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  1. Ric Flair gets a concussion and becomes Carsson Kressley and starts doing Flair Eye For The Straight Guy vignettes, which involve him falling out with Arn Anderson over his fanny pack. A Ric Flair/Pat Patterson wedding is interrupted as everyone turns on Sting (making a one off appearance as Flair's best man). Flair has pretended to be gay to lure Sting into yet another trap. Sting then buys the Blue Oyster Bar, which happened to be around the corner from the White Castle Of Fear (whole another story) and shenanigans ensue.
  2. Savage/Liz breakup leads to revelations that Savage giving Liz an incurable form of herpes known only as "Macho Madness". Savage/Dusty with a cure on a pole match.
  3. Ricky Steamboat becomes a Singaporean gangster with a ponytail renamed Ricky Speedboat. It's discovered that him and Sonny Onoo are half brothers. Noodles on a pole match ensues. They are brought together as a team by Lloyd from Entourage.
  4. They used to run the same battle royale in England every time in the early 90s. Goes down to Bulldog and two heels, miscommunication between heels, Bulldog wins.
  5. Owen would have ended up in a Hardcore Holly like role. Probably done Tough Enough. If he's still wrestling, maybe ends up in a JBL type role due to the brand split and lack of top guys available. Him in ECW in Christian's spot would have been interesting.
  6. So these employment ads were posted by WWE somewhere: Here’s the official listing for the orchestra: Orchestra musicians with own instruments Principal Male or Female / 18 to 70 / All Ethnicities Looking for an orchestra of 14 musicians, all with own instruments – ideally a full orchestra who play together regularly. They will be “fake” playing in the promo, music will be dubbed in. All will be wearing the face paint that Sting is known for. Must be OK with heavy face makeup. Any leads on full orchestras who would love to make some money, would be awesome!! Open to all ages (over 18) and for the most part, people will be unrecognizable. Here’s the official listing for the Sting body double, which is also being sought after: Body double for STING Photo Double Male / 38 to 50 / Caucasian, Ethnically Ambiguous, Hispanic, Mixed, Multi-Ethnic 6’2, 250lb of pure muscle. Prefer a guy with wrestling experience, very fit. HEAVILY muscular. Slightly longer dark hair. Will have a full face of make up on. paying a higher rate as we need a GREAT double for this.
  7. They'd superkick the shit out of it like it were the bonus round in Street Fighter.
  8. "Serving Summons On Samoans & Tongans" lasted about six episodes. The episode on advising process servers not to try headbutting them had merit, then there was the one about whether you can serve them if they're receiving it barefoot, which was really average and it was all downhill from there.
  9. I used to ride shotgun for my uncle when he did it. 99% would just be telling you to fuck off or just be resigned about it/least of their concerns. Then you'd get the one Tongan or Samoan guy who would try to eat your car..
  11. Answered my own question. Punk MITB cash in.
  12. Has there been a "Holy shit!" title change since Joe/Aries?
  13. How was Harley Race written out of TV in 1994 WCW? He just disappears seemingly? Or Meng joining the DoD?
  14. I always thought Jericho's first one was a rip off of the Ramones' "Something To Believe In"
  15. They were just waiting for the right moment for Yokozuna to join the Hart Foundation
  16. They'd have them doing a John Edwards gimmick where they channel the dead Von Erichs during the matches - the power of the claw hold, taking off their boots to wrestle bare feet, coming to the ring completely drugfucked, etc. Then it just goes a little too far, when they start goosestepping to the ring as Nazi sympathizers, and TNA's final episode is a PSA where TNA wrestlers reach out to those Von Erich kids who "just seem a little down lately".
  17. To be honest, I really didn't like it that much either. My two big bug bears is how Trask not only gets access to the White House. He basically gets laughed out of there by Congress, the next minute, he's in with the Defence Chiefs in the Oval Office just giving advice after the attack in Paris. Then after the sentinel attack, they let him into the Presidential bunker, even though its quite plausible he's responsible for it, given they're HIS robots? (And when was the last time someone portrayed Nixon without ridiculously exaggerated make up and prosthetics?) Really didn't like how little mind was paid to how urgent the situation was and how little time was at hand, but they all just bounced around from the US to Paris to London and back again at will, for no real reason. Even after the close call with Wolverine the first time around. When the whole film is based around stopping someone shooting someone else, and in the first half of the movie, you show someone being quick enough to stop bullets with ease.......why would you leave that guy at home?
  18. Don't think there ever was. Actually - think he might have been legit released not long after the immunity period was over too.
  19. I just found a guy selling a Monopoly board game signed by Macho Man and Gorgeous George.....
  20. Is that the same show that had the first DDP/Benoit match? Because I remember enough smoke in that building to choke a horse. The Flock did a legitimate surprise run in because they were obscured in fucking smoke like Batman. I remember an old PWI article about that match, and how the Flock put a smoke machine under the ring to fuck with them. Kayfabe brother.
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