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  1. Do we get Bryan (w/ Bret) vs. HHH (w/ Shawn) now?
  2. Did any of the Legion of Demolition tag matches (Animal and Crush) ever get televised, or were they just European house shows when Hawk went AWOL?
  3. Fuck it - this is now a Punk/Austin fantasy booking thread. Following up the original idea, you have the next week on RAW go over Austin being outsmarted "for the first time ever", is he past it, does he still have it. End of the night, he ends up being assaulted in the ring by the Wyatts. Punk's music plays but he takes forever to appear. The distraction is enough for Austin to take over and take out the Wyatts by himself with a chair and stunners. Beer bash to end RAW, Punk looks on from the ramp in shock. You go the whole Rocky Balboa path, how the Sports Centre guys talked about who would win the fantasy fight between Rocky and Dixon. Did the real Austin turn up and still has it? Or did Austin get the upper hand only because of Punk's distraction? First match at Survivor Series, which essentially becomes a mirror of Bret/Austin from SS 96. Punk attempts an OwenDriver, but his conscience gets the better of him, and hesitates long enough to be rolled up for the pin after dominating the match. Austin then goes away for a while. The feud is then carried by HHH instead, who after Punk's series of high profile losses to Brock, Rock, himself and now Austin, doesn't want Punk to have the rematch with Austin. That Austin match at Wrestlemania is good for business and better off with someone else. Punk then spends the two months between the Rumble proving himself against guys HHH wants to have the Austin match instead. Clusterfuck ending at the Rumble. Punk, whoever else all get eliminated, Austin runs in with chair, stunners the other guys, eliminates them, and Punk gets the win ala RR 97. Punk refuses the shot at the title, and wants Austin instead. HHH agrees, as his guy gets the shot at the title instead. At this point, not too sure if you go with a redux of "I have to beat you, Rock" as it foreshadows everything too much. But think you end up with Punk aligning himself with Vince or HHH, and beats Austin to a bloody pulp. Last gasp Lou Thesz Press attempt gets turned into the Anaconda Vice, and Punk attempts to do what Bret couldn't at Mania, make Austin give up. Think that ending ties things up. Punk makes peace with the establishment and gets his big win. Austin went out the way essentially he came to the fore in the WWE.
  4. Needs to form a soccer hooligan tag team. A double team move of one guy being whipped in from the corner and then being "headed in"/speared could look pretty cool.
  5. Bryan Adams in any incarnation is probably the worst promo guy in the business. Yeah 1993 wasn't good for him at all - every program he had, he never really got his heat back - Doink, Shawn, Yoko, then Savage.....that beatdown of Savage and the lacerated tongue was pretty brutal for its time.
  6. Was thinking about this the other day. Has anyone ever blocked the kick-wham-aspect to the Stunner? Seemingly everyone is unaware that this is what will happen despite him doing it every week for about 10 years. Even during his last heel run, I don't think anyone ever really out smarted him with that. Have Austin run down and save Punk from an attack from the Shield or the Wyatts or something (that pop would be insane), then after the match, have Punk decline to partake in the Stone Cold beer bash, sees the kick to the gut coming. GTS. End of RAW. It's consistent with Punk being this wily smarter than your average wrestler type, and then you work the story around no-one ever having done that to Austin, has he finally met his match, is he past it? etc..
  7. To the best of my recollection, the plan was for HBK to return the job to Bret. Both their shoot interviews talked about how they planned this prosthetic boot for Shawn to wear, and Bret would "break" Shawn's ankle with the ankle lock and put him out. No idea what Austin does if that ended up happening
  8. That picture of Tyson Kidd on WWE.com atm is creepy. Looks a lot like Benoit.
  9. I think in the Meltzer thread it was supposed to be Hogan, The Road Warriors and.....Hennig? Bringing Pillman in 18 months earlier than they did probably would have made sense, and probably helps exacerbate the heel turn beyond "well....Hogan's here now." On a similar note, if Hogan is coming back to the WWE in any capacity, I'd love to see him brought in as part of the Authority, if only as a device to wind up the storyline. Who knows better what's best for business, brother, than the guy who made the business? if HHH is supposed to be this caricature of what the internet perceive him to be, I'd love to see a similar role for what Hogan has been perceived to be during the late 90s. Have them backstage discussing Intercontinental title contenders or something, and Hogan dismisses say, Maddox's proposals for The Miz/Kofi/whoever else is in midcard limbo, and brings up Brian Knobbs as a viable contender. You can either rely on the crowd to give him a nostalgia pop and a "You've still got it!" chant for no apparent reason that Hogan can then point to as being best for business, or they'll completely shit on him, and they can play him as the deluded self-serving prick. Eventually you build up to the idea that HHH is outgunned in terms of playing politics with the likes of Hogan, you may even get a worked shooty promo with Shawn in there as well. Eventually Hogan's hip is shattered to a million pieces and you do the ending to The Wrestler meets the ending to Poochy.
  10. How many of the Villanos are still active? If any..
  11. They need to have Daniel Bryan emerge from the ocean ala Mark Lewin. Only then..
  12. I went to a WWE press conference in 2002. I opened a door for Vince McMahon and got a hearty "Thanks, pal!" from him. Stacy Keibler and Mark Henry weren't so accommodating. Have never left my air bill unpaid since that day.
  13. Pfft. It was Rick Steiner. Took him twenty years to get revenge on "Robin Green". That text message about the dogs being near the pool? The same dogs he used on Sting. The Daniel Benoit autopsy showing that he was probably crossfaced? Same botched top rope bulldog that he used on Bagwell.
  14. If the WWE Network ever gets approved, what do you all think about them cancelling Raw and Smackdown, and going with new programming? They're both tired and cliched formats, and think it would present a good opportunity to rehash the presentation, maybe even slow the pace down? I see the point in keeping the RAW name - longest running show, blah blah blah, but think that there may be benefits to it..
  15. Hire him, put him under a mask or stupid gimmick. Eventually have one of those Jim Ross interviews that they had with Goldust/Foley to reveal the real David Benoit when the time is right/heat dies down
  16. I'd like to see him given a Sherlock Holmes gimmick as he attempts to wander backstage at WWE events and solve the Curious Case of the Benoit Murders. Instead of Asian mist, he could blind people with smoke coming out his pipe, and I know I'd mark for a loaded deerstalker shot. Bring in some guy as his Watson too.
  17. Badger & Skinny Pete. Even if it's more Talking Bad than Breaking Bad.
  18. It'll be like Kanyon hitting the Cutter on random people at random times in random places. Only replace 'people' with 'his woman' and 'hitting the Cutter' with 'slapping'. The Funkadactyls become Naomi and Cameron Woods. Xavier starts referring to them both each week as "Anna Mae" and forcing them to eat cake...
  19. It's a weird Butterfly effect really. Austin walks Don't get Austin/Eddy at KOTR Austin/Eddy/Benoit all probably feud throughout summer of 02 Probably don't get Smackdown Six as a result Maybe Austin/Angle vs. Eddy/Benoit instead? Do we end up with a small Austin/Hogan program afterwards as well?
  20. They need to do a double-fall tag tournament similar to the one they had in early 99 WCW which Windham and Hennig won. Gives them a very decent excuse to run the same matches over and over again if nothing else. If they're half serious about putting the Usos over as something remotely meaningful, have them lose clean to the Shield in an early tournament match, then give them a clean pin in the PPV finals, semi-Dusty finish only to recall that it's double fall rules, both teams now have one fall each, and the Shield go on to win by nefarious means. Hell, have it so that Reigns had a clean pin anyway, but they count Rollins cheating to win instead, further causing dissention. Reigns gets the Diesel spot in the Rumble, gets blindsided by Ambrose/Rollins and eliminated. Murders Rollins at EC, gets jumped by Ambrose afterwards. Reigns squashes Ambrose at Mania in 30 seconds, wins the US title with the slow build toward him holding both titles and eventually vacating the US title.
  21. Its a pity that HHH shaved his head when he did. Hair vs. beard for Mania would have tied in nicely with the comparisons to Jericho and Edge, and how there could only ever be one guy with long blonde hair on the roster.
  22. You would have had ALL the likes if you mentioned a flag pole being at full salute. Would you settle for a valet being found for the group off Cougarlife.com?
  24. John Cena heel turn that involves hooking up with Stephanie, and Stephanie trying to convince HHH into a three way relationship, guilting him over Kurt. Cena then becomes depressed over the constant "You can't wrestle" chants, HHH then offers to show him some holds, only for Stephanie to walk in on him showing her an abdominal stretch, ala Trish. Stephanie then leaves them both for the two Bella twins, who then form PMS 2000, along with a repackaged Daniel Bryan who is given a Sean Stasiak tribute gimmick and renamed Tofu. CM Punk disapproves of the gay union between HHH and John Cena, and reforms the Totally Straight Edge Society, before tying John Cena to a rainbow "symbol" to end an episode of RAW, and creates an unholy alliance with The Wyatt family, being backwater Southerners who also disapprove of dem gays. The angle then devolves into a "doth protest too much" focus on Bray Wyatt who becomes wrestling's first real Bear in wrestling....exposing the prejudiced attitudes of the locker room afraid of locking up with a gay man. Him and Darren Young form an unlikely dancing duo tag team.
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