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  1. $129 for 2 weeks of groceries?! Where do you shop, I need to get there!
  2. I'd take him more seriously if his name was Joe C. Fuss....if he ever gets to NXT he can use that.
  3. Empty arena matches that don't have Lance Russell smoking a cigarette, or Terry Funk moaning about his eye, are not something we need to see. And Storm is wrestling in slacks...forget this, I'm out.
  4. <rant> This rant is about 10 years late, but is there any chance in hell that this company ever turns a profit? Or has EVER turned a profit? We're not talking about blowing your meager savings to hep fund a monthly show (been there, done that, know how that feels), we're talking about tens of millions. TNA is like the cockroach of wrestling, surviving asteroids and nuclear bombs, slithering from the ashes to the shadows of a cable station that I'm not even sure I get. And for what reason? I'm not sure I can even comprehend why this company still exists in the current marketplace. Is there anyone that would watch this over ROH, Beyond, PWG, AAW, AIW, CZW, Evolve, Wrestle Circus or other upper-level indies if given the choice? </rant>
  5. Not sure where to post this, apologies in advance if in the wrong place...I recently picked up a copy of the event program from Starrcade 1988. Other than a few pics on Pinterest I can't find hide nor hair of this thing online...does anyone know if they are rare or just unpopular? The cover art alone should be desirable to some collector...
  6. Isn't Sinclair like ultra right-wing? Just book Sam Adonis, get him on all the conservative outlets pushing his Trump love and book him against that Super Liberal worker I've been hearing about...the main event doesn't have to be the draw for all 10,000 people
  7. Omega & Cody vs Okada & Bryan would probably get it done too, in the right venue/city.
  8. Well, if they had kept Keith Lee, he and Shane Taylor would be the Harlem Heat in this scenario. Steiners would = Briscoes?
  9. Not that it makes a difference, but that's Mike Bennett. Roderick would be wearing his "shitty little boots".
  10. The dancing was pretty bad but the Muzak version of "Thrift Shop" was even more laughable.
  11. Who would want any percentage of this dumpster fire? Take your money (if/when they pay you) and head for the hills.
  12. Over/under on how many weeks until there is someone in NXT named Flame Flair?
  13. I think they had advance ads out in a lot of markets, so they are trying to honor those...
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