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  1. 2 hours ago, LoneWolf&Subs said:

    Also... You know, I wouldn’t mind seeing Riddick Moss develop somewhere else. He’s got too much athletic upside to not succeed. He also looks like a big ass Perro Aguayo Jr.

    Has anyone suffered more from the No blood edict of the past decade than Orton?

    Not that he's a blood and gore guy by any respect, but that Methodical (TM) style needs a visceral payoff once in a while. Instead you sit through twenty minutes of stomps and chinlocks for a surprise out of nowhere finish every time.

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  2. Tried watching some eps from 2003 last night.

    Every second or third skit was massively homophobic or transphobic. 

    Watching Fallon call an entire state a bunch of queers on Weekend Update seems so far removed from how super woke it is now

  3. Same reason why only the top guys can do movies and outside appearances, despite third parties specifically requesting them.

    You spend months establishing Rollins and Reigns as the top guys, only to potentially get unraveled by some exec from Fox who read Reddit before the show and decided to pick Velveteen Dream at pick 1 or something.


    ......Ideally though, I'd prefer it turn into a Saudi prince situation where some clueless to wrestling executive type ends up trying to pick Ric Flair, Chris Jericho or Randy Savage.

  4. I really enjoyed the show - best time I've had watching stuff in a long time.

    First exposure to Darby Allin, and I'm a believer. Great call whoever mentioned the Jericho/HHH finish for next week. Hot opener, and then kinda lost its way a little bit. They're doing the right thing about trying to get eyes on their new talent but the execution isn't quite there. I've heard good things about the Best Friends, but that segment was just odd.

    JR bugged me also. The "pronouns" stuff, the Leon White namedrop. He should be above that shit.

    Not massively sold on The Inner Circle, it really seems like an oddly thrown together group of guys that, despite Jericho's best efforts at justifying their existence as a unit, still didn't really buy it. SCU would have been a better choice than LAX for mine. Nonetheless, it's been a fun two weeks.

    I assume they're trying to make Britt Baker as unlikable as possible prior to her turning, if not, yeesh. The women's division is probably the weak spot of the shows so far - feels forced and low rent, down to the throwaway title belt in use.

  5. 16 hours ago, LoneWolf&Subs said:

    Well Arn isn’t even a real Anderson. Just get him to find a women’s wrestler from the indies. Tell her to shave her hair into a skullet, and not use Nair for weeks.

    I kinda just want to see him put on makeup and a dress, and stand in the background nonchalantly nodding throughout promos.

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  6. 5 hours ago, Dolfan in NYC said:

    Alex Trebek gave an interview with Oprah Magazine where he said he believes he "is approaching the end of his life" and will probably not be able to complete his contract for Jeopardy! 

    Apparently his cancer is back as he's had to undergo new rounds of chemo.  



    What is "Fucked" for $500.

  7. 28 minutes ago, SorceressKnight said:

    The problem with Hogan in 1993 is that WWE's traditional failing is that they rarely knew when the right time to pull the trigger on turning their top babyface heel was for massive damage. 

    Through all the WWE's problems- even up to today, WWE never quite got the right time when people were sick of the top hero and knew "this is the time to turn them"- with only Bret Hart in 1997 turning heel right when the fans were ready to boo them. 

    This was the case with Hogan- you could see them being ready in 1991-92 for Hogan to turn heel, but by 1993 it was pretty much set in stone- Hulk Hogan had no place in 1993 WWF as a hero anymore. You had to be willing to pull the trigger on a Hogan heel turn in order to use him past 1993 (and that'd have changed things dramatically in the future- the "holy shit, Hulk Hogan is a bad guy now???" was the catalyst to make the NWO angle explode for WCW. If WWF turned Hogan, then it wouldn't have mattered as much in WCW 1996.) 

    Was that necessarily that they were tired of Hogan, or tired of the same formula his programs were in?

    People would have cheered him against Flair, against Luger, Yokozuna, maybe even Lawler also in the right towns. Instead they paired him either with guys that were even more on the nose than he was (Jimmy Hart, Brutus), against guys they wanted to cheer anyway (Sid, and by extent, Bret) in situations where the case presented for his actions were shaky at best.

    There was just no nuance to any of his stories, or any reason to get behind him.


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  8. Man, 1992 and 1993 were Hogan's lost years.

    So many good things they could have done with his character, instead he went and made Thunder In Paradise, and we're left with nothing feuds with Money Inc and Sid, and unfinished business with Yokozuna.

    - We never saw him interact much with Savage post-face turn. How does he accept him as reformed? The Mega Powers reforming instead of the Mega Maniacs? Hogan being the third wheel to the Mega Maniacs?

    - Similar stuff with Slaughter. Does he accept Slaughter after he wants his country back? Is he Slaughter to Slaughter's Volkoff? Or even Taker for that matter? 

    - Does the Yoko loss at KOTR 93 spark a crisis in confidence? Does he then feud with the younger version of himself in Luger? The obvious Bret match? Even Shawn was taking lots of potshots at him on the mic. A new generation vs old feud? More stuff with Savage after Savage completely shit on him on WWF Radio?

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  9. Wearily decided to give a stay of execution to new seasons of Mr Robot and Walking Dead last night.

    Mr Robot was actually pretty interesting, at least most it's been in a while. 


    Jake Busey was really good. Pity he's a one and done.

    Walking Dead achieved it's usual goal of sending me to sleep 20 minutes in. I may keep it around for this purpose alone.

    Finally got around to watching Black Sails - 2 eps in and I'm pretty interested. Otherwise - one episode into the Handmaid's Tale and I'm so-so, starting to get momentum with season 1 of Mad Men, and I'm pretty sure I'll pull the pin on Legion at the end of season 1 - how boring and pretentious.

  10. 1 hour ago, L_W_P said:
    On 10/5/2019 at 4:42 PM, L_W_P said:

    I've only read a recap and watched YouTube highlights but if I could delete one guys career from pro wrestling it would be Lesnar.

    I wish he went straight to MMA or became a football star.

    Dude is almost single handedly responsible for Vince deciding that "The BRAND is the Star" and watering down anyone who wasn't a locked in, yes sir, WWE lifer.

    Now he walks in and out as he likes, winning titles and doing NOTHING to elevate anyone.

    What was the point of Rollins beating him if he was just going to turn around and squash Kofi? Why not save the MITB case and do it that way?

    Whydoes Rey want to call up Cain? Is he not man enough to step up to Brock himself? Hasn't his whole WWE career been built on fighting big bully types?

    Its the same as Balor going to NXT. Great moment but what's the character motivation for doing that? Is he afraid of The Fiend? Can he not summon The Demon for at least 1 rematch to try and restore some pride? Or do we just sweep that away because "Hey hey, don't watch AEW, we have Finn Balor on NXT!"?

    I mean honestly... They aren't even trying any more. Its just booking for a series of "moments" that get people talking before any serious thought reveals how badly it's been done.

    By the time people are on board with the issues another "moment" rolls along and its onto the next...

    I agree heavily with a lot of that, but I'll counter the Lesnar being the catalyst argument.

    That mentality was well and truly in the swing of things when Austin walked in 02, or the Rock left to make movies.

    Could even make an argument for it being Hogan leaving in 92 or Savage fucking him over to go to WCW too.

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  11. 4 hours ago, Burgundy LaRue said:

    Absolutely. Y&R fans got tired of Victor killing the Genoa City territory, though he works tweener when not heel, he rarely goes full face.

    They may be remedying that--with his recently returned son Adam, who is going to be the new Victor in due time.

    Days of Our Lives consistently ran with the same storylines, always going back to the well with the Stefano vs John Black, sure you had guys get the rub as their proxys, sons, 2IC, etc but they would always be demoted back to who the real stars were.

    You always had minor characters given that Horton and Brady rub but never really did anything but be background characters.

    60 years later, the show continues irrespective of its lack of star making moments or willingness to elevate new talent. Shit, they only stopped bringing up Stefano after the actor died IRL.

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  12. 4 minutes ago, LoneWolf&Subs said:

    Actually, yeah, I have. Sometimes strong characters are hurt by incredibly bad writing, as seen in GoT. When it happens, fans let them know that “so, and so wouldn’t have done so, and so”. I watched Zeta Gundam recently, and a character that I sort of liked turned heel for extremely childish reasons out of nowhere. Wrestling is no different. 

    That's perfectly valid, and I agree with you, but does it take away from your overall opinion of the show?

    If I thought Breaking Bad was 10/10, I'm not downgrading it to a 9 because Flynn did nothing more than eat breakfast, or thinking less of GOT because they could have done more with Rickon.

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  13. I don't understand the rhetoric of how no wrestlers got over as a result of the ongoing narrative of the show.

    Did anyone watch Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones and complain about the lack of star making moments, or how one of the lower cast members didn't get elevated so they can have their own show elsewhere?


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