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  1. Manziel has been suspended - for the first half of the game this weekend
  2. While he is happy with his situation at the minute – he did tell me on Twitter last year that WWE was his end goal
  3. Dibiaise Jr did quite a few tours for NOAH previously didn’t he?
  4. This went live earlier this evening http://auction.wwe.com
  5. Anelka should be a steal in FF this year. $5m - and he'll start every game for WBA
  6. Troy Smith - yes former Heisman trophy winner Troy Smith has signed with the Als
  7. Her family are the British equivalent of white trash.
  8. This group of students at an Irish language school in Ireland have been covering a number of relatively mainstream songs - seems to have been getting a lot of buzz. That annoying Cups song from Pitch Perfect
  9. Back home - these 2 (although the first one isn't pro) http://youtu.be/-NASQbXQOFw - Tyrone vs Armagh 2003 All-Ireland Final http://youtu.be/jSWrN65VvBY - Liverpool 5-4 Alavaes UEFA Cup Final 2001 In Canada - the Verlander no-hitter vs Toronto as mentioned before and the night Carlos Delgado hit 4 HRs in a game
  10. Suarez has been banished to training on his own http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/liverpool-fcs-luis-suarez-showing-5677358
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