decided to ride a horse to Ottawa or something. Either way, I hope it's something dumb and not something serious.
  6. I had been trying to figure out why in a season in which the Dodgers acquired Mookie motherfucking Betts, nothing about the prospect of baseball was exciting. When I turned on the game on Opening Day, I had a moment of clarity and understanding. I just don't give a shit, because I wish that there wasn't a baseball season being played. All the rec-league softball fuckery seems dumb, even though I totally understand the need for the modification of the rules. 7 inning doubleheaders and automatic runners in extras and universal DH and a fucking playoff structure in which more than half of the league is eligible? All real fucking weak, even though all are the right choices for a season like this. There are exactly two things that hold any interest for me this year. Because of the short schedule, will anyone hit .400? And then, how many HBP are HOU going to take this year? Beyond that, baseball seems stupid and the last thing we should be worrying about. I've loved this game longer than I can remember, and never have I been so apathetic to its existence. That's likely just the existential dread talking, I'm sure 2021 will be something I'll get into if we get there.
  7. We can just take him at his own words: He disagrees with the "movement" but I think what he means is that he disagrees with the ideology put forth by at least one of the women that founded the actual BLM organization. And that is perfectly okay. Because fuck that lady and fuck her ideas if you don't agree with her. But "I just can't get on board with a couple of things that I have read about Black Lives Matter" doesn't sound like "Fuck that lady and her ideas". It sounds like "I don't think that black lives matter." And that's why I think people are motherfucking him. Also, and this is just my own personal two cents, the whole deal about not being able to talk to anyone about it because it was so late in the day seems like horseshit.
  8. This would have been super bitchin'. Good fucking shout. Also a pretty great idea, but Statlander is out like 8 months or some such shit with an ACL, no?
  9. Yo, did anyone get in on Skater XL now that it is out on console? I think I want to grab it, but I'm not seeing any real substantial reviews, and I prefer to not base my opinion on YouTube playthroughs. I added it to our Gamefly queue, so I'll get my hands on it pretty soon. Just looking for some other opinions. Also, does anyone know if I can reformat a corrupt Memory Card 1019 for the GCN? Mine fell victim to the WiiConnect24 overheating horseshit. I deleted all the files, and go through what is supposed to trigger the format message in the menu, but it doesn't work. Every fucking game I own had a save on that card, except for my Animal Crossing towns. I'm pretty heartbroken about it, especially now that I am finding out bootleggers got hella good at making fakes, so I can't even trust buying used ones. I'm on the hunt for some of the 251 cards now. If anyone has some they want to knock off, we should talk about it and come to an arrangement!
  10. I have been conditioned by the GCN version to go back to my home to quit, because your mailbox was the trigger to save, and if you didn't save, you had to deal with Mr. Resetti running his mouth FORFUCKINGEVER as your punishment the next time you booted up. Every now and again, I remember and just hit minus.
  11. I will love Rojas till the day I die for the play he made to preserve Kershaw's no-no in 2014, but come on man. Heyman need to turn down his hyperbole meter.
  12. You have to post the fucking tweet, man!!! The leader of the Marlins, and many NL categories of offense, Miguel Rojas!!
  13. Uno's line about the concussion protocol was top-flight also. I like that Griff had a purple shirt on. He was trying to blend in!
  14. Yo, sorry for the six month bump. I just got hipped to the Dr. Fauci Topps Now card. Did any of you maniacs get in on that, and if so, anyone want to sell me one at not too terribly far over retail?
  15. I'm a huge fan of what I believe to be their now former BP caps (https://www.hatland.com/hats/rays-mlb-diamond-era-59fifty-navy-sky-bp-new-era-21518/), and any of the hats from the "Devil Rays" era with the actual animal on them I also like, but again, my taste only. As to other teams espousing the same kind of sentiment, I cannot say. The inning ending gets you off the hook for the "face three batters" gimmick. If that same pitcher returned for another inning of work, they could not be removed until they had seen three hitters in that inning.
  16. That has to be based on the idea that he doesn't have any anecdotes on this ridiculous roster of "Who the fuck are theys?" though, right? I'm only halfway paying attention, and on the LAD feed, but this is the first time in this series that SFG has looked like a real baseball team. Hits from damn near everyone, and the starter did his job and the pen has put up zeroes thus far. One would think that he and Flemming or whoever he's with today could find some nice things to say about their guys.
  17. And he was out in the middle of nowhere, too. Very sparsely populated section he was in. I thought it was super deliberate that they showed him, and figured someone would say something about it, but no go. Mary Hart and Burt Sugarman were in their usual seats, as was Dennis Gilbert, but no Larry King. His seats are right next to Mary Hart's. In wrestling related news, I saw a quick video of the ChiSox cutouts and I saw Frank The Clown!
  18. This motherfucking tweet is straight up excellent, even if a marketing team made it happen.
  19. I was unaware that there was anyone playing in a mask. I knew Trout was practicing in one. Good for the kid. That dude should have a long prosperous career in front of him. Be a shame to fuck it up.
  20. If they can't get turnaround times on results in less than two days, why the fuck are they allowing these guys to keep coming to work and playing intrasquad, and now over the last couple days playing exhibitions? Seems like a recipe for disaster. Also, if the bests tests available push false positives to an extent that it's the first excuse, perhaps that's another indicator we're moving in the wrong direction?
  21. And the idea of losing a guy for 2 weeks makes up 1/4 of this "season". Straight fucking dumb that money dictated ownership and the League to try to force this horseshit season into existence.
  22. Juan Soto tests positive for COVID-19 as per Passan.
  23. They should just barnstorm for all 60 games, play in sandlots, HS fields, wherever they can get booked on the fly while travelling by train like some kind of old-timey circus.
  24. I'm watching my wife and son play it, and goddamn does that puzzle mechanic in battle look like the most un-fun thing I have ever seen. I love that series, but I think I will sit this one out.
  25. That's badass, I confirmed a fluctuating week just now. Prices will spike at somewhere around 140 for us as early as tomorrow morning.
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