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  1. It'd be pretty cool if certain managers didn't overthink things and think they had to stack their lineup with craptactular LH bats instead of actual recently good RH bats in some effort to rough up Dillon Gee. It'd also be cool if certain 3rd basemen didn't go 0 for 5, no matter how good he's been over an arbitrary period, until that 3rd baseman puts up an above-average season, I don't give him a long rope The most irritiating thing about the 2013 Royals is that, they're not gonna get significantly better next year. They'll lose their best pitcher to free agency. Their bats are either not developing quickly (Hosmer, Moustakas) or regressing (Gordon, Butler, Gordon, Gordon, Gordon). So there's not exactly a White Knight coming to save things in the final year of the Shields deal. They have a lot of guys who are not exactly dependable for winning big games and no real willingness to find solutions at positions where there is no concrete long-term guy (2nd base, corner outfield, 3rd base). Heck, for all the plays Cain has made lately, he's still 27. He's not going to be a guy in that spot in 5 years. So when you pair that with the reality that their pitching is a rent-a-staff of two very good starters (for now), an average guy (Guthrie), and two semi-covered chest wounds (Wade Davies and Bruce Chen), and that they don't have pitching coming up to replace either chest wound. That's not good either. Moore will get an extension, but they should have fired his ass 4 years ago when he started peddling the "it takes 8-10 years to win" garbage. The guy has never been involved in building a winner. He's a Scott Pioli type hired because his boss happened to get a team loaded with someone else's acquisitions in 1991
  2. 9 in a row and the Royals haven't allowed 4 runs in a game in any of those 9 games. So that's pretty nifty Of course the Indians won, but the Tigers didn't play, so 6.5 back and playing the Mets, Twins, Red Sox, and Marlins in the next 13 games
  3. THE NATS ARE STILL IN IT!!! DON'T TELL THEIR FANS OTHERWISE!!! NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES THEY LOSE BY DOUBLE DIGIT RUNS!!!! nothing has to be motivating the Nationals more than having a manager who could quit any day to take his retirement, i'm sure. And awesome that none of the top teams in the AL Central are losing. "Royals? you've won 8 in a row? well fuck you, because the Tigers and Indians won't lose any games either!" The White Sox are so useless
  4. or the White Sox trying to get more for Alexei Ramirez for some reason heck, by now, shouldn't they think about renting Konerko out for a few months?
  5. The Royals are .500 in July! and since they have an offday, they'll be .500 for the next 51 hours or so! Seriously, the last time the Royals were .500 in July was 10 years ago
  6. For a good team, the Tigers really cry a lot. It looks like Cabrera and Leyland got tossed after Cabrera got 2 actual strikes with the bases loaded. Then they blew a bases loaded spot (Tui struckout and Prince popped up) and they lost Cabrera in the 3rd inning. If there was any team in the Central on the level of Detroit, the Tigers might have some problems with sensitivity, but the Tigers win 90+ and get the division easily.
  7. oh yeah, the Royals are playing the White Sox, Twins, Mets, Twins, Red Sox, Marlins in their next 17 games leading into a 5 game series in Detroit. So hopefully they don't screw it up too badly. And the Royals will be missing Harvey and Wheeler next weekend. So after today, they face Pelfrey, Correia, Diamond / Gee, Torres, Hefner / Correia, Diamond, Deduno in 9 consecutive games. Outside of Deduno, not exactly a lot of guys who are tough on paper. Then again, I would favor Hector Santiago over Bruce Chen, because the Royals are starting 6 lefties against LHP Santiago because Cain left last night after hitting a wall and they want to give Sal Perez two offdays in a row. Even if the Sox 2 hitter today (Alexei) is 3 for 32 v. Chen and all
  8. so the Royals are teasing .500 again. Neat. The last time they got to one under .500, they promptly lost 5 consecutive games. The last time they got to .500 (back in mid-June), they lost 4 consecutive games. They also had an streak where they dropped from 21-21 to 21-29. So as long as nobody tells them that they're close to .500, this should go well. Also, Wade fucking Davis beat Chris Sale 1-0. So tomorrow is Bruce Chen v. Hector Santiago. Maybe the Royals can beat three lefties in a row, which would be nifty since Santiago allowed 3 hits in 8 innings last time he faced KC. Bring on the mayonaise sandwich Twins pitchers, i'm tired of KC facing left-handed starters
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