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  1. In the territory days, a bunch of talent would have problems getting in and out of Saudi Arabia without being whipped by the religious police
  2. They’re probably just gonna lean hard on video packages to smother the live audience.
  3. I’m watching one of the In The Heat Of The Night episodes where Carroll O’Connor was “unavailable” (due to health IIRC) and Joe Don Baker was the guest star for 3 episodes in a row. what I’m saying here is that the WWE might need to bring Joe Don Baker to Smackdown tonight. Or Joe Bob Briggs
  4. “Just put the RAW guys under masks and don’t tell USA”
  5. This is where college football fans check into the story
  6. Ric Flair should be able to fill up a segment or two on the mic, right? also, of all the places to book a day after a show in Saudi Arabia... fucking Buffalo?
  7. Insert complaint that the wrestlers are too interested in video games to use party drugs and shaving cream on each other
  8. Excited to see Flair and Hogan in a strap match tonight
  9. “You said you were going to have Muhammad Ali on the show. But that Ali was a different guy” Anyways... WWE should look for a better market for these European prime time shows. Like Russia.
  10. Also, you know somebody has impatiently emailed Meltzer’s Juno account asking when he’s gonna wake up and post something
  11. my power rankings for possible reasons for this: 1) General bad luck 2) Vince complained about Saudi checks not arriving 3) General wrestler bullshit 4) Lebanon or Syria or Turkey bullshit 5) Viral marketing for Saudi tourism
  12. “Hey where the fuck is our money” might be a relevant phrase to how things are what they are right now
  13. Gotta add some time for Crown Jewel replays The reality is that this is probably benign. But we’re ranking “most likely to cause an international incident” among the talent in SA
  14. Can’t help but admire Brock’s approach of going on early, wrapping up in under 5 minutes, and getting out of town
  15. I suspect that watching it on the replay at 12:30am makes it even weirder than it would be at 8pm
  16. i'm gonna keep making jokes to myself that QT Marshall was The Gambler in the 90s
  17. god damn pal.. that would have been an even better fit for the divorce court concept. I'm gonna pretend that they tried to get Jerry Springer but couldn't, and decided to just give the segment to Lawler.
  18. Having somebody do you wrong and then repeatedly make up lies/excuses about why they did you wrong was probably more relatable than quite a few WWE storylines lately. As for ratings and breakdowns, short of knowing quarterhours, blaming the thing that went on the last 10-15 minutes of the 3rd hour for the 3rd hour continuing to sink in ratings might not be exactly honest. Especially since the expectations for that segment were low enough that what happened was considered the good kind of car crash TV. Also, the quickest way to make that last segment better, in a B movie sense, would have involved getting Jerry Springer from whatever the fuck he's doing now to assume the Lawler role in that segment. Lana/Rusev essentially doing a Jerry Springer show tribute is gonna connect more right now than Humberto Carrillo.
  19. Also OVW is apparently gonna stream their show out on Tuesday’s now. And due to certain differences between America and Mexico in regards to DST, tonight’s CMLL is at 8:30 Central/9:30 Eastern. Last night Puebla was solidly in the 10pm-midnight slot in my timezone
  20. November 1st, 1985, Freeman Coliseum, San Antonio: American Force (Paul Diamond & Shawn Michaels) defeat Japanese Force (Samson Fuyuki & Toshiaki Kawada) November 4th, 1985, Fort Hood, TX: TAW Texas Tag Team Title: American Force (Paul Diamond & Shawn Michaels) (c) defeat Japanese Force (Samson Fuyuki & Toshiaki Kawada)
  21. Maria will return to RAW to help Rusev counter Lana. Then they will reveal that Rusev is the father of Maria's children.
  22. hey, ballshots are lethal in Mexico, maybe they watched CMLL to gather spot ideas
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