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  1. All time great episode of LOT
  2. Probably just a case of guys being injured for ages but hanging on to get that Mania check before going on the shelf
  3. Have Golden State always had a traditionally strong Asian following?
  4. That was such a weird angle too - difficult to not see it in today's lens and think Razor was a total heel in all of that build up, total homophobe, and the interactions with Piper made me think he was turning (he would have been awesome as Shawns' first challenger). But then again, Lawler got the first big face pop of his WWF career calling him an outright flaming fag so there's that too.
  5. Who registers on a board they've never posted at before just to spam a link to their own stuff?
  6. So how we feeling if this is legitimately linked to mental illness/depression, which right now is looking.....not out of the question?
  7. I'd send Lashley to Smackdown in exchange for Randy Orton. It's a nice little call back to the last Lashley/Vince feud, but also a good way to take a step back from the racial undertones of this feud.
  8. That New Day promo on the pre show has to be seen to be believed. Fantastic.
  9. I wouldn't encourage it. A fake firing would really further the "your kind" angle big time in the context of being fired for disrespecting known racist, Hulk Hogan.
  10. Strong chance Walter/Dunne is my favourite match of all time. Loved how it went away from normal WWE pacing - Dunne trying to avoid Walter's chops rather than stand there and take them for a cheap crowd reaction, or do something illogical that leads to him getting shit kicked. The presentation of Walter is fantastic, and genuinely worry about him getting a call up to basically be nu-Kuzlov. Main event a nothing PPV, lose, and then be part of a wacky tag team down the line with No Way Jose. Really enjoyed the tag opener. Still hoping there'll be advances in technology that will allow me my War Raiders vs Natural Disasters dream match. Dream/Riddle enjoyable for the story it told, not so much for how they got there. Women's match could have been better. I can't remember the last time I sat through an entire Johnny Gargano match.
  11. Probably gets a short reign as Bryan won't go to Saudi Arabia, and then loses it back after.
  12. Forgot to ask - WCW contracts - were wrestlers independent contracts there too? Or was it just the announcers who got the Time Warner employee benefits?
  13. Angle retirement = Tag match. Make it so, please. Please. Please. Please.
  14. I'm hoping that Angle's farewell turns into a tag match - Joe/Baron vs Angle/Rey. At this point, I'm genuinely concerned about missing my flight home.
  15. My one Mania experience too. Yeah, that was a rough part of town, and in hindsight, those rickshaws would have been worth every cent. Absolutely exhausting day. Had a million beers before the show, and was practically sober by the time we'd walked from central Orlando to our seats. We ended up with a $150 Uber back to our hotel (we walked about 5 miles beforehand) that we ended up getting a full refund from inexplicably. We thought it was probably an 80 fare, queried the route and got it all back. Was super glad the night after Raw was one of the best nights I've ever had let alone at a wrestling show. Could barely move. I've played five sets of tennis and felt better the next day than that whole experience.
  16. Double tap out. Each women holds a belt up. Unification match next night on RAW. Asuka destroys both.
  17. Ultimo Dragon's WCW theme was basically a China Girl rip yeah?
  18. Scott Steiner's tiger needs to feature amongst this. Also, Scott Steiner guest ring announcer.
  19. Doom casting choices? I'm going with Ethan Hawke or Colin Firth
  20. Tend to agree with this, but wonder if they do a "Loser of the fall loses their title" stipulation so Charlotte gets to hold one up at the end of Mania also?
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