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  1. Found a copy but criminally it cuts out 2 minutes into the match with no finish
  2. any excuse to get Owens to carry a cowbell around is acceptable tbh
  3. 10/1/95 - featured the WCW US Champion Sting vs. Arn Anderson and Alex Wright vs. the Grappler matches from the 9/30/95 Worldwide: Eddie Guerrero pinned Jushin Liger with a brainbuster and the frog splash; stipulations stated the winner would face Dean Malenko the following night on Monday Nitro
  4. If they did a Mystery Entrant and inducted Savio, it would be a thing of glory.
  5. The promo packages are generally terrible but they're a necessary evil for the endless hours of TV they have to fill and it makes sense to put them on the Network specials to recap everything since most people are not watching the TV. So it's a double edged sword and unfortunately we'll be stuck with them forever. What I miss more than anything is just a good old fashioned interview with a wrestler cutting a promo into a microphone before they walk down the aisle.
  6. They would make insurmountable amounts of money if they put this on FOX and worked it like the Super Bowl. Which I think is far more likely than doing 2 nights of the big dance.
  7. This year is making a strong case for it becoming a two night show.
  8. Well, Aleister & Ric are the next challengers. So you put them over in the tournament since they're moving up and then have the Champs go over strong at the PPV before they leave.
  9. It really is going to be a wknd of multi-person match overkill no matter what. Even seems like the Women's and NA titles have been booked with a bunch of possible players in the mix. But yeah a four way seems like the best bet at this point.
  10. Hell, even putting him over Douglas and then just have Bam Bam challenge him quickly for the WM9 ending would have been better for ECW. The recent NXT call-ups are pretty reminiscent of Snow getting called up at the peak of his shine, too. Putting Aleister and Ricochet together as a team is basically the same as cutting the legs off the head gimmick and putting Snow into a feud with Lawler and Too Much.
  11. Yep, that's not gonna happen, which is for the best really. 1998 ECW sucked donkey balls with Douglas out all year.
  12. I wouldn't mind Ciampa playing 1998 Shane Douglas and keeping the title until he recovers, but with spinal fusion it seems unlikely he'll be back anytime soon. I could see the NA title being the main focus. But if he's not around, there's no reason to hold off on vacating the title and giving someone the rub. Adam Cole is the popular online pick and seems to make a lot of sense. Most everyone seems to think we'll get there with a multi-man Ladder Match, but I think a better way to go would be the first ever NXT Rumble for Goldie. They've set up both Riddle-Dream and Cole-Dream but I thin
  13. Roy's been going deep with the uploads. Texas All Star with pre-Rockers Shawn Michaels teaming with Paul Diamond. Not sure how widely circulated this one has been, silent 8mm Hogan-Backlund from Decemeber 1980:
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