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  1. I have nothing to add, but I wanted to kick in that I did post-production color commentary for like 3 years worth of ultra-tiny shitbox NorCal indies for shows that never got video releases. I would have loved to have done it live to tape, but I was in-ring refereeing most of the time as well. Fucking everybody here has commentary experience! What a group we are!
  2. Why not both of them get folded in, and Lio can be the BLACKHEART again somewhere down the road?
  3. Shitty regular season Cody has really gotten his shit together in the postseason. 2-1 still sucks, but fun W tonight. Get even tomorrow sounds pretty excellent.
  4. I am okay with this, as my office is like a minute and a half from my house, so I walk in the door right at 5 every day. However, I am leeching my access to TNT via my father-in-law's cable log in, so I watch on their shitty app. The app has an East/West feed, so sometimes I watch live, sometimes I watch the tape delay. I wonder if this will fuck up my ability to pick and choose when to watch.
  5. I have been wanting a Dark Order patch for my vest, but for whatever reason, its not a thing they sell solo. Same deal as @NikoBaltimore with the Hangman bottle opener. If you aren't into it and want to sell it, let me know. EDIT- Just found one on eBay and pulled the trigger, thanks to @EricG mentioning that possibility.
  6. What the fuck happened to "no politics"? I have zero interest in finding out that Tommy Glavine is in cahoots with some straight fucking assholes, but it's also not all that shocking. Outside of noted piece of trash Ric Flair's name on that flyer, what the fuck does this have to do with wrestling? Can we get back to posting pictures and GIFs with no captions so I can be pissed about that?
  7. Less opportunity for SFG to mash against an LHP? They hit lefties really well. Knebel gets 3 outs or more with no damage, Urias goes right behind him, I would imagine. Knebel has been very good this year, and has made multiple appearances in the opener slot. 4 or 5, I think. It's all hands, obviously. Only Scherzer and Buehler seem to be the unavailable arms, and Scherzer might be in the pen anyway. He likely won't pitch, but he'll be out there.
  8. I'm late to the party on this because I'm on vacation and not on the board, but that kid is a fucking Muppet. Lots of good faces when weird stuff happens, always dicking around in the dugout, really fun, really odd. A very baseball kind of personality.
  9. Yeah, that's the conversation my partner and I had. Somebody that won better than 105 games is going home, and while the idea of fucking over a divisional rival is badass, it might clear a path for MIL/ATL. And not to say it would happen again, but LAD just fucking bulldozed MIL last week like they weren't playing a division champ. So to play a tough series and then maybe get clipped is a huge worry.
  10. Yeah, the show in South City, right? I don't know why I thought it would be tonight. Is this Garcia's first shot for them?
  11. I hope you had a blast. Was it great? I was all in on going until it turned out LAD was playing the WC tonight. Garcia - Suzuki had me ready to get back to indoors entertainment, but baseball takes precedence, even over MiSu and Red Death.
  12. Great fucking game. Now I'm ready for my heart to explode every goddamn night with these games against SFG. It won't happen, but the only way I go easy is if LAD boatraces them every night and sweeps. I will say that I am spoiled as hell. The LAD TV presentation is lightyears better than whatever the fuck this is that TBS does for baseball, Missed angles all night long, transitions that weren't quick enough to track batted balls, bad cuts on the pickoff throws over to 1B and no replays from any kind of alt angles in the one situation we needed it with Carlson and the "missed" bag at 2nd. And who was I listening to? Ron Darling and who? I did not enjoy what they had going on.
  13. I think I am one of but a couple or three LAD fans here, but they had a motherfucker of a comeback W tonight. Down 9-5 in the 8th, they hit 4 HR B8 to take the lead. Even that Mendoza Line motherfucker Cody Bellinger got his licks in!! Gavin Lux may have sacrificed himself for this win tonight, as he crashed into the LCF wall and had to leave the game, forcing Bellinger into the lineup. And T9, Jansen looked mean as fuck. I have zero complaints about these boys. I'd love to see them sitting on top, but tip your hat to those rat bastards SFG. They've been great all year. Fucking fun divisional race, and so fun to watch SD underachieve.
  14. I mean, they don't exactly shy away from his work in ETID, so maybe he butchers as a hobby when he's not touring. Like a passion project for him when he isn't playing guitar or being a pro wrestler.
  15. I think you are correct. Garza is wearing a Festival de Lucha t shirt, and that is absolutely Blitzkrieg.
  16. Hosmer just 2B to break up the perfecto after 7.1 IP.
  17. Those people are idiots. I'd rather this match was on internet radio. I think Swole is a lot of fun, and hella nails her overall presentation character-wise. But she is a shitty pro wrestler. She seems to be improving, but she's still bad.
  18. I absolutely love this picture. But EFFY looks like he's a million years old.
  19. The left leg being all the way straight up and down added to the illusion of impact as well. His other foot was still on the ground or just barely off the mat, but the almost straight vertical on the left leg makes it look like he's getting spiked.
  20. Go back and read the first couple tweets as well, but this is just the goddamn coolest:
  21. Man, you are fucking bumming me out. But only because I had this exact same conversation with my wife this afternoon. We only have two kids, and I'll be 43 at the end of this year, but other than that, I am right there with you. Here's hoping we're wrong, and our kids live wonderful prosperous lives full of love and happiness.
  22. I think that Gage sucks and have zero interest in his merch, but that is a goddamn masterpiece of a t-shirt. I hope he sells a million of those, absolutely fantastic work from whoever designed that. EDIT - Thought I was in the merch thread. If that isn't a t-shirt, then ignore me, because I know nothing of what I speak.
  23. You should just ask Gabriel on Twitter or FB. They don't film anything for commercial release, at least not that I have ever noticed at any of their shows, but he might have an "official" fancam for his own collection.
  24. Hey, does anybody want to see this really weird Instagram ad I got today? I think you do, because it's really fucking fun, even if it is hella more money than I would spend on such an item. https://www.bydarioarmani.com/
  25. If they remake Jason X with Will Hobbs and I get to see him freeze someone's head and bang it on a counter, I will need nothing else in life.
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