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  1. Updated through Mania weekend. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BHbVIIaR0yY4AIQJ5HsZTnhqQFpLcq6Cct5j9FcqU8I/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Update: It was bugging me that there wasn't much representation for '00s American non-WWE, so I added a big list of notable indy matches 2000-2009.
  3. Here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BHbVIIaR0yY4AIQJ5HsZTnhqQFpLcq6Cct5j9FcqU8I/edit?usp=sharing It became a massive pain in the ass to post and update the list on the board due to weird glitches, so I've made a shareable Google Doc which has all of the following:- Every WON ****+ rated match ever, updated weekly- Every DVDVR Best of the '80s List- Every DVDVR Best of the '90s List- Every DVDVR Puro MOTY List, 2000-2012- Every VOW MOTY List, 2012-present- Every Alan4L MOTY List, 2007-present- The Ditch Best AJPW of the '90s List- Notable '00s Matches that were missedBetween all of t
  4. Thanks for the info Phil. Seems like a hassle to keep sending you updates and whatnot. I'm probably better off doing a Google Docs thing and sharing that.
  5. Maybe it's just me or I'm doing something wrong, but I'm unable to edit my posts. I can edit an initial topic post I made, but I can't edit any of my replies to it. I get an error message saying the post has been moved or deleted (which it hasn't), or it's too old to edit (even though I just made it). This is making my Observer star ratings list topic very difficult to deal with. I also don't see the option to delete your own posts. Any help?
  6. I tried to update my old thread and it wouldn't let me, so I made a new one. But now I'm trying to edit a small thing in this new one, and it will only let me edit the first post in the thread, and not any replies (which I had to make in the first place because of maximum character limits). Which I guess means I can't update any 2018 stuff and beyond. So uh, yeah, kinda frustrating.
  7. 2012: 10/8/12 - Tanahashi vs. Suzuki (NJPW) ***** 3/31/12 - Elgin vs. Richards (ROH) ***** 6/16/12 - Tanahashi vs. Okada (NJPW) ****3/4 3/4/12 - Okada vs. Naito (NJPW) ****3/4 4/1/12 - Undertaker vs. Triple H - HIAC (WWE) ****3/4 4/29/12 - Cena vs. Lesnar (WWE) ****1/2 5/20/12 - Punk vs. Bryan (WWE) ****1/2 10/13/12 - Steen vs. Elgin (ROH) ****1/2 8/3/12 - Okada vs. Naito (NJPW) ****1/2 7/8/12 - Aries vs. Roode (TNA) ****1/2 12/16/12 - Bryan/Kane/Ryback vs. Shield - TLC (WWE) ****1/2 2/3/12 - Akiyama vs. Omori (AJPW) ****1/2 10/13/12 - Richards vs. Lethal (ROH) ****1/
  8. 1981: 3/23/81 - Lawler vs. Terry Funk (Memphis) ***** 1983: 4/21/83 - Dynamite vs. Tiger Mask (NJPW) ***** 1984: 12/5/84 - Takada vs. Yamazaki (UWF) ***** 12/8/84 - Brody/Hansen vs. Funks (AJPW) ***** 12/8/84 - Tiger Mask II vs. Pirata (AJPW) ****1/2 12/8/84 - Tsuruta/Tenryu vs. Baba/Kimura (AJPW) **** 12/8/84 - Bulldogs vs. Fuchi/Magic Dragon (AJPW) **** 1985: 8/22/85 - Asuka vs. Yokota (AJW) ***** 3/9/85 - Kobayashi vs. Tiger Mask II (AJPW) ***** 11/7/85 - Savage vs. Steamboat (WWF) **** 11/7/85 - Savage vs. Dynamite (WWF) **** 9/16/85 - Steamboat vs.
  9. Mind double blown that Bryan Danielson has never had a five star match.
  10. Is there a voting date for Portland and/or Puerto Rico?
  11. BIG update with all the information that people have posted here, as well as a TON of stuff I missed on my first pass through Cagematch. Should be pretty darn accurate now.
  12. Sorry to bump an old thread, but did anything ever come of this? Or did it disappear with Ditch? P.S. What happened to Ditch?
  13. I watch Bruce Tharpe and then I skip the matches.
  14. I'm trying to figure out a scenario in which a wrestling show not selling out would cause riots, and I'm coming up dry.
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