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  1. Just like The Tonga Kid before him...damn ghetto blasters got a lot to answer for.
  2. followed by both doing the La Parka strut in tandem?
  3. Waggle my dick. Waggle waggle waggle. Awww yeah. Waggle.
  4. The streets changed him, in all fairness.
  5. "Russo came out and said that this was the time he had to play chicken shit heel..... WAS THIS A GIANT SCHEME BY SKANDOR AKBAR, GARY HART AND HIRO MATSUDA TO GET AT FLAIR?!?!?!?"
  6. Have it that Ric Flair is really his father, and that he gave up Bray to the IRS to pay the first of many unpaid tax bills in the early 80s, so Mike Rotunda raised him as his own. Naitch as part of the Wyatts.....
  7. IRS being his dad helps for the inevitable babyface turn and reuniting with his Dad. The wacky vignettes of IRS showing Bray how to complete a Form 5695 and declare his deductions properly would be fantastic.
  8. Isn't that essentially the 90 day no compete clause?
  9. Was listening to the Daniel Bryan one this morning. Forgot that he planned to get married the day after Wrestlemania. Wonder how that impacts the booking as such..
  10. Have a knock off Celebrity Wife Swap with main eventers and indy wrestlers. Have Cena turn up to an IWA-MS show, whilst Davey Richards does all the Make-A-Wish stuff, radio interviews, corporate meet and greets, etc.
  11. I'd like to see some sort of Vet show starring off-the-wagon Jake Roberts, Koko B Ware, wheelchair bound Tom Billington and stroke-riddled Ricky Steamboat.
  12. I'd have them stack the deck against Bryan, Rumble 99 style. Have him take a beatdown from the Shield on the way to the ring and never makes it or whatever. Final two are Batista and Roman Reigns. Bryan comes back to eliminate them both from behind. Orton/Bryan at Mania, Reigns/Batista as well. Have Bryan go over, Triple H throws Lesnar in his path. Bryan barely survives the first match, then drops the belt to Lesnar in HIAC. Lesnar stops following the orders from Triple H. You build to Lesnar vs. Batista at Summerslam.
  13. I completely forgot Masato Tanaka was there at the time. I just spent ten minutes staring at this wondering whether you meant Pat Tanaka or misspelt Tatanka.
  14. Watching Jan to April 2000 of WCW at the moment. Whilst January was some horrible TV, they really got their shit together by the end of it. Pushing new guys like Vamp and The Wall. Vamp not going over Lex clean on Nitro two weeks before the restart was a huge mistake. Crowd were hot for it and they went with a shitty DQ win instead. Wonder how things would have gone had Russo and Bischoff not been brought back..
  15. I get that. Its a blow off line though. 800k subscribers start up? Over 12 months? How many in 2 years? International subscribers?
  16. Insane idea, but given their ability to make $$ off their existing library, the way the six month subscription works from Mania to Summerslam, outside factors (return of Monday night football, NBA, etc) during that time... If there was ever a time that they introduced an off-season post-Summerslam...
  17. I'd imagine that Raw Is Benoit would be another one that doesn't get shown. The x amount of subscribers comment seems an unrealistic way of judging profitability. Let's say they get the 800k-1mill figure to start with largely off 6 month commitment/Wrestlemania coming up only. How many choose to renew after Summerslam? Surely the profitability becomes apparent once the international markets are on board later in the year, and you hold off content to keep the US subscribers on board as long as possible to keep the revenue coming in in the interim? If six month commitments are required, I could see their subscriber base being cyclic, spikes at Mania, decreases slightly after Summerslam. If nothing else, it'd be consistent with the viewer patterns and current ratings anyway. Wonder if PPVs slowly transcend into a Clash of the Champions format as a way of trying to render the necessity for relationships with companies like DirectTV obsolete.
  18. Would Kofi and Miz have been interesting in 1998? Probably. Depends on how much you're willing to debate the probability of Kofi having an implied foot long dick and a white girl valet.
  19. And another thing. Roster integration. Every second week you seem to see the locker room gathered out on the ramp for a groundbreaking reaction or you cut to guys wandering around the back with no heat with each other with a reaction to something relatively meaningless in a month's time (Cena's return, etc). Not so bad now that there's no brand split to care about, but still an annoyance. Given that there's always two or three of the top guys missing, we're pretty much hammered home who matters and who doesn't.
  20. Is there a comp somewhere of the ROH/CZW feud? Would like to see/buy
  21. I think I'd prefer to see Bryan recruiting the Wyatts to help him, only for them to turn on him ("the devil made me do it") ala Jake/Warrior. * - Wyatt/Bryan could actually be a half decent bordering on logical Mania match all things considered * - Face Wyatts = no-one to work against assuming the Shield are breaking up * - Think it adds another layer to Bray's character and hammers home how delusional he is, that he's not prepared to take on the Machine he despises so strongly despite the presented opportunity to do so. * - Everyone gets their way - Bryan ends up in a midcard Mania match and doesn't take attention away from the "real" talent. You could even do the HHH face turn after Mania once Orton loses the title and they go their separate ways, even do the "Kane was an agent of the Wyatts" idea, have the Wyatts stalk him and his family leading to his desperate move of turning to Daniel Bryan for help, who flat out refuses to have anything to do with him. HHH/Batista against the Wyatts for a bit even.
  22. From memory the Eddy feud was a form of appeasement to get him to stay. They asked him who the one guy he wanted to work with was and he said Eddy.
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