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  1. All that fuckery with The Game was so weird. Like, no shit that SFG and GSW are bigger deals. Not that I buy SFG as a bigger deal than OAK, but lots of sellout crowds and the ability to talk about Bumgarner yelling at a Dominican guy probably is more "newsworthy" than the Athletics playing good to great baseball in front of 19000 people every night. Then to land on whatever the fuck KTRB was. Conservative political talk and a flagship MLB radio transmission? The A's were pissed when The Niners or Raiders or GSW got discussed, but didn't give a fuck that they weren't even on a sports talk channel? The idea that they wanted to build at Howard Terminal, a place that outside of the Amtrak stop at Jack London Square isn't very well served by public transpo showed me that the A's don't have any intention in staying. It's super evident that the land on which they already reside needs to be the deal. GSW gone, fuck 'em. Raiders gone, fuck 'em. Blow up the motherfucking Coliseum, it's not like anything is going to land there anymore anyway now that GSW's new joint is open. Same goddamn thing happened when the Kings got their new spot downtown Sac. Arco Arena is sitting empty and unused, and now the Kings get to make a mint off selling it back to they city to build a new zoo or some such shit. Clean up the space and build while OAK gets one or two more seasons out of the yard, then demolish it and make whatever use of it the City's imaginary plan is for that spot. A's don't have to go anywhere, they get treated with a modicum of respect as the last major sports franchise in town. It disgusts me to watch them suck off the Raiders time and time again and OAK and the city and the League can't figure out a way to get it done. I'm well aware it's not anywhere near as easy as I make it out but goddamn, it's not that fucking hard, either.
  2. Great call. I fucking loved the chest protector.
  3. I think the Bob Orton arm injury and subsequent two year run referencing said arm injury worked pretty well. Not exactly modern day, but probably the best long-term usage of an injury with long-term implications in storyline, at least by my opinion.
  4. Was there any reason as to why 1/1000? Real metal belt or some such shit? That seems like a super long odds kind of ratio. I would hope that the figure would be double special. An Inner Circle t shirt variant doesn't really scream "ultra rare" to me.
  5. https://www.littleleague.org/who-we-are/pledge/ Yeah, I'm serious. It get recited at every Little League opening day in the league my boys play in, and it's on the reverse cover of every LL rulebook. What the fuck does god have to do with anything? People like that guy, so they invoke his name all the fucking time. It's tiresome for those of us that don't care for his constant involvement, but who am I to say anything about some sky wizard that lots of people think make the world work?
  6. I wholeheartedly support that decision. You can't possibly be talking about the integrity of this game and telling kids to play the right way while wearing that uni. I mean, this is the Little League Pledge: I trust in God I love my country And will respect its laws I will play fair And strive to win But win or lose I will always do my best I would feel two-faced as fuck wearing a rainbow guts jersey spouting off to 11 year olds about how they should "play fair".
  7. I never did anything other than simply add them to my ignore list. I was unaware of my need to quantify what content I wanted ignored. I did that and now all of their posts show up in their little hidden dealio like they should. Thanks everybody!
  8. I laughed so goddamn hard when I saw that, and then it immediately transitioned to the other blurb about their title reign, and I thought I dreamt it. My 10 year old was like, "Darby's back!!" and I hella squashed it. I didn't think we'd see him again until the PPV or the Dynamite after. They are going to print money with that kid. They have used him just fucking note-perfectly thus far.
  9. I added someone to my list the other day, and I am still seeing their posts. The only other user I have on it is banned, so there is no new content coming from them, but it worked before. I always got the blank box asking if I wanted to view that post. Now they just show up.
  10. Inside my head, Keith Lee is the most huggable person to ever live. He just carries this vibe of likability and warmth that makes me want to be his friend.
  11. Well, that likely means one of two things. Manfred got rolled on by the PA and didn't doublecheck to figure out if what he was told was accurate as it pertained to the League's investigative powers, or he's full of shit and just tried to come up with something that he thought sounded feasible. My money is on option number two. I could also see a situation in which the players were simply offered immunity because the League thought it would be the best way to conduct the investigation, but now seeing how pissed a lot of people are, they can't come out and say they did that so this excuse gets floated.
  12. They still had radio en francais, but yeah. No English radio and no TV in either language. Hard to keep local interest with no voice. Maybe it all comes full circle, and OAK moves to MTL.
  13. Huff went on a call-in show this morning. It went about how you would expect. https://957thegame.radio.com/media/audio-channel/aubrey-huff-joins-jld-21820
  14. OAK has no local broadcast radio partner this year. Everything is moving to a streaming app. https://www.sfgate.com/athletics/article/oakland-athletics-radio-station-2020-season-15065057.php
  15. While I think that is truly hilarious, can we amend it a little and have them dumping the rings and trophy into a big smelter? Like imagine the end of Terminator 2. That's the vibe I would like to see.
  16. A person that does not understand the significance of winning the WS should not be in charge of the game of baseball. Fuck that motherfucking trophy. It's a pretty thing to look at when you go on a stadium tour. Being the best of 30 in any given year means more than any goddamn trinket ever could. HOU can't possibly claim to be the best in 2017, because the playing field wasn't even. Put a black mark on their names in every single record kept thus far or yet to be kept.
  17. Amir Garrett needs to be a loaner for AL West teams every time they play HOU. I just read this stupid shit https://apnews.com/58215ce2afa84795aac24b50eadcfa2c: Dear Dusty, Go fuck yourself. Keep your hurt feeling horseshit under your hat. You were hella cunty about Bonds being on the up and up, and now you want to defend these crooked fucks as well? Maybe you sit this one out and only say things about the season upcoming, since you have no goddamn idea about what was going on in HOU while you were busy managing in WAS.
  18. He's not a player, but I'm pretty sure this jamoke is going to say some stupid shit, so let's assume that this goes here: I'm sure it will be something along the lines of all the heavy suspensions they are going to hand out for what they deem to be intentional HBP of HOU personnel.
  19. The facts are that they cheated, though. I think it's well within the realm of normalcy to have questions about how far it went. The fucking league wants no part of dealing out any punishment that would suffice by my standards, so I would assume that there are likely players that have the same notions. I'm already biased in his favor obviously, but I think it's pretty bitchin that Bellinger spoke his piece. I thought he addressed his concerns pretty well, and in a pretty even manner, with the exception of the "ring-stealing". No one knows how anything ends up, so you can't say for sure that LAD takes it. But that's a super young dude, expressing his anger at a perceived injustice that effected him and his teammates directly. I'd be real fired up if I'm him as well.
  20. I desperately want to be selected for a jury. It seems like such an awesome honor to be trusted with that kind of responsibility. Like, I get that the legal system is totally fucked in a lot of ways, but at least I could inject my impartiality to whatever proceeding I'm involved in. I've only gotten into a courtroom once, and never questioned in the handful of times I've been called. My wife served on a federal jury when she was like 18 or 19. She said it was pretty nifty, but she didn't enjoy riding BART into the city during commute hours. Her case was some deal where a couple of dudes bought a bunch of payphones and an autodialer, installed hem in an apartment and had them dial toll free numbers. Because the call costs someone something, the company being called reimburses the pay phone owner. The charges levied had something to do with conspiracy and somehow fucking the with the FCC.
  21. Not just a no-show job, but a no-show job that was supposed to be him teaching classes about drug abuse! Fucking scumbags. I work in social service, and I watch a lot of money flowing freely to places I think it shouldn't be, but goddamn. That is some double shady shit.
  22. What do you do? Like in a general sense. If it is office type work, you should try to take the skills that you have and look to pivot to some sort of government service. City, county, state, feds, whatever you can qualify for you should apply for and try to get on with a government agency. While it won't be a super fast process, you can at least be proactive in getting your name in the hat for potential service exams while you are looking for other stuff to keep you going. Try temping with an office staffing company to help get your foot in the door. It's how my county staffs a lot of spots that they can't fill immediately, and you make the going rate for whatever that classification is. At least that's how it works here. Obviously, it can and likely will be different in other places.
  23. I was removed from my parents care at a young age, so I was 12 when I met these criteria. Obviously, I wasn't a preteen living on my own, so the real answer is that I got the keys to my first apartment when I was 17. I was mad jealous of all my friends that didn't have to pay rent because they still lived at home, but goddamn was it fun to be that young and completely free from adult supervision. Sometimes it pays off to be "raised" by savage animals.
  24. It's a separate deal, Luis Rengifo and a couple prospects to LAD, ANA gets Pederson and a 19 year old kid named Andy Pages, who hit 19 HR in 63 G with rookie Ogden last year. Stripling looked to be a piece at one point, but I don't know if that evolved in any way. Number I saw was $48MM.
  25. I hella laughed at the gag on BTE about Matt's "boo boo face". Fucking Young Bucks out here lurking DVDVR's silly ass arguments about Sasha Banks and then putting it on their webshow. Outstanding.
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