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  1. What do you guys think of the idea of pairing up Stardust/Goldust with Bray Wyatt?
  2. I think they would have released him years ago had he not had his heart attack.
  3. Just as conceivable that the majority of those answers to the RAW poll are "no I didn't like what happened to Dolph Ziggler at all" so much as it is "no that show sacked because the guy I liked until everyone else likes him wasn't pushed enough " The show sucks but regular viewers are still tuning in to say it sucks. No one's going to blink whilst that happens just as much as nothing happened tonight that anyone is truly going to say that's it I'm done. Whilst I'm confident in their ability to deliver a payoff, I'm not sure where Ryback and Rowan fit into Mania plan. Using Breaking Bad as
  4. I was thinking do the inverse of the Flair retirement run. Flair wanted to wrestle till he was dead, and had to keep winning, whilst Rey wants to finish up to spend time with his family, essentially to not become Flair, or have that opportunity that Eddy never did, whilst the Authority treat him as a piece of meat wanting to get as much out of they can out of him before his contract expires. Have him lose a match at the Feb PPV that extends his contract for another two years. Some promos from doctors saying he keeps wrestling for another two years he'll end up in a wheelchair, and then Steph
  5. I'd like to see Tobias Harris on a contender. Think he offers a bit. Gets hung out to dry when he's their go to guy for defensive boards when Vuc off the court, but a good shooter, and handy in a younger Mario Chalmers with better upside sort of way.
  6. I'd like to see them make an angle out of it by having it be Rey two years running. The Authority are deliberately trying to ruin his legacy with the fans, as they want to get their money's worth out of their contract with Rey, who has been injured so often, are making him show up and in the worst possible circumstances, whilst Rey just wants to retire and be with his family, yet still has X amount of time left on his contract and wants to avoid doing bad by his family. Cue a Gladiator rehash where Rey must fight for his freedom, culminating in him getting his freedom/retirement match agai
  7. Think its more the risk they'd be taking that if he's not ready to work a full schedule, or gets hurt again. At least they had Lesnar waiting in the wings to take over. Without Lesnar, I'm not sure if the holding pattern holds up as well. Its why I like the idea of him turning heel and essentially working a less demanding style. At least Austin was physically big enough to change into a brawling style.
  8. Bryan vs. Cena © Rollins vs. Lesnar - Lesnar face turn after Rollins botched cash in attempt costs him title. Lesnar's leaving but before he goes, he's taking Rollins with him. Heaps of run-ins ensue. Lights go out and Taker makes the save for Lesnar in a show of respect for besting him the year before. Sting vs. HHH Reigns vs. Rusev Bella vs. Bella Andre the Giant Memorial Big Show/Kane/Bray/Harper vs. Orton/Ryback/Ziggler/Ambrose Usos vs. Mizdow vs. Ascension vs. Stardust/Rhodes
  9. Wonder how Bryan emulating the Austin X7 heel turn would go. Aligns himself with Heyman, and/or the Regime, beats Cena again. Turns heel, as he didn't think his neck would stand up to it by himself, but it was about more than him - but rather the entire Yes Movement, the brand the couple represent (Brie being on Total Divas. Did it because Cena brought the Regime back, and better the devil you know, rather than someone who consistently is out for himself. Cena takes a beating from Bryan and Rollins in a cage the night after and goes away for a while. New two man power trip of Bryan and R
  10. I've seen a bit of them this year. When Larry Sanders doesn't fuck it up for them, they're not too bad. Probably deserving as any of the shit stain East sides competing for 7/8. Will get swept pretty easily by whoever though..
  11. Not convinced they'll take the punt on Bryan as the top guy again straight away. Problem is, if they don't have him in the main event, the card's a little disjointed. Could do a match vs. Lesnar, with Taker doing a run-in and helping Bryan beat him, but that would leave a main of Cena-Rollins (maybe Reigns too) that seems like its been done to death already. Reigns heel turn vs. Bryan could be good. Match with Cena could work over him bringing the Authority back. Not sure how you do Rollins vs. Bryan without it being for the title, but could be a safe match for him. Bryan/Rusev could be
  12. That PPV match with Finlay is amazing. Him and MVP vs. Jerishow was fun too.
  13. ESPN saying they made a strong play for Rondo too. Err..
  14. Why on earth would Sacramento want Deron Williams' salary, let alone Deron Williams? No chance in hell of breaking into that top 8 for the next year or so, maybe two. After that its competing with Minnesota and Lakers' eventual star signing.
  15. Early Luger theme always sounded like a Fast Times At Ridgmont High Phoebe Cates Diving Board scene knock off. Its tough to picture Luger in that context.
  17. RolandTHTG

    Fix Every Sport

    Pretty much everything said so far interferes with what is best fit for TV broadcasters, and as such won't happen Agree re: basketball. No magic half court movement, no bullshit take foul after foul, no contrived situations where there's 0.2 seconds left on the clock that takes ten minutes and half a dozen timeouts to achieve.
  18. OH FUCK THAT. Rigged as shit. Two buckets given on court overruled what seemed like months later for the Spurs. Blake 3 to send it to triple OT should have been overturned also. Isn't. Not happy.
  19. Bets on Houston Forgets they played OT in Denver night before. Wastes money.
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