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  1. of all the countries to buy military vehicles from.... Canada? I think the "WWE pulled the feed in Saudi Arabia" story has been modified to "WWE put the show on tape delay in Saudi Arabia in response to not being paid". Which could be justified as a "hey, we wanna protect the attendance, pal" move (even if it doesn't matter to the WWE how many people show up if the Saudis actually pay them)
  2. in my book, Aldis is a face and Joe Galli is a heel
  3. this month is gonna slow down a little bit once the Saudimania story fades.. but goodness.. it has been a tremendous content month so far.
  4. Vince will become the eternal chairman ala Kim Il-Sung upon his death.
  5. it might have been for the best for everybody involved that Vince wasn't stranded in Riyadh for a day
  6. There is some dispute over the detail of cutting a feed since it was airing on delay anyways. Vince would be up there for telling somebody “what are you going to do, behead me?” while in Saudi. also, considering sixty is sesenta and six hundred is seiscientos. How likely is it to confuse them? Meaning, it seems more likely the Saudis owed 60m and not 600m.
  7. nice of Heyman to coincidentally leave the scene as a dispute involving money not being paid flares up
  8. They literally ran an ad for the FS1 smackdown during the World Series with neither commentator actually mentioning the Smackdown ad on screen. So you could say that they did not exactly go all-out to get eyes on FS1 last week
  9. “Are you sure you really want them to unionize, wouldn’t you rather watch Daniel Bryan vs Adam Cole?” ”Bryan/Cole! Bryan/Cole!”
  10. Same reason that a Rollins/Fiend match could take place despite them being on different shows. The HW titles aren't actually tied to brands.
  11. extra fantasy booking thought: there shouldn't be a successful invasion of Full Sail next Wednesday. Full Sail should be NXT's fort, where the first and second attempts to invade are repelled by the numbers advantage held by the NXT guys. Then the NXT before Survivor Series, there should be a successful invasion and brawl. Let it simmer a little before falling back into 50/50 booking
  12. if this brand feud was being booked by somebody who watched too much 80s wrestling, there'd be a night where the Smackdown guys went after NXT ending with somebody being buried under the FOX Network flag because brand supremacyyyyy and shit that people probably don't give a fuck about. Another thing that I think was helpful tonight, they kept some NXT guys off the show tonight, so if they insert somebody else into the feud, they haven't blown the wad on someone like Walter getting involved.
  13. the plane is in the air and on its way to JFK. It is now in Egyptian airspace. You can see the route has deviated a little because flights from Riyadh creatively avoid flying over Syria or Israel for some pretty obvious reasons (the first time a commercial flight from Israel flew over Saudi airspace happened last year). I don't think they let people hang out at the airport to cheer on the landing of the flight. So don't go to JFK for that, weirdos.
  14. one thing you'll find from following local news stations on Twitter is that there's a lot of automated sort of stuff (and the exact same tweets with different local links for some national stories from stations owned by the same company).
  15. okay, having the NXT flight arrive that late would explain why they started with Aiden.. switching him out was sort of one of those things... The evolution of tonight's format must have been something else. It's neat if Vince really did turn things over for this one since one could think that the October NXT ratings experience could have been used as an excuse by Vince to not turn things over to Hunter sooner.
  16. on searching Twitter, I see tweets mentioning the story from Irmo (SC), Detroit (MI), Fox 28 Columbus (OH), Bay City (MI), WTOV 9 Wheeling (WV), WPFO Fox 23 (ME). Here's the owners of those Fox stations: Sinclair, Fox Owned & Operated, Sinclair controlled, Sinclair, Sinclair, and Sinclair-controlled. (The difference between owned and controlled is that the controlled stations aren't owned by Sinclair but Sinclair runs them through agreements). So, it's possible it's more of a Sinclair filler story than a Fox filler story. Sorta like how some stations would have wrestling stories to run because their news is directly after wrestling (which was a thing with WWOR in New York too, IIRC)
  17. Brock should only get a different colored strap if he kills the animal personally to make the leather for the strap. This probably cannot be shown on the USA Network.
  18. in theory, the winner of the Survivor Series main event should enable his brand to draft some people from other brands... which probably means Smackdown wins and gets the compensation for Brock. From a storytelling POV, having Brock leave in the first segment directly enabled the NXT people to start attacking. Sure, Brock is enough of a lone wolf that he really can't be depended on to help on-screen, but if the baddest guy in the arena walks out and Heyman's speech directly mentions no RAW on Smackdown but doesn't mention "no NXT"... then.
  19. they probably should have started with just Renee and Tom if they were gonna add Pat McAfee anyways. But seriously, that was better than what they probably had planned. Hopefully it goes better than the last super memorable NXT invasion angle.
  20. if Brock and Paul Heyman took over the commentary booth, it's not like anybody could stop them. Just have Paul calling NXT matches with Brock not saying anything for minutes at a time
  21. congratulations to the company that handles the printing of the "I survived the Layover of Death" t-shirts for the wrestlers who had to experience this Or maybe the successful charter company should hand out jackets like they're the Ribera.
  22. Steven Regal vs Keith Cole from 1993: and Ric Flair vs Big Sky
  23. flying in Saudi Show Yokozuna would be a big Smackdown Surprise..
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