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  1. Just watched the full version of Survivor Series 98. Such a weird PPV. Commentary is nigh on silent for the majority of the PPV. Just feels like there's no atmosphere at all. Watching Tuesday In Texas. I wish they'd paired Sherri up with Roberts around this time.
  2. Hope the Wizards win this. Been absolutely DICKED by refs here hard at every opportunity. Wiggins going insane against Cleveland also.
  3. Goldberg had just as good matches with Steiner and Sid as the DDP one.
  5. Surely Bret Hart does a run in at some point. Between Hogan involvement and Yokozuna's cousin being involved in the main event, surely he gets his revenge 22 years later?
  6. I hope they do a rehash of Wrestlemania 9, have Reigns come so close to beating Lesnar, only for Paul Heyman to throw salt in his eyes (?!?!) and cost him the win. Rock then comes out and avenges his cousin and beats Lesnar in a few seconds with a People's Elbow.
  7. You know what didn't make Roman Reigns look strong? That double elimination at the end. Looked feeble, and more of a fluke/that the other two eliminated themselves/slipped than "Whoa! He just eliminated those 2 by himself". Even if you look at Shawn doing it to Yoko/Vader in '96, that looked more impressive. That just sucked because a) the other guys lost, he didn't win, b) you give them no spot/comeback at the end for the crowd to even try to get into it, or even to put into a hype video for the next few weeks. Instead, he was about to lose, then those 2 guys got side tracked and allowed him help them slip on a banana peel. Roman hasn't been booked as an underdog before now, and I don't see why they start trying now. I didn't like that there was no end game for The Authority in the Rumble that extended beyond "Big Show and Kane". Especially when you have a character that prides himself on always having a back up plan or whatever (and by whatever I mean hitting a guy with a sledgehammer). Why was Bryan even allowed in the Rumble in the first place? How was Ziggler allowed to draw 30? Given the lack of options, I'd have gone the bounty angle. Put offers of unnamed favours that can be cashed in for whoever eliminates Reigns, Ambrose, Ryback, Ziggler......maybe deliberately leave Bryan out of it, let the other babyfaces question Bryan's absence and how he got into the Rumble in the first place.....leading to a backstage comment being let slip that they just didn't consider him a threat and that they've underestimated him again. Plant the seeds for a Bryan vs. other top babyface match down the line. Give the other monster heels who did eliminate those guys something to do - a screwy loophole for Barrett to retain his title, Rusev gets a favour in putting his opponent in a 2 on 1 match before their big PPV match to soften him up. Bray gets the first crack at challenging Taker for Mania this year. No-one buys Kane and Big Show as a threat in that context simply because no-one seems them headlining WrestleMania. Instead of doing that stretch, why don't you have them lay out Reigns backstage (remember Tenryu and Kabuki doing it to Luger in 1994?) and at the very least justify a shitty B-PPV main event instead? One of the other issues I see as well is that I don't think Reigns has been pinned in a one on one match yet. Either that gets rectified, or you go all in with Reigns winning the title at Mania. Is the bigger story/obstacle for him at this point on the "road to Wrestlemania" whether he can beat Lesnar, or whether he can win the fans over? I think its the latter and the storyline should go in that direction accordingly. Realistically, they can go either way with Lesnar as a face or heel at this point anyway.
  8. You dont believe that do you? People still support Benoit.How are we defining "support" for Benoit? If its "Can watch his matches without feeling weird about it" (and for the record, I can't) that seems a far cry from "Is totally cool with the guy. I mean, people make mistakes, right?"These are for sale. I've seen someone wearing one.Sad but true, that's not even the worst shirt on that website. Click at your discretion: 1 2 If I ever see someone wearing this, I might punch them in the face.
  9. RolandTHTG


    Don't think Nadal will have the necessary match fitness to contend. May even put a little bit on whoever draws him early on too. Janowicz is my smokey in the mens. Think Federer or Murray will take it.
  10. RolandTHTG


    I just wanted a forum to discuss how Fernando Verdasco looks like a metrosexual Tito Santana. Any predictions for the Australian Open?
  11. Hogan matches aren't bad for what they are. Matches against DDP are solid but largely overshadowed by the Savage/DDP series preceding it.
  12. What do you guys think of the idea of pairing up Stardust/Goldust with Bray Wyatt?
  13. I think they would have released him years ago had he not had his heart attack.
  14. Just as conceivable that the majority of those answers to the RAW poll are "no I didn't like what happened to Dolph Ziggler at all" so much as it is "no that show sacked because the guy I liked until everyone else likes him wasn't pushed enough " The show sucks but regular viewers are still tuning in to say it sucks. No one's going to blink whilst that happens just as much as nothing happened tonight that anyone is truly going to say that's it I'm done. Whilst I'm confident in their ability to deliver a payoff, I'm not sure where Ryback and Rowan fit into Mania plan. Using Breaking Bad as an example - complaining about the lack of or quality of wrestling on a wrestling themed entertainment show is like complaining there's too much focus on Walt and Jesse's relationship rather than them making the actual drugs. Or that the Voice doesn't value singing enough..They haven't promoted themselves as a professional sport in decades. Not since Brock - Rock and I can't think of the last time before that. Wins or losses mean absolutely nothing in comparison to furthering storylines - the culmination of someone's journey, someone having their wrestlemania moment or overcoming the odds or "standing tall". Plot devices... The quality of the show is a reflection of an unsustainable content model not what's on the show. Cesaro winning more or Dean Ambrose getting the special guest star Heather Lockyear spot doesn't change anything. It's still a flawed but ultimately still profitable model that won't change until it's no longer profitable
  15. I was thinking do the inverse of the Flair retirement run. Flair wanted to wrestle till he was dead, and had to keep winning, whilst Rey wants to finish up to spend time with his family, essentially to not become Flair, or have that opportunity that Eddy never did, whilst the Authority treat him as a piece of meat wanting to get as much out of they can out of him before his contract expires. Have him lose a match at the Feb PPV that extends his contract for another two years. Some promos from doctors saying he keeps wrestling for another two years he'll end up in a wheelchair, and then Steph saying they'll sue him for breach of contract. End up with some great 6 mans between Cena/Rey/Bryan and Rollins/Show/whoever. Rey beats Rollins that allows him the chance to leave on his own terms - a Mania match against, fuck it, Big Show makes the most sense. Never beat him. Never truly overcame the odds, going to do it one last time. Rey can only retire if he wins. If not, he doubles his contract length and half the pay. Rey wins with assistance from Konnan, El Dandy, Psicosis, and dozens of other luchadores.
  16. I'd like to see Tobias Harris on a contender. Think he offers a bit. Gets hung out to dry when he's their go to guy for defensive boards when Vuc off the court, but a good shooter, and handy in a younger Mario Chalmers with better upside sort of way.
  17. I'd like to see them make an angle out of it by having it be Rey two years running. The Authority are deliberately trying to ruin his legacy with the fans, as they want to get their money's worth out of their contract with Rey, who has been injured so often, are making him show up and in the worst possible circumstances, whilst Rey just wants to retire and be with his family, yet still has X amount of time left on his contract and wants to avoid doing bad by his family. Cue a Gladiator rehash where Rey must fight for his freedom, culminating in him getting his freedom/retirement match against whoever at Summerslam.
  18. Think its more the risk they'd be taking that if he's not ready to work a full schedule, or gets hurt again. At least they had Lesnar waiting in the wings to take over. Without Lesnar, I'm not sure if the holding pattern holds up as well. Its why I like the idea of him turning heel and essentially working a less demanding style. At least Austin was physically big enough to change into a brawling style.
  19. Bryan vs. Cena © Rollins vs. Lesnar - Lesnar face turn after Rollins botched cash in attempt costs him title. Lesnar's leaving but before he goes, he's taking Rollins with him. Heaps of run-ins ensue. Lights go out and Taker makes the save for Lesnar in a show of respect for besting him the year before. Sting vs. HHH Reigns vs. Rusev Bella vs. Bella Andre the Giant Memorial Big Show/Kane/Bray/Harper vs. Orton/Ryback/Ziggler/Ambrose Usos vs. Mizdow vs. Ascension vs. Stardust/Rhodes
  20. Wonder how Bryan emulating the Austin X7 heel turn would go. Aligns himself with Heyman, and/or the Regime, beats Cena again. Turns heel, as he didn't think his neck would stand up to it by himself, but it was about more than him - but rather the entire Yes Movement, the brand the couple represent (Brie being on Total Divas. Did it because Cena brought the Regime back, and better the devil you know, rather than someone who consistently is out for himself. Cena takes a beating from Bryan and Rollins in a cage the night after and goes away for a while. New two man power trip of Bryan and Rollins are chased by Reigns and Ambrose for the rest of the year.
  21. I've seen a bit of them this year. When Larry Sanders doesn't fuck it up for them, they're not too bad. Probably deserving as any of the shit stain East sides competing for 7/8. Will get swept pretty easily by whoever though..
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