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  1. Make this a shirt and you can have my money.
  2. Bray planned for everything.
  3. It's Big Show in an angle, by the PPV I expect him to have reunited with Apollo Crews after having turned on him three times and turning back to face Sheamus and Baron Corbin. They'll go over clean and Big Show will turn on him again before disappearing and returning as a face for his next angle.
  4. But how long before he trying to take over TNA? Presuming he is debuted as the new babyface GM at the top of the second hour, my prediction is HEEL AUTHORITY FIGURE by the middle of the second hour.
  5. Best answer. I'm pretty sure most people could go Streets of Rage style through most of the rosters of Chikara and PWG
  6. We're all busy running around doing celebratory arm cannons. I mean if Jae had voted for Bryan. . . There was a secret suicide pact.
  7. It *is* PG-13 ... The NAO attacks Ryder, so he calls in his cousins from "south" Jersey: PG-13. book it, RAF Replace Zack Ryder with Tracy Smothers and I'm sold.
  8. He doesn't have to beat seven guys down, but he at least needed to spend some of that time when he was just getting a beating every week fighting back. He doesn't have to be Stone Cold, but he could at least be DDP and smarten up, and so far, he hasn't really beat the odds other than pinning Cena clean.
  9. Match-quality wise, I don’t think one truly outshines the other, they use their strengths well and build awesome matches. However, I buy Cesaro as a smug prick, I don’t buy Daniel Bryan as the anti-authority guy, when he goes out in one of the most compelling programs going, to get in the face of the people holding him down, who have been beating him down at every chance they get, and he’s got the biggest smile on his face, I feel like he deserves every ass-kicking he gets. He should be mauling fools left and right to get what he wants, but I feel like he’s five seconds away from telling the guy who beat him down, took his belt, ruined his huge moment and kicked his puppy that they are going to have a fantastic match at the next PPV, Yes, Yes, Yes, followed by getting beat down. Even if they won’t let him go on a rampage, he should be angry, Kane needed to teach the guy how to embrace the hate.
  10. Daniel Bryan smiles in the face of the authority holding him down. When fighting authority, Stone Cold only smiled when somebody A)had been stunned, B)was about to be stunned or C)was having a beer bush after stunning five or more people. Goldust has not smiled at the authority. Dust is closer to Stone Coldliness. Vote for someone who knows how to whoop ass. Vote Dust.
  11. No poll on that one, you must state your vote against one of the two so they come out with less than 0 votes in the tournament. Positive votes are grounds for being banned from participating.
  12. Unfortunately fake, Sid is not on twitter Requiring a twitter to tweet thoughts there is what separates the common rabble from Sid.
  13. After watching a couple of those, I really want to see Boss Yoshitatsu get his revenge.
  14. Product placement, sponsors for the PPVs. Being able to see real numbers of how many people are going to be watching based on subscriptions should draw good revenue.
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