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  1. Only way that could get better is if they arranged for Schultz to show up and surprise Stossel. But I suspect that didn't happen. Guessing they didn't get Mr. T for the Schultz episode.
  2. There might be some of the Schultz episode that we already heard when Schultz went on a podcast tour a few years ago. But yeah, good luck trying to get somebody to snitch out a Mafia (or Canadian biker) assassination.
  3. The Mountie would be a little more sinister these days with a bald Jacques Rougeau. Edit: Just realized that Jacques now has sort of a Baron Von Raschke look. Or in other words.. "I'm the Da Baron, I'm handsome, I'm brave, I'm strong. I'm Da Baron, and I apply the claw"
  4. Considering today's news from Georgia.. I'm guessing that the only thing stopping Corgan from trying to run tapings is that GPB isn't gonna let them use the studios. But, Billy Corgan is either enough of a conspiracy guy to think that this all bullshit, or he's a conspiracy guy who is afraid of germs. Not sure which. But I'd think a studio of some type is small enough that you can actually have a few people in there, provided they're kept apart in their seats. Run it like a sparsely attended Memphis taping or something. No bleachers. Everybody gets their own chair.
  5. if the Mexico tapings don’t take them until the end of event bans in some state, Court will see if he knows anybody who can help get MLW schedule a taping in either Nicaragua or Belarus.
  6. (so, we're just supposed to ignore that Pillmanito was in the last segment randomly after a few weeks of mystery about his condition? unless I'm confusing the MLW stars and that was somebody else)
  7. I guess it was too risky to do a Spanish version of the Tom Lawlor/Team Filthy "I. Am. Going. To. Kill. You" theme.
  8. is it too soon to speculate on who'll do the best Shoot Interview Via Zoom of the people released today? I mean, there's more than enough free time for bridge burning shoot interviews these days.
  9. Mike moved from Philadelphia to New Mexico in order to retire from his job of cleaning things up for the WWF.
  10. Don Muraco looks a little more Hawaiian than Italian these days (yeah, I know he's native Hawaiian, and Muraco is an Italian surname). It's a very Italian sort of season for DSOTR between both Nancys, Russo, Muraco, Dino Bravo, and New Jack's spaghetti.
  11. One minor thing left unmentioned in regards to Tonga Kid being in the car and none of the people involved mentioning or knowing about it is that Tonga Kid was just barely in the WWF as "Samoan #4" at the time while Snuka was working against Afa/Samula on various shows. So, while people at the time wouldn't have much of a reason to know who Tonga Kid was, the fact that he was in the car would be breaking kayfabe since it involved Snuka traveling with the partner of somebody he was working against on shows. Basically if they had done any sort of real investigation then and realized they needed to talk to Sam Fatu, he would have collaborated Snuka's story instead of contradicting it. I'm pretty sure that one couldn't be acquitted of murder on reason of being high on cocaine, but that was a murder in some form.
  12. Considering that Florida doesn't have a state income tax, what income do they get out of the WWE/etc holding empty shows there? Anyways, I kinda get the sense that the reason for certain things going on right now are about not overwhelming capacities other than medical capacities. How many places similar to Smithfield (pork plant) in SD could close due to mass worker infections before it starts to hurt a lot of uninfected people. It might undersell impact to act like the medical system would have taken the most impact from an infection spike. (But then again, they probably know that 'if we don't do this, we could have food shortages' is either going to cause panic or it won't happen and cause a lot of skepticism towards future warnings)
  13. Robert Kraft has an interest in making sure various industries are back up and running as soon as possible
  14. UFC Bash at the Beach! (as long as you forget that the WCW Bash held at an actual beach was in CA and not FL)
  15. in light of recent classifications, hopefully we can get somebody to form a promotion called "Essential Pro Wrestling" when we reach the other side of this tunnel.
  16. Hoping MLW can get like 4 months of TV out of this Mexico taping so they can continue to be the only first-run programming on the planet to not ever mention the coronavirus.
  17. The whole thing sorta glossed over the fact that Bart Gunn was able to consider a shootfight rematch with Butterbean because Bart got work in Japan for beating Dr. Death. Dr. Death wasn’t gonna get a run longer than the Austin/Taker-Kane run. I guess Dr. Death could have ended up in the Big Bossman position in late 1998. Which would have been a downgrade because SWAT Bossman turned out to be a solid player after years of underwhelming in WCW. also guess the Undertaker vs Dr. Death would be a solid matchup of gimmick names.
  18. Pandemico seems like the name of somebody who's gonna be working in Mexico next year. (Yes, I know that's not the top result for translating Pandemic into Spanish on Google Translate) At the very least, Pandemico's mask that looks like a coronavirus cell should be a test of "too soon?" Edit: and Pandemico's finisher is a submission move where he makes you touch your face.
  19. Not sure if the Psycho Circus masks are closed mouth... also guessing Murder Clown is not a good mask to wear around casually right now.
  20. Other CMLL guys that I can think of who have closed mouth masks: Templario, Volcano, Kraneo. Although it's possible that you'd need to go to Mexico (not easy at the moment) or know somebody in Mexico to pull off some of those mask purchases. It's possible that the more obscure you get with a mask purchase, the better the odds of some random Hispanic family thinking you're actually Volcano walking through their town because CMLL is shut down. Especially if you're fat and wearing a Lucha mask.
  21. you can only wear a Sin Cara mask in public if you bring the mini trampoline along.
  22. I assume the CDC hasn't cleared the use of Hayabusa masks as a public mouth covering during this disease season?
  23. there's a decent chance that Tank could probably get New Jack into a motorcycle gang
  24. yeah, the only shooter I can think of who'd be down for the concept of getting into a feud with somebody like New Jack would be somebody like Tank Abbott. A lot of the shooter types wouldn't be down with the concept of getting stabbed by a crazy person.
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