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  1. That needs to be on a t-shirt. What a fucking photo. Courtesy of PWI, so likely a Napolitano picture? I guess Paul E. could be a possibility as well. Whoever shot it did a goddamn great job
  2. How far can this go? King from Tekken? A guy wearing Puma sneakers? An actual Puma? I'm super stoned and I find this very funny. Thank you for brightening my day.
  3. I legitimately thought he and Tony were making "hiney" jokes. I am a moron. Goofing on HHH makes more WAY more sense than talking about Kenny's hot ass. Kenny? Sammy? Who the fuck was in the ring when that happened? Whatever. I agree. Fuck Vince, don't mention him, don't try to poke fun. It's dumb. Just keep putting really good shows on.
  4. So...…..2021? I can't see them figuring out a way to put that many people together anytime soon. Rosters are 26, add in just team staff all the way down to medical personnel, you are likely looking at 100 people per team. How in the fuck can they make that safe right now?
  5. Excellent point. I hadn't considered that side of it.
  6. Satin is a WWE employee shitting on their direct competition. He has no real concern, he just wants to be a company man. At least by my opinion, anyway.
  7. Thank you so much for the reminder. That goofy fucker just dancing his ass off and then immediately tanking that dive is one of the saddest, funniest things I have ever seen. Plus we get the added bonus of the downright hilarity of his opponent and the kids getting him right the fuck out of there, so that would be a plus except for how brutally his opponent manhandles him immediately after a severe head and neck trauma. I am definitely going to watch that again right now. I am a fucking ghoul.
  8. That might get alleviated by the deep pockets responsible for owning the joint though, yeah? Wherever this closed set is, those Khan dollars can assemble talent via private jet, which likely won't be subject to any domestic travel ban, or at least won't be the same kind of ban going on. And if it's going to be somewhere in the Southeast, a lot of the talent you mention doesn't necessarily need to fly in with enough advance notice. Granted, this all hinges on "what does this theoretical ban entail"? We also don't know whether any of this kind of thing has been discussed internally, and they could have already worked out their plan of attack. First clue to what's what will likely be this week's Dynamite, so I guess we will figure some of it out then.
  9. I mean, the guy on top has reasonably unfettered access to an NFL stadium and a EFL stadium. While I get what you mean, it would be so easy to tape empty arena shows in either one of those places, unless you couldn't pare down essential personnel to whatever number in order to comply with any local congregation ban. It just seems like such an easy decision to make. Shut the whole fucking thing down and run archive footage or shows in empty houses for a little less than a month. It's pro wrestling. While I think it is really fucking great, it's just a dumb piece of entertainment. We can go right back to sitting right on top of hundreds of other weirdos in May.
  10. This one? https://www.prowrestlingtees.com/promotion-tshirts/aew/death-triangle-logo.html I hella like the design. I'm about to pull the trigger on ordering it right now, good looking out for speaking up that it exists.
  11. I hella liked it as well. It felt a little weird because of how it played out during the match and how nothing really happened, but I enjoyed the idea of a dude just coming down to let you know he's around. No need for Archer to clawhold anybody, just show that he's here and ready to fuck shit up for Cody.
  12. https://www.wwe.com/gallery/raw-beauty-wwe-superstar-no-makeup-photos#fid-40470274 Pretty cool gimmick photo shoot.
  13. Pentagon being so invested in making sure he gets a bite of their vanquished foes ear is pretty fucking excellent silliness. It's angry and fucked up and totally awful of him to do, and I enjoy every second of it.
  14. I always laugh when I see that hood. It's such a goofy fucking look. I'm pretty sure it's Vinnie Massaro under the gimmick.
  15. Those are goddamn gorgeous. Swank as fuck. I dig it.
  16. For all my Northern California folks, you should fucking go to this! Great Sasuke, Ultimo Guerrero, Kikutaro, Bestia 666 (so likely also Damian) and Lady Apache. Sexy Star as well, but fuck her and her weak horseshit. Jungle Boy is listed on a tweet about the show but he's not on the flyer:
  17. It's logic errors like that that make the existence of "pro wrestling eyes / brain" necessary to enjoy it. If I was ever booked in a no-DQ situation, I'm bringing a fucking gun. I will put it in your face, and we will work out an arrangement in which you offer the referee your verbal submission, and we are done for the evening. Buying in to pro wres means you have to throw shit like that away.
  18. And now that I have seen it, I also love it. Really great. Sugar is fucking awesome though, so no great surprise there, eh?
  19. Not a fucking chance. I assure you that pitcher's forearms and hats are going to look exactly the same with that weird mixture of rosin and spray sunscreen. The onus is on mangers to bring it to an ump's attention, then the ump can check. The rap from lots of folks is that grip / pine tar / rosin is better for pitchers to not let anything get away from them, so I don't see a whole lot of guys taking up that cause during games this year. I just think that it's funny that the home clubbie kept his job, but the guy in charge of the visitors got shown the door. Besides, these pitchers should keep their mouths shut about who gives them the goop. Just stand up and eat the suspension you get and protect your clubhouse guy.
  20. This is weird. You know goddamn well that they asked for his recipe before they shitcanned him. I wonder if they asked him to take the fall, but he got some sort of banging severance. ANA looks tough for cracking down, this 30 year guy gets to retire, and the Angels get to fuck every opposing pitcher that was coming in and expecting this guy's grip to be in the clubhouse. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/28847166/angels-fire-visiting-clubhouse-manager-aiding-opposing-pitchers?platform=amp
  21. "Nick's Ass Ruling Warfare" It sounds like I named the show after my life mission, so I've got that going for me, I guess. I was ruling asses when WARHORSE was just a BATTLEPONY.
  22. I thought the same thing, but I also hella like how it sounds in English. And then, you immediately make me reconsider liking the name in Spanish.
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