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  1. Hey guys remember when Wild Samoan Afa wrestled in 2005?
  2. If there's a better way than saving ones sanity from holiday boredom than either singing Bob Dylan songs in the key of Dusty or Dusty promos in the key of Dylan I don't know it.
  3. Surprised no-one's considered a Poe heel turn in the next ep. No reason why Kylo lets him live, accidentally gets rescued, looks like he dies but then somehow lives although no plausible means of rescue around..
  4. Still reckon this gimmick is MONEY. Have a midgets division, have a guy who's about 5'6-5'7 come in and work a giant midget gimmick. Change his moveset from flippy shit to big guy Andre The Giant type tropes - getting tied up in the ropes, big boots, sitdown splashes, etc, then eventually once a legitimate big guy comes out to make the save, just have him revert to flippy shit bump machine for no justifiable reason at all.
  5. I had a dream last night that I got Tyrod Taylor off the wire, and he scored 16 TDs for 210 points on my bench, whilst Cam got 1 point. I'm taking that as a sign.
  6. Championship Game Came from well last to the final this year Picked Jamaal Charles with pick 2 Have lost Dion Lewis, Chris Johnson and Joseph Randle also. My two starting RBs from last week - Draughn and Robinson both probably out. Beckham probably suspended, and now talk of Cam probably only playing a half against the Falcons. May as well make it a full on Disney film and start Air Bud in the Flex position.
  7. What if every guy that ever died in wrestling didn't actually die, they just legitimately retired, and its like wrestling's form of witness protection/getting out for good from the mob? Every other guy that retired is just working an angle or biding their time.
  8. 14-0. It's a celebration, bitches!
  9. Why people wanted Lawler back from 2002 onwards I have no idea.
  10. LOL, I know why you would have that reaction. Fanfic writers and Tumblr people are going to have a field day with this relationship...if they aren't already. Seemed like a big call back to Ep 4. They want you to believe a Finn / Rey relationship will happen the same way they hinted at a Leia/Luke one. But nothing ever really comes of it despite ample opportunity - continually referred to as a friend, hugs, etc. Whether or not the toy retailers would pressure them not to is probably holding it back though.
  11. Absolutely nothing. They track him down in the last 2 minutes of the film (which really doesn't make any sense at all) and the end scene is just her and him on a cliff edge nodding at each other.
  12. Just saw it. First 2/3 of the film is just awesome. If you don't enjoy that, you had an awful childhood. Then Han dies and its just one big kick in the dick from there.
  13. I'm tipping by end of ep9, Poe and Finn are in a relationship.
  14. Another scenario - possibility of a four way match for the title - Del Rio, Sheamus, Rusev and Reigns? Gives the double plot point of Reigns overcoming the stacked deck and a reason for the League of Nations to disband after they all cost each other the title?
  15. I get the feeling title gets held up on Monday, and we consider this an exercise in pointing out that its a storyline of Roman overcoming insurmountable odds, not being a choke artist.
  16. I have Cam, Gano and OBJ. Opponent has the Panthers d and Randle. I'll take a high scoring last minute Panthers win I think.
  17. Lets not forget the important part of this. JR once killed a bag of puppies with a hammer. A bag of puppies with a hammer.
  18. She put over A-Train once......in 2003.
  19. Have him cheat to beat Taker at Mania, turn heel, spend the summer pointing out that this puts him on the same level as Lesnar/that Lesnar couldn't beat him at Mania. Re-do the Killer Khan/Andre angle with Lesnar somewhere in between Reigns running through everyone building up to Lesnar/Reigns 2 at Summerslam.
  20. My All Star votes? Kawhi KD Green Curry Lillard George Lebron Drummond Butler Lowry East sort of chose itself. Went with Lillard over Westbrook just for how much he's carried such an awful Trailblazers team on his back to relative averageness as opposed to Philly levels of mediocrity. Think Griffin gets the nod, but no idea over which of the 3 from that backcourt.
  21. Yeah I'm not sure about Draymond's game last night. All season I'd argue he's been their MVP - he sets shots up for that offence so well because he's so dangerous outside the paint himself, and teams are always confused as to whether to follow him out there. On the other hand, I thought his game last night was so-so offensively. Epic defensively, but felt some of his shot selections (probably in no small part to Livingston being such a non-factor) could have cost them the game. To stay in the game on 5 fouls for so long and still contribute so smartly though was very impressive.
  22. The ultimately awesome hypothetical screwjob out of it? Vince sells to Disney a ridiculous 9 figure sum. Months later court ruling in whatever case rules that wrestlers are in fact not independent contractors. Disney panic and sell it back to Vince for a fraction of what they paid for it. First RAW back sees independent contractor Raven in a Mickey Mouse costume take a mother of all beatings from Roman Reigns.
  23. I kinda think whilst its not hostile takeover possible for the reasons listed, I think they'd be able to put themselves in a negotiating position to offer ridiculous levels of Fuck You money that not only is hard to say no to, but also eliminates some issues in that they only have to listen to one voice as opposed to the stockholders and USA. A situation where Trips and Steph stay on to run the product also doesn't sound crazy. I think if Star Wars doesn't shit the bed and brings in what would be expected, that would be one of their next targets.
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