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  1. Have asked this before - I don't think the WWE have ever used baseball bats as a gimmick/weapon?
  2. They did. Remember Entourage?
  3. Pretty sure Foley and Angle had a match on Raw or Smackdown in late 99/early 00 too, when Blackman was saving Angle's winning streak?
  4. Sid's birthday is 12/16. It is, however, the anniversary of him joining the WWF and Barry Windham's birthday. For some reason, different websites list different dates. Some say 7/4 and others say 12/16. I'll just assume that his birth took place over a 5 month period. There were plenty of fist bumps to be dished out from leaving the womb to the birthing suite.
  5. Not sure if that's quite correct. Think he feuded with Knobbs afterwards, and they botched a table spot that saw him wreck his leg from memory. Hence why they were paired up later that year when he returned.
  6. Can't remember the last WWE PPV I ordered and haven't felt ripped off. Generally only order Rumble and Mania these days. Was en route overseas for this year's Mania so missed paying for that one. First PPV I ordered was Spring Stampede 98. DDP/Raven had a good brawl, and that was about it I think.
  7. 1) I bought a bunch of bananas but when selecting them on the screen gimmick I just put 'banana' so it only charged me 29p coz it thought it was just one. This must happen to Pat Patterson all the time.
  8. 12 year old Michael Vick guest referee for the blow off?
  9. Initial instinct is to say Davey Boy Smith takes Bret's role from there on in, and Chris Benoit ends up replicating Tom Billington in more ways than he did. But given he gets canned for the Zahorian thing that year, makes it difficult to see happening. Piper I guess.
  10. This is what the ending to WrestleMania 9 would be like if it were 3 months long.
  11. What if Mike Mizanin Bart Gunn's Daniel Puder at Armageddon 04?
  12. I just got out of hospital - had 3 wisdom teeth removed and dislocated jaw operated on. Needless to say I'm on some pretty good medication. I was watching some WCW PPVs, was falling in and out of sleep, so at some point it's turned over into a porno, and I hallucinated that there was a 4 Horsemen porn, where Arn is taking this girl from behind and screaming at her "THIS IS WHAT A WALK BEHINDER LOOKS LIKE", whilst Pillman, Flair and Benoit watch on. Something happened, then I'm in an ambulance arguing with the paramedics that my ambulance membership is still valid and I don't have to pay, all
  13. The inevitable Gorilla-Joey Marella feud for control would have been something. Throw in the Rosetti sisters for a Marella in every corner Wrestlemania too..
  15. WCW signs the hottest free agent of the time, Raven. ...who then debuts as whiny Jewish stereotype, Morty Goldstein, and immediately starts a feud with Alex Wright. Jeep Swanson is still on the roster and makes an appearance during the one off Belsen Death Match, refereed by Fritz Von Erich. Barry Horrowitz makes the save, and Alex Wright is tied to a giant Star of David. The feud is immediately relegated to WCW Saturday Night, and after using a loaded yarmulke gimmick, both men are quickly released. Sonny Onoo settles out of court for 45 million.
  16. Russo cuts a promo at the 9/11 Smackdown tapings, and declares Kevin Sullivan, JJ Dillon and Brad Siegel responsible for the 9/11 attacks, because they hate him, and he's from New York BAYBEE. Kurt Angle wins the title at Unforgiven, and dedicates the title to Osama.
  17. The Higher Power is revealed to be Brian Pillman. He hasn't actually faked his own death, they've just literally dug up a corpse and put it in the ring. Despite the millions in fines and jail time for all involved, bro, I swear to you, I'm shooting here, it made page 4 in USA Today, which made it all worth it.
  18. You forgot to add the part where David gets the Honky Tonk Man gimmick and smashes balsa wood guitars over someone's head during every match. Wayne Ferris is then brought in as an Elvis impersonator impersonator and he and David feud over who is the better Elvis clone. "David Sammartino's friend from the streets of Memphis".,,,,,these two have a past history! ...Wayne Ferris is then revealed as Elvis's killer. Lisa Marie Presley is bought in for the blow off at WM. Lisa Marie turns on Gene Okerlund.
  19. WWE development signs a Brazilian guy, who is immediately called up to the main roster, as a psychotic heel who runs in on matches to deliver Brazilians to the babyface. His reign of terror is interrupted by Mr. No Hair, No Flair himself, leading to a match with stipulations that if Flair loses, he must re-neg on this. The angle lasts two TV eps of pubic hair related beatdows before Flair exposes his genitalia on TV.
  20. Ric Flair gets a concussion and becomes Carsson Kressley and starts doing Flair Eye For The Straight Guy vignettes, which involve him falling out with Arn Anderson over his fanny pack. A Ric Flair/Pat Patterson wedding is interrupted as everyone turns on Sting (making a one off appearance as Flair's best man). Flair has pretended to be gay to lure Sting into yet another trap. Sting then buys the Blue Oyster Bar, which happened to be around the corner from the White Castle Of Fear (whole another story) and shenanigans ensue.
  21. Savage/Liz breakup leads to revelations that Savage giving Liz an incurable form of herpes known only as "Macho Madness". Savage/Dusty with a cure on a pole match.
  22. Ricky Steamboat becomes a Singaporean gangster with a ponytail renamed Ricky Speedboat. It's discovered that him and Sonny Onoo are half brothers. Noodles on a pole match ensues. They are brought together as a team by Lloyd from Entourage.
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