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  1. Really didn't like Nattie botching the finish. She was practically in the ring before the "surprise" three count had been made. Or how Cena tosses the secondary belt around to the ring announcer. Makes it look like a piece of shit. Babyface handicap matches are just stupid. Big E Langston has a magnificent set of breasts.
  2. Other than Tensai, name a wrestler you think would be more popular in the bear community. (Yeah, that challenge has no way of ending badly.) Hillbilly Jim King Kong Bundy Rick Steiner Scott Norton Meng
  3. Curiosity got the better of me. Didn't realise Arn Anderson had such popularity in the bear community. I suspect any Arn Anderson porno would have lots of quick tag in and outs with him and his partner working over the face in peril, focusing on a body part only during foreplay, and the occasional money shot behind the referee's back.
  4. I just went to search Google for "Arn Anderson" and it suggested "Arn Anderson porn".. I'm too afraid to click on the link, but am I missing something here?
  5. Piper did a job for Bagwell, Scott Hall, Bret at WM 8. Not much else. Lesnar - Goldberg, and I think there may have been losses to Benoit and Cena?
  6. That last shot of Happy with the Chinese was possibly the best thing they've done this season.
  7. I'd slowly turn it into an ongoing televised Civil War re-enactment with Abyss as Robert E. Lee, the North being played by every ex-WWE guy they've ever brought in and the South basically being the TNA frontline. This would then somehow segue into John Goodman as Glen Allan Walken becoming the new monster heel to feud with authority figure Martin Sheen, which then leads to Emilio Estevez bringing in the out of work cast of Mighty Ducks in as TNA's version of The Shield. Somehow in between, they put the strap on the Green Ranger. Haven't quite decided whether he continues his current MMA gimmick, but programs with both Meng and Benoit Jnr look promising.
  8. I could see a Youtube clip going viral of this girl eating Sunny's shit set to I Know You Want Me..
  10. Never understood why Disco never made it to the WWF. Would have fit in there I think.
  11. Anyone got a copy of that Dave Taylor promo from an early Nitro from 95ish hyping a Jim Duggan match? Somple yet awesome. I'M GOING TO TAKE THAT TWO BY FOUR FROM YOU AND HIT YOU WITH IT.
  12. Are there any potential heel turns (on someone else) left in the WWE that would genuinely mean anything without sounding contrived?
  13. He looks more King Hippo than anything I thought.
  14. For the life of me, I cannot remember an angle or a match in the WWE that involved the use of a baseball bat. From about '98 onwards there seemed to be one in WCW at least once a week.
  15. That rear naked choke phase from 2001-2003, which evolved into a rear naked choke drop/bomb/slam. Or when guys started using UFC stuff like the go-go-plata until it became Taker's only. Can't remember which one, but I swear there was an ROH show from about 2003/4 where there was a lungblower in every match on the card.
  16. Missed out on the Doppelganger episode of Parks & Rec by like two weeks...
  17. Damn. Yeah, came in to +1 the Bulldog Running Powerslam. Man, that thing needed a dumb gimmicky 90s finisher name bad. I suggest the Bone Burier.
  18. They need to re-book Psycho 2 when they eventually sign him. Have him given a lowly job as a ringboy or timekeeper or something, have a heel call him out on who he REALLY is, and that he shouldn't be there, and that Da Boys In Da Back don't want him anywhere near them because his father was a no good murderer. Despite the better protests of David Benoit, and even Jericho, they won't buy that he's a mild mannered kid wanting to break into the business and nothing like his father. Then all of a sudden, guys start getting laid out backstage and found with bibles next to them. Everyone immediately points the finger at David, but he denies any responsibility for it. He accuses someone of trying to frame him and run him out of the WWE and ruin his dream. The next week they even bring in elderly Kevin Sullivan to also deny he was behind it. Eventually, generic heel authority figure gives David his first match. You see vignettes of him warming up backstage preparing for his first match, talking to someone, who is assumed to be Jericho. David walks out of the dressing room to head to the ring, but the camera is still partially on the dressing room, and all you hear is "The dogs are in the enclosed pool area. Garage side door is open....." before the commercial break. David wins his first match by forfeit as the guy is beaten up in the backstage area. David goes off to find him, as the guy's being loaded into the ambulance, someone irrelevant like a gopher, a costumer designer or Zach Ryder says that they saw him being put into the Crippler Crossface and they swear it was Chris Benoit, man, it was definitely him, he's alive. People start wondering if he's *really* alive. Fast forward a month or so, and it's revealed it's just David Benoit in a creepy wig, pretending to be his Dad. This guy becomes the greatest psycho heel of the last 30 years. At some point or another, they re-do the origins of Taker/Kane with Al Perez playing "Fragile X".
  19. Actually that'd be a pretty cool explanation for his heel turn tomorrow night. What did training all these guys do for him other than tarnish his legacy? London and Kendrick are effectively blackballed from the 'E. Lance Cade died of drug related causes. And now Bryan goes and causes conflict in his friendship with HHH.
  20. Think I'd prefer to see Shawn-Bryan at Mania in theory. In practice, HBK barely hobbling to the ring to cut a promo makes it Foley-esque. Bryan could get a decent rub out of petitioning Taker to ask for his blessing to let Shawn have one more match at Mania (in lieu of perhaps a Taker match this year also). It'd be a nice spin on the teacher vs. student angle if nothing else. Cameos of Rudy Boy Gonzales, Spanky, London and Zombie Cade for everyone!
  21. Just watching the Nitro where Flair beat Bischoff for the Presidency of WCW. The pre match introductions note that it was only for 90 days. How did they get around that one?
  22. So - explain to me here that ending. Was there ever an actual pregnancy? Just something she was fucking with Gemma about? Assuming that either way, there is no actual miscarriage - the rest of the hospital staff are just going along with the whole thing given she's hospitalized?
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