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  1. Finally got around to watching a little more with the Three-Way Dance of Tajiri/Crazy/Guido and it was pretty good. I imagine it's hard to piece together a decent three-way and these guys did it. Tajiri was fucking awesome the whole time with his facials and mannerisms. I'm amazed that Crazy and Tajiri both landed big springboard moonsaults outside. The distance seemed crazy for them to clear but they did. Guido losing was a good finish and then Crazy and Tajiri picked up the tailend pretty good. I didn't realize Guido was trained by Billy Robinson either. Good stuff. Also, I saw the New Jack run-in and it was like every other New Jack appearance. The dub for Natural Born Killaz wasn't too annoying. I used to love New Jack back in the day too. He seemed to be a special guy that you'd only see occasionally and when you did, he whooped ass and left a trail of bodies and garbage.
  2. No offense, but Jay you're wrong on this one, that Bryan thing was awesome. It went on for as long as it should have given the type of angle it was. This guarantees that Bryan will at least beat HHH at Mania and certainly betters his chances of walking away with the gold too.
  3. Only had time to catch Jerry Lynn/Lance Storm so far, and it was pretty, pretty, pretty good. I like how the injured ribs of Lynn weren't targeted right away, only after a miscue from Lynn, did Lance attack viciously. Dawn Marie was so awesome back then, as the ditzy bimbo chick. How was her character in the WWE, anyone want to job my memory? These guys fit really well together and their big sequence of near-falls was quite awesome with the many variations and being able to keep it going. I know for the rest of this show I'll be fixated on the priest in the front-row. I'm just picturing a priest, at his monestary in 1999, tuning in on Friday nights to watch this raunchy product. He popped for a couple of the spots.
  4. I love that this has been posted three times, but no one says anything because it's such a bad ass picture. I didn't even know it was a re-post. No wonder I didn't get a thousand likes!
  5. My favorite thing of the night was the Chicago crowd only giving a shit about CM Punk mostly, and not getting him.
  6. I missed seeing stuff about this on F4W.com but does anyone know if Mistico/Sin Cara debuted in Mexico and how it went? I think he was supposed to start last week.
  7. Man, I fucking hate the Young Bucks! Bunch of geeks.
  8. Honestly, for about a minute, I was trying to figure out when Shawn Michaels ever superkicked any of the divas.
  9. That pic of Triple H from that costume site is weird being out of context. I'm so used to seeing him at Mania with that garb and to see him like that, he looks like a average joe who tans a lot and lifts.
  10. Being Bischoff's buddy probably didn't help him much, either. Also, he was 45 at the time of the Invasion angle. Strike 3. I say screw that. Batista is the same age, roughly. I'll book him then!
  11. The WWE didn't even try with DDP. He was a common man's wrestler and very underrated. Decent worker, good charisma, and good on the stick, not to mention the awesome finisher. The guy deserved better in WWE but I guess he doesn't really look like a WWE guy.
  12. Correction, it was awesome.
  13. Foley, I guess. I don't usually think of him as an original though since he really had his success in the WWF. Other than him, probably Heyman or RVD. Everyone else is laughable. Sabu maybe, since he was revolutionary at one point. Can't do Sandman, Dreamer, Lance. I don't consider Jericho an original or Dean or Benoit (lol). Credible is a hell no and Jerry Lynn is a no for me, same with Raven. ECW hasn't aged well.
  14. What if WrestleMania was not successful? I assume whoever had the 6:05 timeslot would have been in control for a while. Wrestling, if I'm correct, would still have been popular and mainstream, so it's fair to say there would have been a power vacuum for control. Would Crockett still have been forced to sell to Turner? He would have had access to Hulk and would have only had Verne to fight with but would that have been enough for him to succeed? Let's say, JCP still has to sell. WCW may have been the #1 promotion in the US until at least 2001 and beyond maybe.
  15. That hurts my brain just thinking about it. MMA wouldn't have taken off, if you ask me. Vince would have never understood it at all. Imagine just one division, the heavyweights!
  16. I swear I'm not concern trolling here, but I wonder if Dave will take a hit from the WWE network. Like if you are a big fan and you have $10/month you can justify blowing on a wrestling site but $20 is a stretch...and you are going to choose between the Observer and the WWE network...it seems he might lose that fight a bunch of times over. My guess is that the majority of people who subscribe to the WON are hardcores whose main hobby is wrestling. It's not like casual wrestling fans read or care about the WON. Those hardcores will buy both, like myself. Hell, I'll be subbing the Network, F4W.com, and the print WONs.
  17. Did anyone not get their print issue last week? I've been waiting a few days and haven't seen it yet. The better question is, how many people here subscribe to print and the site lol
  18. I love how Inoue eggs her on after the second corner leap! Great psychology.
  19. Why exactly are the Outlaws beating the tag champs? Sure, they're over but so is Ric Flair, should be going over on Punk? I'm all for them getting a title shot one-off at the PPV but not this. It makes them look weak that they lose to old guys. They're supposed to be the best team in the world, this should be a warm-up for them.
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