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  1. Such a weird flex by Brooklyn to include Deandre in the hype. He's there because of his friendship with KD not because his skill set has been relevant since the house arrest.

    Thor! Captain Marvel! ....Agent Coulson!

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  2. Saw Toy Story 4.

    The first 3 are 10/10 films in my eyes. 

    This was...a good straight to DVD movie? At worst, questionable for why it needed to be made. Enjoyable trip to the IMDB app to put the voices to faces afterwards. 

    Overall, nothing special. Wait till a torrent turns up. 6.5/10

  3. Ah geez I forgot how bad Defenders was.

    Not sure what the problem with s2 Punisher was.

    Iron Fist was bad, but if I could give it any credit it seemed like the only one that actively tried to make the most of the time allocated to it. 

    Luke Cage seemed to have no idea what to do with all that time. So much shit thrown in because dunno, hours to fill.


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