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  1. Answered my own question. Punk MITB cash in.
  2. Has there been a "Holy shit!" title change since Joe/Aries?
  3. How was Harley Race written out of TV in 1994 WCW? He just disappears seemingly? Or Meng joining the DoD?
  4. I always thought Jericho's first one was a rip off of the Ramones' "Something To Believe In"
  5. They were just waiting for the right moment for Yokozuna to join the Hart Foundation
  6. They'd have them doing a John Edwards gimmick where they channel the dead Von Erichs during the matches - the power of the claw hold, taking off their boots to wrestle bare feet, coming to the ring completely drugfucked, etc. Then it just goes a little too far, when they start goosestepping to the ring as Nazi sympathizers, and TNA's final episode is a PSA where TNA wrestlers reach out to those Von Erich kids who "just seem a little down lately".
  7. To be honest, I really didn't like it that much either. My two big bug bears is how Trask not only gets access to the White House. He basically gets laughed out of there by Congress, the next minute, he's in with the Defence Chiefs in the Oval Office just giving advice after the attack in Paris. Then after the sentinel attack, they let him into the Presidential bunker, even though its quite plausible he's responsible for it, given they're HIS robots? (And when was the last time someone portrayed Nixon without ridiculously exaggerated make up and prosthetics?) Really didn't like how littl
  8. Don't think there ever was. Actually - think he might have been legit released not long after the immunity period was over too.
  9. I just found a guy selling a Monopoly board game signed by Macho Man and Gorgeous George.....
  10. Is that the same show that had the first DDP/Benoit match? Because I remember enough smoke in that building to choke a horse. The Flock did a legitimate surprise run in because they were obscured in fucking smoke like Batman. I remember an old PWI article about that match, and how the Flock put a smoke machine under the ring to fuck with them. Kayfabe brother.
  11. To me - the six man looks pretty formulaic. Two early eliminations for the Shield. Reigns gets beat up a bit, babyface comeback, eliminates Orton and Batista, looks like he's about to beat HHH, sledgehammer shot. Posing and water spitting. See the point in terms of where they want to get to - a HHH/Reigns singles match, but that sounds so much more boring than last month.
  12. Brock vs. Big Show at Rumble 03. Just throwing bombs at each other. Show bumps all over the place for him. Awesome sprint.
  13. I'm not sure if it was that match or the earlier tag where Umaga didn't actually wrestle, and left his partner by himself. I remember Black Pearl taking a stiff shit kicking though. That guy sucked.
  14. I remember the tickets going for half price on the day of the show, not sure whether they made money on it per se, but got very good attendance numbers just the same. ....wait, TNA had a show in Melbourne? Anyway - it was a terrible show, but got to saw a Flair/Hogan match that simultaneously ticked off bucket list agenda items and made me feel a horrible, exploitive human being
  15. ECW loan him money, and take the NWA title as collateral, leading to about 30 guys claiming it in lieu of unpaid salary when the company closes down. Nowadays, you too, can go to Wrestlefest and get your photo taken with The Musketeer and the original NWA title.
  16. perhaps a different dynamic - have it more Dungeon of Doom like than the cool heels, but the dynamic of having this hostile takeover by opportunistic heels who see an opening - Hogan to get advantage of Turner's open chequebook, and then with Steamboat and Rude going down, manipulating Bockwinkle into bringing his friends in to fill the gaps, and slowly taking over and turning WCW away from what it was into something more New Yorkish..
  17. Watched WCW 94 PPVs. They really teased the idea of Sting being the masked man. And he really should have been.
  18. What if Rick Rude and Ricky Steamboat don't have career ending injuries in the space of a month of each other? Does Hogan have a mandate to bring in all his friends? Would the nWo have worked, had they done it in 1994, a few months after Hogan's arrival and hear the negative reaction he was getting against Flair? Have Hogan/Savage/Tenta/Bossman/Duggan/Brutus as your NWO against Flair, Sting, Vader, and the Nasties. Either bring in Luger later in the year as another NWO guy, or the difference maker for WCW.
  19. IT'd be the Cactus/Hammer vs Nasties tag, but the fact that it was a Big Skye vs Hammer match makes it double miracle. You're thinking of Maxx Payne.
  20. That "STING LOVES COCK" chant out of nowhere at Slamboree 94 is pretty funny.
  21. Jericho/HHH over time feels like a contender also.
  22. What's the most definitive example of a babyface thoroughly losing an extensive feud to the heel? Ryder/Kane is the first that comes to mind, but sure there are better?
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