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  1. Where the hell is Hooker $150? Crowbar's site has it at $10.
  2. Maybe it'll be Leno. Think of the irony.
  3. Good lord no. I'm hoping for Conan. His contract is up in 2015, as well, and he seems like a natural successor. He'd be good competition for Fallon going after the young demographic. He might get lower ratings than anyone but that don't mean squat.
  4. Today, we get a huge ECW TV update and a couple RAWs. Very impressive update. I guess I need to be patient with this service.
  5. Actually, I looked on Reddit and they added several ECW TVs, so I stand corrected. I just want my damn Martel/Ramon, I guess! EDIT:For anyone wondering, just search for the subreddit, wwenetwork. Someone usually posts what is new every day there.
  6. I checked the schedule for the week. Admittedly, I didn't check ECW or WCCW stuff but we're getting no old WWE shows or house shows until at least Monday.
  7. This week's schedule looks horrible, in terms of old shows. I just got done watching the RAW with the IC Title Battle Royal and now I want to see Martel/Ramon and I've got to wait until at least next week. Of course, it is Mania week and they've got a lot of live stuff but I'd still love it if they'd put a couple old shows up.
  8. A guy like Punk shouldn't be settling down. Has Bruce Wayne ever settled down? Sam Malone tried it and it didn't work out very well. Read the signs Phil.
  9. I realize everything you said but we've got over 1000 episodes of RAW alone to go through, going at a rate of 5-7 per week. Factor in all the other shows that they're not even airing right now. How many episodes of the 6:05 TBS shows are out there? How many SD's and Nitros? I just want things a little quicker. For the SD's, we're only getting a couple per week.
  10. Am I the only one disappointed in the content of the Network? Everything is going up way too slow for my liking and I'm not sure I'll resub in 6 months. I really like watching some of the old Smackdowns and I want to watch more but they're not there. I knew it all wasn't going to be up this soon but I thought it would be a little faster. By the time we get some of this stuff, it'll be years, if we even get it.
  11. RVD was a real spectacle in 1999. He liked to ham it up for the cameras a lot and he seemed like a big star in a small company. His match with Balls was pretty decent and Balls worked hard for being a big guy. Fonzie really helped out RVD in the match and he probably would have lost without him. The 3-way title match was good but stiff. It's hard watching Tanaka taking those chair shots. As a teen, I loved that shit though. Gotta love that Awesome mullet and that stare he always had. This was like every other Tanaka/Awesome match and it makes me want to watch their ONS match. I sti
  12. Saw the 6-man in the beginning and the crowd was nuts for the faces. Pretty decent match and Sting looked great for 1987. Larry Z was awesome but seemed like a bit of an afterthought out there. Windham/Williams started off great but the finish was abrupt and Windham's shoulders weren't even down for the pin. It's like a premature ejaculation but instead of during sex, it's a wrestling match. It was going fine and built up well and then wham, it's over.
  13. I'm too lazy to go back through 14 pages for answer for this. Why do some shows appear on the schedule of the live feed but not in the VOD sections? I'm using the PS3 for this, is it a common problem?
  14. Man, the rewind/fast forward option sucks. Why can't I see what I'm skipping through like on Netflix? Anyway, I typed in Bam Bam Bigelow and found Royal Rumble 93 against Big Boss Man, and this was an incredible match. These guys worked their asses off for this. Boss Man was bumping like crazy and Bammer went all out too. Go see this match folks. Also, I just caught Bob Backlund v. Papa Shango from one of the RAWs and it was shit. Backlund worked underneath the whole time and didn't even get a comeback, not that it would have mattered. I didn't expect much from this match, so all is
  15. Finally got around to watching a little more with the Three-Way Dance of Tajiri/Crazy/Guido and it was pretty good. I imagine it's hard to piece together a decent three-way and these guys did it. Tajiri was fucking awesome the whole time with his facials and mannerisms. I'm amazed that Crazy and Tajiri both landed big springboard moonsaults outside. The distance seemed crazy for them to clear but they did. Guido losing was a good finish and then Crazy and Tajiri picked up the tailend pretty good. I didn't realize Guido was trained by Billy Robinson either. Good stuff. Also, I saw the
  16. No offense, but Jay you're wrong on this one, that Bryan thing was awesome. It went on for as long as it should have given the type of angle it was. This guarantees that Bryan will at least beat HHH at Mania and certainly betters his chances of walking away with the gold too.
  17. Only had time to catch Jerry Lynn/Lance Storm so far, and it was pretty, pretty, pretty good. I like how the injured ribs of Lynn weren't targeted right away, only after a miscue from Lynn, did Lance attack viciously. Dawn Marie was so awesome back then, as the ditzy bimbo chick. How was her character in the WWE, anyone want to job my memory? These guys fit really well together and their big sequence of near-falls was quite awesome with the many variations and being able to keep it going. I know for the rest of this show I'll be fixated on the priest in the front-row. I'm just picturin
  18. I love that this has been posted three times, but no one says anything because it's such a bad ass picture. I didn't even know it was a re-post. No wonder I didn't get a thousand likes!
  19. My favorite thing of the night was the Chicago crowd only giving a shit about CM Punk mostly, and not getting him.
  20. I missed seeing stuff about this on F4W.com but does anyone know if Mistico/Sin Cara debuted in Mexico and how it went? I think he was supposed to start last week.
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