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  1. Evil Uno has X-Pac heat with me. Dude never shows ass for a guy in his position on the card either in terms of how much he takes bumps during a match, or post match always seems to avoid comeuppance when the baby faces make the save.

    Instead of wanting to see that change, it's just "go away child molester gimmick in ill fitting suit jacket". Stu Grayson on the other hand is a big plus every week. Guy takes some crazy bumps and barely gets noticed. Fuck up JR with your dated shitty "don't call me Dick" line.

    Omega and Page is the conclusion to Sting and Luger we never got, and it's really enjoyable and worth investing time into.

    I think theres something in a Cardona/Cabana tag team down the line. He's perfectly fine as likeable yet obnoxious show opener guy. I suspect they'll try to flesh him out as a serious underutilised guy instead though. That much I'm less confident on.

    That MJF promo did no one any favours. Buries Moxley with his shitty Shane Douglas tribute act. Is there any truth to what he's saying? A little, maybe. Enough where people come to the conclusion "hey yeah, he IS a Stone Cold cos player!"...why would I want to see him wrestle that guy then, if he's an inferior rip off thats only in that position because of backstage politics?

    I really liked the callback to the last time Darby and Mox tagged, and the fakeout coffin drop on the ramp. That was a nice start to things. Enjoyable TV main event. Ricky looks indyrific with the presentation but a nice promo and he's clearly trying his ass off to stay on TV.

    First time I've seen Warhorse. Didn't really enjoy it. Think he blew up a little (or was that part of the Warrior tribute?). Agree with the earlier comments that it felt like it hurt Cody giving him so much. At some point we're going to need a quick Cody two minute win, either through lucky flash pin or dominant showing, just to add credence to him being able to continue to do the challenge week in week out without any toll taken on him.


  2. Don't get me wrong, love a good sci-fi futuristic set in space film.

    Anything involving NASA, astronauts, explorations, re-enactment of real life blah. Nope. Can't get into it. 

    "Will they get sucked into space/survive it?" - Probably. Maybe an unimportant lower cast member dies.
    "Will the ship be able to land?" - Yeah, probably. If not, there's a heroic sacrificial moment.
    The end.


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  3. I'd really like to conduct a seance and try and reach Randy Savage to ask him about this, but feel like I'd get him after having done some pure ghost cocaine, and I'd end up with carpal tunnel in my wrist trying to keep up with the Ouija board responses 

  4. On 7/25/2020 at 2:14 AM, grilledcheese said:

     This motherfucking tweet is straight up excellent, even if a marketing team made it happen.


    I don't have an MLB team - I really want to support them for this excellent display. On the other hand, I went to their online store and their merchandise is the worst I've ever seen from a sporting franchise.

    .....Anyone else doing similarly well?

  5. 3 minutes ago, Elsalvajeloco said:

    If we're talking in just a strictly kayfabe sense, I take it as the guy getting the shot at the belt is paid higher for that bout than your usual bout. If a boxer hasn't gotten higher than $25,000 for any given bout in his career, I would say getting $200,000 to fight one of the belt holders in his division would be quite life changing. In that way, it's the closer they've been to a sport.

    As for being in the same spot, I don't buy that you automatically need to move up the card inside of two months. It would rather pointless to create a secondary title then move the guys that he beats ABOVE him especially in two months. You only do that for guys who are super over or blue chippers. I mean Cody himself really isn't involved in any of the main programs due to the open challenge thing. Hell, he was opening the card this week while Hager and Jungle Boy are in the main event tagging/working with either the 1a or 1b star in the promotion. That's not exactly being stagnant especially when you consider they got all the time in the world with someone like Jungle Boy. As for the other people you listed, I like the take-on-all-comers approach for some of the talent who otherwise would struggle to get TV time. Again, getting back to the sports build approach like with boxing, high level gatekeepers usually get the rub of the PBP guy telling the fans, "Hey, we all remember when _____ gave a good account of themselves against the champion.That's why he is getting another shot on television." It gives the commentators some to do a callback on and allow the viewers go back and reference that as well. Is a main event push? No, but everyone doesn't deserve that anyway.

    The guy who ends up beating Cody for the belt is going to get that rub and rightfully so.

    Agree with what you're saying from the pay-windah perspective.

    Don't necessarily believe that they need to move up the card or down or whatever (although noting that Hager and Jungle Boy were already doing those things before their shots), but for a life changing title shot, there should be some sort of effect on their character/storyline, etc. "How has losing this match impacted them as a character the week after?" sort of thing. It's the same thing WWE gets criticised for in having smiley just happy to be here, fun loving babyfaces. These guys come out the week after and barely acknowledge the loss.  And when that happens with guys losing in the main event at Wrestlemania, that will take some time to adjust, but I don't like that no-one so far has taken that loss and used it to develop their character or storyline, even just for a few weeks. 

    From a pure sports perspective, yes, those matches will do exactly as you say, and build them as credible contenders ongoing, but for the time being, not enough seems to be doing done to draw interest to those matches down the line, but that could also just be me not really wanting to see Cody beat a different guy every week for the sake of it either.


  6. 7 hours ago, Craig H said:

    FWIW, the finish made complete sense. The announcers played up multiple times that Eddie had to sell his wrestling boots to pay off his mortgage and he only picked up a new pair of boots or borrowed a new pair the day before. Eddie was selling the knee heavily since Cody's dive early in the match. Dude has bills to pay and can't afford to not wrestle. Of course he's going to tap out instead doing something dumb like throwing thumbtacks at Cody, which aren't going to do anything. His knee is already wrecked and if he doesn't tap then who knows what happens.

    I think that's something that would make sense long-term if they build on it - sort of like the Prizefighter gimmick Kevin Owens had when he first joined NXT. I just hope they build a story on to it, that the loss meant something, why he sacrificed it by tapping, etc.

    The Ricky Starks program didn't really do it, he just had a few matches on Dark and then randomly ended up in a pairing with Brian Cage instead. 

    In fact, all of the matches to date haven't really amounted to anything. How do they continue to promote this opportunity of a shot against Cody Rhodes as such a prestigious career changing experience, when to date, nothing has changed for any of the 6 for better or worse? Jungle Boy is still in the same spot. Marq Quen in the same, lesser spot, probably Sonny Kiss too. 

    By the same token, Hager should be pissed about dropping a controversial fall to Cody rather than carrying on with routine Inner Circle stuff. Archer should want a rematch. MJF has beaten Cody before and is undefeated, why wouldn't he want to take his title?

  7. I enjoyed the opener. But I'll point this out. The finish sucked.

    Not the first time we've had a match where some guy talks up having the shot of a life time, one chance, etc and then loses to Cody in fairly meagre fashion for someone who's just talked up the importance of the match.

    It didn't put the figure four over as a death finish. Didn't work in the context of a self preservation finish either when Cage/Taz did it the week earlier and beat us over the head with it. 

    Dude's laying there surrounded by thumbtacks. At least throw them at him mid-hold? Pass out in the hold? Maybe a reversal, only for Cody to then reverse it back and lead to the tap out.

    Having the guy come out, cut the most fire promo in ages, about how bad he is, and nothing like he's ever faced before, only to job to his opponent's third string finisher without barely a yelp...yeesh.

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  8. 24 minutes ago, Ziggy said:

    I know JR was trying to bring in Dr Death Steve Williams to WWF in '95 to work against Diesel for the title. Do you think that program would've bombed even worse than his other programs and do you think Jean Pierre Lafite would have had the same intial push that he got because of their similar look.


    5 minutes ago, PetrolCB said:

    Wait, are you asking if a pirate Dr. Death would've bombed?

    With JR as the Smee to his Captain Hook?

    That'd have been tremendous.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Web Conn said:

    funny you posted that, somebody on twitter tweeted something along the lines "Moose just blocked me guess he's too busy hitting his wives" so I tweeted back "I see why he blocked you you keep bringing up that he hit his wife" not the most tasteful joke i know but  made it and I had no knowledge of Moose hanging w\out with Chasyn Rance. Then that person who made the original tweet came at me I'm gonna write it out cuz they were upset and it wasn't my intention "I brought it up cuz he's willfully promoting a person who raped a child while being a pos. You got something else to add to the conversation or are you ready to put the foot on the gas and stay in your lane? Let me know if you need directions to find loserville" so i said "it was sarcasm chill the fuck out" now if they had stopped the twitter after the "while being a pos" I would have enquired about what he did and engaged in a conversation but the "directions to loserville" quip struck a chord i guess. They then said I wasn't funny and blocked me. 

    For the record I don't think Rance should be in the wrestling business. And also on record I am digging thie Real World Champion stuff on Impacy but I'm not a Quinn Ojinnaka (Moose's government name) fan at all.

    Homer's version of the party - YouTube

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  10. This Cody group with FTR. Is it better to have Hangman Page in the group or against them?

    Hangman challenging Cody for the TNT title, only for FTR to turn on him, and the group gets established by them breaking Hangman's leg (can we get a cage involved) would be something. 

    - sets up Hangman's chase of Cody for the title

    - Hangman find a new partner to take on FTR (assuming they drop the belts) - or having to convince Omega to team with him again

    - Omega stands up for Page and feuds with Cody while Hangman recovers, or Kenny joins the above group instead. Bucks then have to put their differences aside with Page to back him up instead

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