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  1. I kinda miss Brutus since I loved him as a kid. Between him and the Warrior, probably the only old guys I'd give a hoot about coming back for a show. Imagine them bondage clothes on your TV set in 2013!
  2. I really didn't see everything but the opening segment did very well in putting over Bryan, except for Vince's bullshit. It was nice hearing the pindrops as Wade came out though. It was a good WWE angle that put over DB and that hair looked pretty good too. Let me ask you guys, really, what are the chances DB walks out with the belt at Summerslam? I'd love to see it happen but I'm not holding my breath too much even though I think I'll get the show based on this match alone.
  3. I would've thought three would be the bare minimum. Anywho, here's Karl Gotch, Andre, and Billy Robinson with some Flavor Flav-worthy bling. Nothing more bad-ass than that.
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