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  1. Who was featured in the teaser prior to Keith Lee's segment?
  2. Precisely. These are hard and fast rules, Smokey.
  3. The Fiend should have attacked Cena when he came out on Smackdown. Then apply the mandible claw and use Cena's limp arm to point at the WM sign.
  4. I watched Guerra de Titanes on a whim last night. What a great show. And I speak very little spanish. The main event was great, and the women's hair vs hair match was just fantastic.
  5. Just going off the heel heat Nia was getting from the crowd, they maybe should have called an audible and sent Becky out there (if she was even in the building).
  6. Those last two matches were indeed great, but ... Was I the only one shocked that we didn't see Becky at all? Why did we need the Bryan heel turn five days before THIS match?
  7. Late to the party, but Dave needs to take a break from Twitter, maybe forever. Get an intern to run a generic Wrestling Observer account. Hell, have Dave run his tweets through an editor first.
  8. There's absolutely no way it would happen, but Almas should attack AJ Tuesday night.
  9. I don't remember Orndorff breaking his neck. Hell, I don't remember his run in late WCW at all. Guess that shows how much I had checked out.
  10. Great face turn by Cena. And big ups to Nikki for taking the high road, thus proving that she is indeed talented.
  11. So, first it was El Generico, and now Kevin Steen tees are back up for a limited time at Pro Wrestling Tees. Is this really due to them being kayfabe fired?
  12. I know, I know. Recency bias and all. But I kinda made my wife watch Revival-DIY 2 out of 3 falls from Takeover Toronto. The video package showing how DIY just kept coming up short, and the teams' use of each other's finishers, and especially the epic closing sequence, with the heels nobly attempting to stave off defeat ... it was just a masterstroke of storytelling. It's as good a tag match as you'll see, and it's a perfect example of why I love wrestling. I think she got it and appreciated it.
  13. Who told the old punter on the preshow to call AoP "obese?"
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