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  1. What if the US don't boycott the 1980 games, Kerry Von Erich goes on to win gold in discus. The Von Erichs probably don't all kill themselves. No-one cares about Nikolai Volkoff or the Koloffs....
  2. Would have been awesome if Vince had only just gotten around to seeing Rocky 4 in 1996, and decided to try and make Faarooq into Apollo Creed, if only for the mental image of Faarooq making the Living In America entrance complete with Nerf helmet.
  3. If Shawn's the third man, the impact is probably largely irrelevant given that its quite possibly the final nail in the WWF coffin. Who was around that Shawn would have been willing to drop the title to? Probably not Vader. Had things escalated with Bret to the point where he wouldn't have done the job for him had he come back? Does he do a Hogan Summerslam like job in putting over Ahmed, Warrior or Sid in a few seconds?
  4. I'll always remember this from the sleaze thread, if for nothing else the mental image:
  5. I still remember all the old newzboards being certain it was Mike Tyson.
  6. Oh man, I just thought of that post as soon as I heard it. Whoomp, there it was.
  7. Given that they dropped the angle as soon as they could, and seemed kinda embarrassed by it, Gorilla Monsoon. Everything comes full circle and everyone once again recognizes the WWF President as the highest position of authority in the land. There's no "Higher power" than that. Its then explained that Gorilla just wanted to get one over on Vince before he died, given that they let Vince Snr hand the company to Vince Jnr with the condition if he missed one repayment the company would revert back to Gorilla and (I think) Skaaland. They did it thinking he'd fuck up and the company would be theirs. external occipital protuberance games.
  8. By that point no-one gave a fuck about Jonathan Davis either, so probably not that.
  9. Was the Ron Simmons title switch before or after the Hank Aaron incident?
  10. Just seems like such a nothing match for Cena in the scheme of things - Austin/Hall levels. The way they keep cutting to Cena's reaction to whatever Bryan does or the Yes chants is odd.
  11. Are we sleeping on a Bryan/Cena Mania match?
  12. Russo comes out halfway through the match, cuts a shoot promo on Paul Levesque and Vince Jnr, accusing them of murdering Vince Snr, Gorilla Monsoon and Jack Tunney. Shane Douglas and the ICP do a run in. 20 minute choreographed dance routine that sees consecutive heel turns for David Arquette, Mark Cuban, Jared The Subway Guy, the ghost of Mickey Mantle, John Rocker, and the Phoenix Suns Gorilla.
  13. He was a mess in WCW in 1999. That six man main in TNA was awful.
  14. Drugged up Kerry Von Erich debuts on Flair For The Gold as the Shockmaster, crashing through the set, and sending his prosthetic foot flying into the studio audience, scarring dozens of children for life.
  15. Yep, agreed. Punk essentially redoing the BATB 96 turn would be fantastic.
  16. What if Beefcake doesn't have the parasailing accident, ends up taking the IC title from Hennig, and built up for a program with Hogan? Does Von Erich leave quicker without the IC title push?
  17. You ever seen a guy Hulk up whilst giving a dead guy a blowjob?
  18. I really wanted an Eric Rowan/Chris Kaman confrontation
  19. vs. Taker at Spring Stampede is eons better. The two Kane matches, vs. Sid for the title shot, Taker at Rumble 97, vs. Razor at an IYH all better too.
  20. Would like Taker to have come out at the end of a PPV and confront the NWO, ala Sting with the buzzard.......but start hitting golf balls at them in his polo shirt, sandals and golf shorts...
  21. Watched that Summerslam 96 match again the other day. Was awkward as fuck. Vader's not in position for anything, timing is off, and a lot of stuff just looks like shit.
  22. Nah - in the doco he says they weren't serious until months into her heel turn. I've always wondered though - if Shawn or even Taker jump to WCW. What do you call them? Shawn went by that name in the AWA, and it was before the whole rights to character/name/identities thing was really big. Could they have just called him Sean Michaels? Taker a little bit more difficult, especially when at the time WCW were getting sued for Scott Hall using a toothpick as copyright infringement.
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