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  1. Joe Galli, world class twerp Also, I assume that Billy Corgan is a user of the invisible hair cream.
  2. at least typing "The War Lord" instead of "The Warlord" is a slight improvement But i'm guessing a time limit draw involving Bulldog Bob Brown in the second match of the card was probably boring to watch.
  3. the Murdoch/Murdock typo stayed in the news article mentioning match results (but they did figure out how to spell Teijo by the time the matches ended) It's no "Rick Flare" though...
  4. it's not a wrestling advertisement without at least one preventable typo
  5. The same wrestler (Sam Fatu) was the Samoan Savage and the Tonga Kid.. so I figure there's enough flexibility here to fill out a card. So anyways, Haku and 2 of his sons vs Panther and 2 of his sons. Let the kids do most of the work and the 59-60yo dads occasionally do stuff. You tell Haku he can't be part of this card.
  6. maybe there's an echelon here where Puerto Ricans are tecnicos in Mexico only if they're fighting Anglos? My tentative main event for "Samoans vs Mexicans" is not technically possible right now.. that match would be Usos vs Penta/Fenix. This being Mexico, i'm sure that Haku and Blue Panther can work on opposite corners in a trios match.
  7. fortunately for NJPW-A not every state has the same ambulance requirement as New York State
  8. the LA Park promo (which the subtitles undersold, from what I hear) does make me think of the value of a money mark show where the entire card is Samoans fighting Mexicans.
  9. are you all not down with the concept of a Cody vs Randy Orton match refereed by Ted Dibiase Jr? (if they can't find Ted Jr, then they'll bring Manu in for that spot)
  10. My guess for the cities: Los Angeles, SF Area, Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle (with the possibility of Honolulu instead of Portland) Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, DC area NYC, Philly, Pittsburgh, Boston Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Milwaukee.
  11. i've typed this before.. the control center makes it seem like Worldwide. (except not in an Orlando studio) Interpret that how you wanna. Maybe it'd be a nicer comparison to say that Dark is the B-side if Dynamite is the A-side?
  12. that's plan Z for the "make Raw 2 hours again so the crowd doesn't die in the last hour" concept..
  13. Love something as much as Ratings Dorks love the 18-49 money demo. At least the FOX ratings are a strong counter to the people on other sides (reddit) that are pretty committed to the "only old people watch WWE" line
  14. i'd try having Gallows become the impostor Fiend so we could get the Fiend vs Bray Wyatt
  15. hopefully the Fiend sticks around for long enough to face somebody wearing a mask with no mouth opening to prevent the usage of the claw. Of course, that match would end with either the Abigail or a new move.
  16. 6 million viewers on CBS from 7 to 9 Central, ABC is 3.3M from 7-7:30, and 2.5M from 7:30-9, NBC is around 3M over that time, and FOX was 2.4M. "I'd love to have a WWE show on network primetime" *monkey paw closes* *Smackdown moves to the Friday Night Death Slot* So yeah, next week is sort of a no-win in a few scenarios. There'll be comparisons between the FS1 ratings and the Wednesday ratings. Even if they beat expectations, there'll be a "see, move the show from Fox to FS1 and bring Tim Allen's show back to Friday Nights" sort of thing too. So there's gotta be a sweetspot for them to avoid both of those things. Not sure FS1 is strong enough compared to TNT that they'd want to move to FS1 and put the show on Wednesday nights.
  17. so it's sorta like when CMLL does a Microman match, and then the 6 guys in the next match look massive because you just spent the last 10 minutes watching 4 foot tall people wrestle each other? There's probably more upside for a Marko as an underdog babyface (and a quasi-mascota) than as a bad guy. The heel Spike Dudley stint had some upsides, but unless it's a manager, there's only so much upside to the eventual time where a good guy beats up a tiny heel non-manager
  18. it'll turn out that whoever has the mask turns into the Fiend... sorta like the Venom Symbiote in Spiderman.. also..
  19. in the most generic way possible: being compelling in some form is gonna be the key here, and I suspect that a lot of the ways to become compelling are gonna take place outside of the regular TV matches. Of course, for that to work... you'd need a mix of people who are good at talking and knowing which guys to lean on for that. But right now, it's almost like a certain amount of Raw/Smackdown is booked by the Battlebowl machine to generate 10/15 minute matches that don't exactly tie into any specific thing going on.
  20. I remember the internet complaint in 1998, while both shows were popping massive ratings, was about how little wrestling there was and how short the matches were. now, the “fun” part of everybody being somebody’s favorite is that also means somebody will be annoyed online when anybody gets squashed (either really squashed or just something seen as a squash). So, your options to get somebody over means annoying somebody else. For the complaints over 50/50 booking, I suspect if then veered away from that, there’d be some sudden nostalgia for 50/50 booking. maybe the WWE found a way to do Indy supermatch style matches in a way that doesn’t appeal to casuals or hardcores.
  21. Let’s just say that matches long enough that they go through multiple breaks probably isn’t a crowd-growing experience if it’s done every show. No live sport goes to commercial during action. If you’re a predetermined live sport, then you have the power to not have to deal with that as a regular thing.
  22. I suspect the “ways to make the Wrestling industry like 1998” again would involve a few ideas that would go directly against the conventional wisdom of Internet hardcores.
  23. There might be a ratings niche to being the only network show on Friday nights whose average age isn’t 50+. as for how much was spent. It seems like networks will drop a lot on live sports purely to try and boost one of their cable channels. See: FOX airing most of the ALCS on FS1 excited to see how the rating on FS1 will be spun as a bad sign too.
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