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  1. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/7405871/wwe-undertaker-andre-the-giant-secret/
  2. Just saw that Taker mentioned this on a podcast that Andre wanted to put him over. Not convinced. They had an opportunity in 1991 and they used it to put over the Natural Disasters instead.
  3. It only just occurred to me that Big Show has only now outlived Andre the Giant in the past few months. Andre still 3 years more active than Show's career too. Makes me wish we got a couple more years out of Andre and he had the program with Taker not Gonzales. Slightly more morbidly, a what if had Show died of gigantism related issues a decade or so ago. Who gets the Mayweather match? Do we get the super push for CM Punk in ECW?
  4. I just noticed that DanSeverns book title was Realest Guy In The Room. I don't care what promotion gives me a tag team with NZO and ensuing promos of him teaching Severn how to vape but I know I want it.
  5. Anyone else thinking that
  6. Now I just want to see him trying to lug a giant fucking alligator to the ring, and chaos ensuing when no-one can wrangle it, subsequently killing both the town, and ringside children.
  7. Was this before or after Jake was using the snake gimmick? I'm assuming after?
  8. Were II Cool the biggest beneficiaries of Austin not being around in 2000? As if they weren't going to be kick-wham-stunnered after inviting Austin to dance at some point and be reminded these guys are losers?
  9. Where does Scott Hall fit in here? Probably fits the traditional hoss theme, but was so.....vicious without ever really looking it.
  10. Didn't he once expose himself to a minor in a tanning salon?
  11. I'd be up for a Kanemura vs the Sully who piloted that plane into the Hudson death match. Or even just Wing vs Tom Hanks in a similar context.
  12. This. Last episode was one of the best episodes they've ever done. So well written, everything blending in at once.
  13. This. Post-sport shower beers allow for that painkiller type buzz without limiting your capacity to consume more later.
  14. Think that line up comfortably accounts for Simmons, Mills, Baynes, Bogut and Ingles.
  15. My 2 year old has become quite the Nick Bockwinkel at stalling her bed time. Can barely get her to brush her teeth in the morning. Takes a good 10 minutes at night. Then goes looking for her teddy at the other end of the house, before wanting the same story a good 3-4 times. Then another round of cuddles. Then the music CD changed. And more milk. Heard stories of kids deliberately throwing up or filling their diaper to avoid it. Pulls that shit, and I'm enforcing the title changes hands on a count out or deliberate DQ rule.
  16. This Boomers vs Team USA game is turning into quite the schmozz. Think there's only one all-star caliber player left on Team USA after Lillard and Derozan pulled out.
  17. No shit. Could have sworn he was a Jew.
  18. 1) Vaguely remember a Rock vs X-Pac WWF title match on a UK PPV that was somewhat a precursor to the Taker/Jeff Hardy title match. Loved the psychology in that match until the bullshit ending. 2) Your Mendoza line is Perry Saturn.
  19. Didn't quite understand why AEW would let Jericho turn up here. ...nah it's Alundra Blayze.
  20. So many awful people getting what they deserve at once.
  21. Yep absolutely. I binged till 2am. Embrace the absurdity
  22. So you've got Lowry and Westbrook looking slightly displaced. Of course you instead offer 30 mill for Danny Green.
  23. Man, this year gets worse for DeMar DeRozan
  24. Yeah, solid and enjoyable film if not unremarkable. Credits scene most worth staying for. Also
  25. My bad, sorry. Thought Ricochet won the first match last week as well. Fell asleep and vaguely remember AJ raising his hand as Raw went off air. Yeah OK. All in.
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