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  1. I really want to see Ahmed Johnson in the dying days of TNA just pearl river plunging everyone and leading a 20 strong crowd chant of "YOU'RE GOING DOWN"
  2. It really is aimed at that 10-18 year old demographic who weren't around during the Monday Night Wars.
  3. Yep, such a pointless aimless episode. So many loose ends to tie up in 12-14 odd episodes, and I can't see it being done effectively, so I just hope they all die. This has Dexter last season written all over it.
  4. Watched Armageddon 08 today. Insane hardcore match between Finlay and Mark Henry. Very well structured match, Henry just running through and destroying all of Finlay's plunder, before Hornswoggle comes out and provides the hope spot. Both guys looked insanely tough through out this. I liked it.
  5. Survivor Series 92. Nailz was robbed. He cuts a pretty decent face promo about being wrongfully accused here, then the Boss Man cuts a dickish promo about him serving his time but should have served a life sentence for crimes he doesn't go into any detail about. Bossman gets the stick first, Nailz doesn't back off, he takes it from him fairly, wails on him, loses it, gets pinned, and then Bossman acts like an even bigger dick and beats him down with it after the match. I wanted a wrongfully accused face turn, but no, Vince McMahon had to go and molest him. Missed opportunity.
  6. There was a really surreal Savage/Flair match on Nitro not long after. Flair as babyface in this was really strange. They really laid it in too, before the flub ending.
  7. Just watching the new Monday Night Wars doco... X-Pac blackface is quickly followed up by talking head Mark Henry telling us how funny it was. Phew. That settles it then...
  8. I always wondered what was with the white spray painty shit on his leotard from 92-94 was all about. Did he take a beatdown from the Nasty Boys, and he was all "Yeah, I'll keep it like that"?
  9. My favourite part was him selling that energy blast like he was dead, then it turned out he was dead. Marvel swerved us good on that one.
  10. So, bro, what all the smart marks don't realise is that Jim Crockett Promotions literally dropped the Spalding on the 4 Horsemen, you know why, bro? I'll tell you why, bro, because I've got nothing to hide, bro, no agenda, whatsoever. This will get heat on the internet, but I don't care bro. So sue me. I swear on my life. Why they made these 4 guys dress up in suits, drive around in limos and hang around with skanks, I dunno, probably because Dave Meltzer and his suck up crony hanger-on's all liked it, that's why. No other explanation. It was ridiculous then, and it's even more ridiculous now. What people really wanted to see with their wrestling was a man fuck a horse on the mother ship. Plain and simple, bro. I pitched this time and time again to USA Network. I pitched it to Spike, and they turned it down because of politics. Anyone will tell you that who was in that meeting. Why do you think Oz is so popular? Why do you think Beverley Hills Ninja 90210 is watched to this day? TO THIS VERY DAY. Because they wanted to tune in and see these good old boys,Ric Flair and Ole Anderson fuck a horse. And they wanted to see Dusty Rhodes and Magnum TA do something about it. You don't belong in this business, bro, if you don't get that.
  11. I remember an awesome Bret Hart rant on Doug Dillenger from a few years back if someone knows where to find it?
  12. Visa issues/WW3 was Loch Ness. From reading thru Herb Kunze back in the day, there was supposedly interest in him, but retired that year due to poor health instead.
  13. That Dave Taylor-Jim Duggan promo has to show up sometime doesn't it?
  14. At what point in time though is Flair's legacy diminished though? Hindsight being 20/20, he should have retired after his first WWF run. At the time, I cared very little for him post 1999.
  15. Nash being the guy to do it could have made sense. For mine, I think they needed to have two PPVs between them, have Goldberg run through Nash in the first one, and THEN once you've established the need for the NWO to reform, have Nash beat Goldberg due to NWO reunion/interference at Starrcade. What's the point of establishing Nash as Goldberg's biggest challenge, have him run through everyone, and then the way the match was booked, neither make it clear that Nash couldn't beat Goldberg without NWO help, or that Nash could have beaten him on his own? From there, establishing that the NWO reform only occurred if Nash was leader, and then have Hogan as some sort of Starscream/Clay Morrow hybrid trying to undermine Nash as leader but keep everyone together would have been a fun dynamic.
  16. What if Bad News Brown doesn't leave the WWF in 1990? (And the Undertaker doesn't debut in that spot also) Could have gone for Dibiase anticipating third time Brown turns on his Survivor Series team and gets in ahead of him. Bad News Brown mega-face ending up in the Bret spot would have been fun also.
  17. 2005 - He turned face against Snitsky before the Edge/Lita stuff. He kinda turned heel again at the end of the year when him and Show were feuding with Batista and Rey. Turned heel in 2008 on Batista and Punk. Turned face some where in 2009 against ....Jericho?
  18. The Undertaker replaced who in Ted Dibiase's survivor series team in 1990? :S
  19. Can anyone think of a time in the WWF (i.e before 2002) where it would have beneficial for the booking at the time to have had Wargames? Invasion, DX/Nation, .....?
  20. When I was 10, I tried getting myself over at school as "The Anvil". Given that no-one at my school watched any wrestling, and I was the only one in my basketball team with a name on the back of my singlet, let alone a gimmicked one, it was just met with confused looks and it was just quietly dropped.......until high school, when I publicly denounced my slave name and would only ever be referred to as "Sunjesh". This also was simply a bad idea. Please don't let me near your booking committee.
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