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  1. it's been along enough, did Vince see Stand and Deliver for the first time in 1996 and that inspired a long Jose Lothario run as Arnold Skaaland?
  2. the Ultimate Survivor Series match would have been more interesting in 1989 than 1990. Dusty/Brutus/Hogan/Warrior vs. Savage/Earthquake/Bravo/Perfect.
  3. Sid might actually have been a guy who would have been better off in a territory. Could move from place to place to stay fresh. Wouldn't be as conspicuous when he kept leaving to play rec league sports. Also Sid probably could have had a babyface run at a national level if not for the fact that he's Sid.
  4. also Scott Hall gave Bogner some of his actual Razor gear IIRC. Jacobs as Diesel just didn't work. Bogner as Razor at least had a "ask a shitty artist to draw Razor Ramon" aspect to it. I think part of the whole thing was essentially about the lawsuit over Hall/Nash using their WWF mannerisms in WCW.
  5. They could have had Rocky/Mero/Jake/Savio vs Goldust/Helmsley/Lawler/Vader in one match and then had the land of misfit toys match between Stalker/Flash Funk/700lb Yokozuna/70 year old Snuka vs Farrooq/Crush/Fake Diesel/Fake Razor. I can see why they wouldn't have Rocky and Flash Funk debuting in the same match. Or bump the fakes into the Free for All match. It's possible fake Razor Ramon is the worst gimmick to ever get pyro?
  6. too late, Vince already ordered some old school East German stuff as a way to stop covid holy lord... they gave fake Razor pyro.. I guess they didn't want to job Vader in the Rocky match so they put him in this clusterfuck cool-down match instead.
  7. Survivor Series 96 note: that curly blond mustache on Stalker-era Barry Windham had a real "he jacks off while watching you" aesthetic to it. Also, probably not a good sign for 96 Windham if he has to wear a shirt to the ring and it's a generic WWF logo shirt. Between Stalker and the Executioner.. a great show for people who forgot some of these cups of coffee gimmicks.
  8. this would be the perfect time to suspend the wellness program without getting instant blowback
  9. So, which superstars get their covid tests filmed for airing on Smackdown or Raw?
  10. Vince is currently going on a dexamethasone regimen ala certain others who were using HCQ without having any symptoms of covid.
  11. Survivor Series 96 is on FS1 tomorrow (because it was The Rock's debut)... while I know there's some good matches on the card (Bret/Austin and Sid/Shawn)... Survivor Series 96 seems less likely to be replayed on cable than SS97 or SS98. Maybe it might take too much effort to replay Russo-era PPVs on cable? Also, wonder if they'll just quietly cut out the Snuka match even if they have a 4 hour slot for the show.
  12. yeah, same channel... since I wasn't really watching weekend syndicated shows in 2001, I checked a newspaper TV guide and it had the following Wrestling on TV on Saturday March 10th, 2001 Worldwide at 2, WWF Metal at 3, Battle Dome at 4. Also at WWF Jakked at 11pm and something described only as "Wrestling" at midnight. Looking at newspapers some more, here's the wrestling listed on TV for a Saturday in August 1987 "NWA Southern Pro Wrestling" at 8am. The UWF at 9am. Wild West Wrestling at 10am. World Class at 11am. Superstars was on at Midnight after SNL on the NBC Affiliate. Then in September 1987, the 8am slot was filled by "Championship Wrestling" (not to be confused with Wrestling Challenge on at 10pm on Friday nights) By May 1988, the lineup on the channel airing all the Saturday morning wrestling was: Pro Wrestling This Week at 7:30, TWN Main Event at 8, GLOW at 9, World Wide at 10, World Class at 11. KC Wrestling seems like it was slightly unusual since the local wrestling show (All Star Wrestling) aired on Sunday mornings instead of Saturdays.
  13. when I started watching, Worldwide was on at 2pm and Shotgun Saturday Night was on at 3pm.
  14. live life with the joy of the Warlord after bodyslamming John Tenta
  15. IIRC, wasn't Wendi a heel on Mid-South TV either simultaneously with the beginning of her WWF face run, or really close to the beginning of that run?
  16. well, the one time Brad Armstrong left WCW, he went to a fed that went out of business within months.. so... Meanwhile things that happen when Bill Watts inherits a booking on Lyger: this is a tremendous matchup from the POV of hair though
  17. wonder how quickly they realized that Reggie White couldn't wrestle shirtless in 1997
  18. I wonder if anybody had to veto the concept of making Mongo the 36th member of the NWO sometime post-Hennig turn/pre-Flair return. On one hand, heel Mongo standing a crowd and not working much can't fuck much up. On the other hand, he probably wanted to keep partying with Ric Flair. Also, was the Jarrett run in 96/97 WCW as pointless as it seems in retrospect? But then again, Jarrett really didn't get rolling until they cut his hair in 1998.
  19. 1) somebody is gonna drive this concept directly into the ground 2) we'll see if that happens before we get a good Sabu botch account
  20. The debut really wasn't what stuck out as a "WTF" booking decision (even with the goofy WWF bar cage). The "WTF" decision involved jobbing Show to Austin in Show's first WWF match 6 days before Wrestlemania. Even if they turned Show face post-WM (also a WTF) and put him in a face stable (The Union!), you'd think that having him beat Austin would give them something extra to do with Austin for that Spring, and maybe doesn't lead to them immediately doing Rock/Austin again at Backlash. The consistent theme for Big Show in WCW and WWF/E is that they just kept turning him face/heel every few months. I attended one Nitro and it managed to be a show with a Paul Wight turn (in May 1998).
  21. just watched 1984 Mid-Atlantic focused on the feud between the Tully Blanchard/Wahoo McDaniel(s) alliance against the Superfriends team of Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes. Watching earlier episodes helped show me why a lot of people think Angelo Mosca Jr sucked.
  22. keeps a social distance in acknowledgment of certain board rules Randy Orton is trending on Twitter before Smackdown as he has now become a babyface to a portion of Twitter users. The greatest match ever has become greater.
  23. Thanks Kayfabe magazines for making me realize that yes.. Scott Hall could have been a reasonably plausible 60s/early 70s hippie.
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