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  1. Hire him, put him under a mask or stupid gimmick. Eventually have one of those Jim Ross interviews that they had with Goldust/Foley to reveal the real David Benoit when the time is right/heat dies down
  2. I'd like to see him given a Sherlock Holmes gimmick as he attempts to wander backstage at WWE events and solve the Curious Case of the Benoit Murders. Instead of Asian mist, he could blind people with smoke coming out his pipe, and I know I'd mark for a loaded deerstalker shot. Bring in some guy as his Watson too.
  3. Badger & Skinny Pete. Even if it's more Talking Bad than Breaking Bad.
  4. It'll be like Kanyon hitting the Cutter on random people at random times in random places. Only replace 'people' with 'his woman' and 'hitting the Cutter' with 'slapping'. The Funkadactyls become Naomi and Cameron Woods. Xavier starts referring to them both each week as "Anna Mae" and forcing them to eat cake...
  5. It's a weird Butterfly effect really. Austin walks Don't get Austin/Eddy at KOTR Austin/Eddy/Benoit all probably feud throughout summer of 02 Probably don't get Smackdown Six as a result Maybe Austin/Angle vs. Eddy/Benoit instead? Do we end up with a small Austin/Hogan program afterwards as well?
  6. They need to do a double-fall tag tournament similar to the one they had in early 99 WCW which Windham and Hennig won. Gives them a very decent excuse to run the same matches over and over again if nothing else. If they're half serious about putting the Usos over as something remotely meaningful, have them lose clean to the Shield in an early tournament match, then give them a clean pin in the PPV finals, semi-Dusty finish only to recall that it's double fall rules, both teams now have one fall each, and the Shield go on to win by nefarious means. Hell, have it so that Reigns had a clean pin anyway, but they count Rollins cheating to win instead, further causing dissention. Reigns gets the Diesel spot in the Rumble, gets blindsided by Ambrose/Rollins and eliminated. Murders Rollins at EC, gets jumped by Ambrose afterwards. Reigns squashes Ambrose at Mania in 30 seconds, wins the US title with the slow build toward him holding both titles and eventually vacating the US title.
  7. Its a pity that HHH shaved his head when he did. Hair vs. beard for Mania would have tied in nicely with the comparisons to Jericho and Edge, and how there could only ever be one guy with long blonde hair on the roster.
  8. You would have had ALL the likes if you mentioned a flag pole being at full salute. Would you settle for a valet being found for the group off Cougarlife.com?
  10. John Cena heel turn that involves hooking up with Stephanie, and Stephanie trying to convince HHH into a three way relationship, guilting him over Kurt. Cena then becomes depressed over the constant "You can't wrestle" chants, HHH then offers to show him some holds, only for Stephanie to walk in on him showing her an abdominal stretch, ala Trish. Stephanie then leaves them both for the two Bella twins, who then form PMS 2000, along with a repackaged Daniel Bryan who is given a Sean Stasiak tribute gimmick and renamed Tofu. CM Punk disapproves of the gay union between HHH and John Cena, and reforms the Totally Straight Edge Society, before tying John Cena to a rainbow "symbol" to end an episode of RAW, and creates an unholy alliance with The Wyatt family, being backwater Southerners who also disapprove of dem gays. The angle then devolves into a "doth protest too much" focus on Bray Wyatt who becomes wrestling's first real Bear in wrestling....exposing the prejudiced attitudes of the locker room afraid of locking up with a gay man. Him and Darren Young form an unlikely dancing duo tag team.
  11. Team Australia to provide cannon fodder for the prelim matches would probably be Bill Dundee, Orlando Jordan (living here permanently now), The Bushwhackers (referred as here rather than NZ during WWF run) and Outback Jack.
  12. Is there a worse episode of wrestling TV than the 6-7-99 episode of Nitro? The aforementioned Mexican death match that gets treated like shit. The contortionist/sewerage angle The hummer/limo angle The weird promo between Piper and Bagwell asking him how many times he wrestled at MSG? The tag title switch involving 2 guys that weren't in the match to begin with. You could also add the Hak/Bischoff confrontation, which was awesome initially, but went nowhere, and seemingly only served as a vehicle for Bischoff to give away the Higher Power angle? Wow, the Higher Power reveal was on the same night, and it wasn't even the most nonsensical bit of TV that night.
  13. As fun as the Survivor Series matches are, it makes sense not to have them from the perspective that you're booking yourself into a corner with anywhere between 4 and 7 guys eating pins each match, or that there's only so many screwy finishes you can use without overdoing them on the same card. That Team Piper vs. Team Flair match from 91 serves as a pretty good example of it.
  14. Was that really the out at the end when the district attorney is all "Well, they didn't say whether it'd be a pile of bodies or not..." Fuck off, if so.
  15. None of that made any sense. Is Happy still with the Chinese? Why are they leveraging Pope over them when they have one of their own hostage? Why would they fuck themselves over with the deal with the Feds? That story they give the Kings seems incredibly unbelievable.
  16. I'd like to see a Kofi Kingston heel turn that leads to him developing a Charles Ramsey gimmick.
  17. I demand all five members of that team be dressed in black and yellow polka dots with the surprise partner being Doink.
  18. Isss gonn be tuh bulladuhwoods, if youu weeeeeeeeeelllll.
  19. When was the last time the WWE invested a ton of money in getting a guy over? Like Lex Express levels? Daniel Bryan getting a Prius Lex Express to rally the nation into getting behind him in getting an opportunity to become the face of the company would be awesome
  20. No-one really wants to see Daniel Bryan do anything outside of wrestle, and chant "Yes!". You wanted to see Austin cut a curse laden promo, drink beer, beat somebody's ass, hand out Stunners to a million other people around ringside. You wanted to see The Rock cut a promo about pie, lay the Smackdown, go through his cool moveset, raise an eyebrow, drop an elbow, do funny backstage stuff. You wanted to see The Undertaker have a lot of pyro, and smoke and mirrors, do the whole dead guy sit up and beat up some big fat guy before putting them in a bodybag/casket/grave/setting them on fire/embalming them/tying them to a giant symbol/drag motorcycles through the desert You wanted to see Hogan cut a promo coked out of his mind, hulk up, big boot, leg drop and pose for everyone. Live audiences aren't exactly chomping at the bit for him to tell us what's on his mind, or hang around after a house show has ended to see what shenanigans will take place so you can film it on your tiny camera phone.
  21. Anyone else seen that episode of Nitro where he calls Goldberg "Goldrod", and the announcers and Nash just bury him for a solid two minutes, calling him out on his lack of professionalism and not being a team player etc? Awesome viewing
  22. I liked the concept in giving it that big match feel, but the execution was near-always terrible (Bret Clark....Goldrod).
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