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  1. Taker losing in the fashion he did to Hogan vacating the title and subsequent Rumble is far better than him getting demolished by Hogan at Mania 8
  2. Lucha Bros draw, Kenny wins and gets the bye. Page beats Colt but gets beaten down by the Dark Order afterwards. Faces Wardlow in the semis. Time running out, Page chooses to let Wardlow win as he doesn't think he's got enough left to beat Kenny. Wardlow beats Kenny and turns face after refusing to give MJF the shot
  3. Its been a rough ride getting there. All the young players given up who've gone on to show heaps elsewhere. Ball, Ingram, Randle, Hart, Russell, Clarkson, Nance, Zubac etc All the crummy washed up vets on huge deals. Howard first time around, Nash, Hibbert, Deng, Mozgov, etc. I remember going to Staples in 2017 for Metta's final game. Absolutely clowning the Pelicans only for half the crowd to leave as the club store was selling everything 50% off. A lot went right for this happen and a lot went lucky. Lot to be done to make back to back a chance let alone a reality.
  4. When you rewatch the Goldust/Hall stuff, its difficult to work out under today's lens. - were they setting him up for a heel turn and to be Shawn's challenger after Mania? - burying him on the way out - putting over Goldust at decent lengths while just being super homophobic. There was an interesting Cape Fear element to it I thought. But yeah definitely faces acting unjustifiably dickish personified.
  5. I think the issues with Mero were also: - they tried replicating Savage and Liz with him and Sable after the IC title tourney and no one bought it. - Perfect leaving HHH mid angle with Mero and it was never really cared to be resolved as a result. - his stuff in early 97 before he blew his knee out just as he was becoming a heel was pretty cool. That was actually kinda Savage like. Then he came back as lame boxer guy. Wasnt going to work in that era.
  6. I remember someone saying it should build to The Match Beyond. Anniversary show match sees Orange have a clean pin on Cody. Dark Order run in and beat down both guys. Dustin Rhodes and Best Friends make the save. There's your Not War Games.
  7. That was some Ronnie Garvin shit with Brodie Lee. Giving him a brief title run so Cody can go film his game show. Not even a rubber match? Phooey. Swole/Deeb was a sleeper for the best women's match in the company's history. Yeah credit where it due. JR was good tonight...
  8. Even as a Lakers fan, watching Lebron get to shout down the refs for a good minute after every call without a tech yet they're being handed out for celebrations is pretty jarring.
  9. Its so fucking good. I can't believe this is the show that makes me consistently cry the most
  10. Its so fucking good. I can't believe this is the show that makes me consistently cry the most
  11. I didn't really like the Nyla Rose stuff during the pull apart. Seemed a bit too going into business for yourself. They're trying to get over a big match on the PPV, and a large portion of the segment is her beating up extras which leads to nothing. I get that it probably sells the out of control pandemonium of it all but it was way too distracting from what they were trying to achieve.
  12. 10/1/94 RAW (one year anniversary show). Recap of the Polo/Jannetty match. Its jarring hearing Vince narrate the recap with "TO FIND OUT ONCE AND FOR ALL WHO THE BETTER WRESTLER IS". Marty and the Kid vs the Quebecers for the Tag Titles. This is such a well laid out match. A throwaway TV match before an already scheduled PPV defence, huge babyface dominant opening segment, heels teasing a walkout. Dusty finish during an ad break. Then the finish sucks. Marty breaks up the face in peril segment by entering the ring as the illegal man, stopping their finish, and then draggin
  13. I'm curious how he got in the door the first time. I think I remember him saying in a shoot that Piper vouched for him from the Portland days, but the timelines don't particularly add up. Not unrealistic by any stretch. Probably makes more sense than seeing him open WCW PPVs in the cruiserweight division and see heel manager/commentator potential.
  14. Agreed re DiBiase. He was a nice change of pace in that he only spoke when he had something to say, and he still had that Ventura esque logic to what he said. He was just constantly bored and disinterested.
  15. 8/1/20 Superstars Tunney announcement confirming Luger can enter the Rumble but in return Cornette gets the remaining 2 spots for Tenryu and the Great Kabuki. Bert Centeno and Scott Taylor vs Yokozuna Centeno is awful. Match starts with some tandem dropkicks on Yokozuna...Centeno's are some of the worst I've ever seen. Barely leaves the ground. Most of the match spent hyping up Andre the Giant's record in handicap matches. Yoko wins by stacking both guys and Banzai Dropping both. Taker promo on the video wall afterwards. They do a pretty good job of hyping this match and Y
  16. Monday Night Raw Jan 3 1994. Johnny Polo and Vince hosting. Dan Dubiel vs Yokozuna. Strange way to book a casket match by having the babyface sneak the stipulation into the contract under the heel manager's eyes. Aside from making them look super incompetent, it makes the Undertaker look uncharacteristically like a sneaky piece of shit. It worked for Moxley and MJF recently as MJF thought he was getting a huge advantage over Mox with his paradigm shift stipulation giving him a huge advantage. There was no huge advantage for Yokozuna to agree to the match in the first place.
  17. 2/1/94 Wrestling Challenge JIP - Tatanka vs Tony Devito DeVito runs the ropes nicely. I've never observed that about a wrestler before. Now I'm trying to think who are guys that do or don't do it well? Rey adapted it well for his size. Taker always looked crisp and purposeful when he did it. But otherwise drawing a blank. JR puts DeVito over here decently. Tatanka is already yesterdays news following his loss to Borga. Its all they can talk about with him. I can see where Pritchard is coming from with the Ryback stuff. Rumble 94 promo...I had no idea Lord Alfred was still
  18. Sure, given it was only the second year that rule was in place, he could easily have been in the Rumble but not get his title shot?
  19. WWF Mania 1/1/94 I dont understand how you can have this show geared to adults on Saturday morning and hosted by Todd Pettengill. Imagine waking up hungover and dealing with that manic fuckwittery. Recap of Polo and Marty from RAW the week before. I've mentioned this match before. Its an absolute banger, but its so not the story that needs to be told. Johnny Polo, cowardly, arrogant heel in his first match ever is having a 50/50 spotfest with Marty Jannety. Both guys take some insane bumps here. A missed crossbody off the ropes to the outside followed by a plancha. The crowd i
  20. He also repossessed the headstones of someone related to Taker, and Tatanka's headdress.
  21. fairly certain advertising torrents isn't allowed so I won't. Starting off with 1/1/94 Superstars. Opening match is Lex Luger vs Jacques of the Quebecers. Jacques cuts a promo on Lex putting Pierre out with his loaded forearm a few weeks earlier. Did they ever acknowledge that Fabulous Rougeau Jacques, the Mountie and Quebecer Jacques were all the same person? Luger's selling was horrific and its a pretty good reason why fans never connected with him as a top face. It was so over the top that it worked in the later days of WCW as a stooping heel, but top baby faces shouldn
  22. Agree with the comments re Orange Cassidy not needing to take the loss. Especially as Matt Cardona is right there not doing much else and would have made much more sense storyline wise.
  23. Realistic yes. But also "wow, an average sized human should put the manlet in a timeout"
  24. also, the Young Bucks bullying thing doesn't work because they're 5'6. It looks ridiculous. Tony Schiovane dwarfed him in that promo. Unless they're now doing an incel gimmick?
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