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  1. My father is now starting to go downhill during chemo, but wants me and family to come over to London for Xmas, rather than just me coming over in October. Offering to pay for us all to fly over (~9k that he probably doesn't have, and I certainly do not). Small sticking point - flat out refuse to do so if my pedophile uncle is there, which is proving difficult to arrange. Trying to get local police involved to make life a little less complicated, and sending a few anonymous tip offs to his website full of young girls that do not look 18, but the responses have been really wishy washy, "we don't know for sure" type responses. On one hand, well aware its probably the one and only chance my daughter has to have a Xmas with her grandfather and great-grandfather.......but this is something that just isn't going to fly.
  2. When was the last time a big match did the 3 guest judges spot? I remember TNA doing it a lot early on in the Fox Sports Impacts. That'd be a great way to redebut someone, in either the Dory Funk angle of one guy changing their vote for the challenger to the defending heel champion at the last minute, or the Terry Funk version of requesting a title shot from the winner afterwards and laying a beatdown on him afterwards instead.
  3. Surely a <10 minute draw due to both men's blood loss.
  4. If you were to nominate matches where either: a) two good workers simply wouldn't mesh together and it results in an unexpected trainwreck (think Hennig/Michaels at Summerslam) b) a match featuring one great to good worker with the biggest challenge for them to get a good match possible What would they be? For a), I don't understand how Bret/Angle is constantly trumpeted as a dream match - I genuinely think it'd be a trainwreck watching Bret try to work a slower pace, only for Angle to be popping up during every single one of the five moves of doom, and trying to turn them into suplex sequences or Angle Slam reversal two counts. I also wouldn't mind seeing a Ric Flair/Captain Lou Albano match for B.
  5. Present Walter vs 1995 Bret Hart WarGames: 1989 Sting, 1983 Hulk Hogan, 1987 Road Warriors and 1996 Shawn Michaels vs. 1993 Vader, 2005 Samoa Joe, 1978 Andre The Giant, 2006 Big Show and 1992 Ric Flair 1998 Chris Jericho vs 1988 Randy Savage 1992 Mick Foley vs 2006 John Cena The Fiend and 1986 Jake Roberts vs 1989 Ricky Steamboat and 1992 Brian Pillman 1978 Roddy Piper vs 2004 Eddy Guerrero 1987 Tully and Arn vs 2006 London and Kendrick vs The Viking Raiders vs 1992 Steiners Current Day Koko B Ware and Future Dustin from Stranger Things vs 1993 AC Slater and 1993 Dick Slater
  6. Oh shit yeah. This. I'd love to see Jake back similar to how Kreese is booked in Cobra Kai.
  7. I walked out* of Sherlock Holmes after the Robert Mallet appearance. * Asked to leave after interrupting the screening with a ten minute long LETS GO KURRGAN chant that no one else joined in with.
  8. Coco the Monkey not only seems the appropriate next Seinfeld reference in line, but also the answer to the current discussion topic too.
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_highest-grossing_superhero_films Those are some surprising numbers indeed. I stand corrected. Anyhow - I'll revise my point to say that it didn't really catch on as a pop-culture fad, and hasn't inspired a wave of guys doing tribute gimmicks off it, as say, Ledger's Joker did. Having Bray or Finn do what is essentially Eddie Brock/Venom with their respective alter-egos can still feel somewhat unique rather than....inspired?
  10. Gortat > Speights > Muggsy Bogues > Anyone else on that list.
  11. Could be a blessing in disguise that Venom bombed at the box office. I'd like to see either guy have that ongoing struggle with controlling their power/dark side, and slowly being corrupted/controlled by it.
  12. Australian cricket fans are just the worst overall. Piss on about the South African and Pakistan cheating scandals to no end, but make every excuse about the sandpaper stuff. Uncomfortably aroused over "Get ready for a broken fuckin arm" and the taunts to Trott about his mental illness, but the Smith/Archer stuff was overstepping the line (and we'll just ignore the dozens of Brett Lee oops-beamers on Youtube)? GTFO. One of the absolute worst contributors to the fake macho culture in our country. Bancroft is a pretty ordinary test opener, but I reckon he's got merit in the middle order, just not sure how you make that happen. Be a huge call to drop Warner for the third test, especially if Smith is unfit. Khawaja Harris Labuschagne Bancroft Head Wade seems like a reasonable experiment to make here. Or even Labuschagne open and keep Khawaja at 3 if you need an out to bring Smith back in.
  13. I really need to watch that. Loved their Summerslam match.
  14. Orton and Jericho probably both in the conversation too. Even Kane to an extent.
  15. At a guess, Drew over Miz, Ricochet beats Corbin by surprise roll up and gets beaten down afterwards. Cedric over Sami, Joe over Cesaro. Drew over Ricochet, Cedric over Joe, Drew over Cedric again. Owens beats Elias by chicanery backfire, Ali and Andrade go to a draw, Buddy beats Apollo and then Gable. Owens beats Buddy. Owens gets screwed against Drew?
  16. I'd like it to be the Usos. Gives Roman something to do for a while, gets the Usos away from the titles. Could run a multiple month program of Roman getting different guys to team with him. Cedric, Joe, Rikishi, if time permits - the Rock. Could even then do the Rollins turn from there if need be.
  17. Wonder if they'd considered him as sort of the prototype for what became the Honky Tonk Man?
  18. Would it have required that much tweaking to what came about with the insane heel promos in the mid 90s? Him riffing on Joe Strummer politics of that era, joining up with the Iron Sheik and protesting US foreign policy in the middle East for oil interests could have been a fun attempt at expanding into the Watts territory during the oil issues of the time. I mean sure they'd have just paired him with Mad Maxine and confused punk with greaser, but fuck it, this is now a greater opportunity missed than Sheik Tugboat
  19. Hogan and Lauper are celebrated by the MTV commercial darlings like Cyndi Lauper. Backlund was never a commercial darling like Hogan and went and found guys who didn't get MTV airtime. Society's 24 inch pythons of control? RISE ABOVE!
  20. Bray's entrance was awesome. Everything else was so bland. Can't remember such a filler Summerslam. That Rollins match had some terrible psychology. And Nattie getting zero response in her home country was hilarious.
  21. They really tried to recreate Savage and Liz at Mania 4 with him winning that IC title tournament. He lost it pretty much straight after and was an after thought ever since. Did he ever win any of his programs?
  22. Yep, imagine the rock and wrestling war with Punk Rocker Backlund instead of Piper. I want Backlund seconded by Black Flag. And possibly a special guest appearance on a live performance of Rise Above.
  23. Why are they Kabuki Warriors and not The Kabuki Warriors?
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