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  1. he had cool m0vez, he beat up Bradshaw in an airport, he was fun to play as on the PS games, and Head Cheese. Lot of wins there.
  2. I suppose you could either: a) not run the MSG title switch, and have Diesel go over at the Rumble instead b) point out that it was a fluke 7 second win, and that the chicken-wing was still a legit threat c) keep Owen in Backlund's corner, and the ongoing threat of another screwjob, or even Shawn interference. This could even be countered by Bret being in Diesel's corner. For completeness though, I'd have preferred Owen vs Diesel, Bret costing Owen the title, running afoul of Diesel for getting involved in his business (essentially the Bulldog IYH match 9 months early), and then set up the blowoff to the Owen feud, maybe finish the Backlund program as it did, and then go to Bret/Nash in the summer instead of Mabel?
  3. still on a Raw 1994/95 bend at the moment. No idea why they didn't go with Nash/Backlund and Bret/Owen, or Nash/Owen and Bret/Backlund. Having Nash go up against Bret killed him straight out the gate.
  4. The woo-away diet would have been something.
  5. Was it ever confirmed that the Eric character from the Little Mermaid was in fact based on the likeness of Eric Bischoff? Like, didn't he do the stills/modelled for the character depictions etc.
  6. That makes so much more sense than what's written in the original thread.
  7. Does anyone have any info on Lindsay Davenport (former #1 tennis player in the world) suing USWA for sexual harassment, or is it just sleaze thread/grain of salt stuff?
  8. Teddy Long finally goes one on one with the Undertaker. Only for it to turn into a tag team match.
  9. About 15 years ago, Colt Cabana stiffed me on some merch. Waited for about 3 months before absolutely burying him on this board for fucking me out of a meagre amount, maybe $30 (heaps to me at the time, I was a student). Within hours of posting it here, he was super apologetic and said he'd make it up to me. Sent me a huge swag of match worn stuff and some DVDs, autographs etc. Class act.
  10. I'm just glad they redid the Taz soundbite on the Cage opener. (Even if they had Taz do another pre recorded segment that was Krusty level phoned in, followed by his awesome promo on Mox). I still don't rate the FTR truck pull up bit. Aside from the illogical part where they drive effectively from the arena car park to around to a safe area of ringside to rev the engine and then jump out. They're ages away from the ring. Looks just as silly as Cody did revving his truck. Appreciate that it made sense for the stealing the car post match, but cars from a safe distance looks lame. Shida looked awesome tonight. Great way to show her off as a bad ass. Why is Hager still on the shows?
  11. Can't they just give him a quick run with the 24/7 title and hope he goes away?
  12. I still think that rumour was making its rounds way before the sleaze thread. Like I think a few RF shoots mentioned it. (HTM maybe?)
  13. I think Ring Of Hell speculated that Savage was on the booking committee when trying to piece together the affair. She wasn't on the road, so most likely whatever happened happened at his house during booking meetings by the pool.
  14. I've read plenty about a local wrestler who has been quite prolific in calling this out for years on social media, and being incredibly brave about recounting her stories about rape and sexual assault by someone she continued to share a locker room with for another 8 years. Always assumed that the person responsible either worked interstate or even in a US promotion. And from afar, I'm sitting here getting really annoyed/snarky at people who continue to cheer her on with tweets, but continue to be friends with the person, or work for the promotions who didn't believe her. Nah, it's a guy I've shared a few beers with at PPV screenings. And finding out that the promotion run by a guy I've known since I was 13 knew all about it, and continued to book him, promote him as their top guy and head trainer of their school in charge of numerous other women. Now she's sharing a story about a photographer I've known for ages being a predator towards her, forcing her into some really uncomfortable candid shoots. And I get it now. I don't think me unfriending them on Facebook does anything. Doesn't undo the damage/harm, doesn't make them any more or less aware of their shitty enabling behaviour. At worst, I'm making it about myself. Spent the day just feeling sad and angry about these stories, from a disengaged perspective, it's just sad to want to watch this shitty sport that is full of rapists and pedophiles. Now it hits so much closer to home, people you think are OK guys, that I've trusted for decades, would have vouched for. And, yeah, no, total predators.
  15. If you could name the least likely name that you would expect to appear in this thread, who would it be? For mine, Nikolai Volkoff.
  16. What if Linda becomes part of the Reagan cabinet not Trump's?
  17. Funnily enough it's almost identical to what they were doing with Christian last week. "He's retired from in-ring competition, but he hasn't retired from being a man!"
  18. Watching the Raws after Mania 10 leading up to KOTR 94. That 10 man tag getting cancelled caused a bit of continuation issues it seems - the Superstars episode where the Headshrinkers come out and start a face turn by challenging the Quebecers is already in the can, but they're still on the heel side in the 10 man tag moved to Raw, so there's a few weeks of trying to find continuation with them being heels who challenged other heels before becoming faces. The title change is a seriously underrated match - great face in peril segment, they really lay it in, and the crowd are super into it, and very much not in to anything else. Lawler starts a feud with Piper by constantly burying him for being old on commentary. Lawler is 5 years older than Piper. He's also seriously fucking annoying. His promo with Nash is pretty funny where he flubs - calling Nash "Cool Daddy", which Nash glares a hole through him for, and then flubs his own line that Lawler tries to cover for. The week earlier - he gets dropped off his throne being carried to the ring by jobbers. One of which is a young D-Lo Brown. A weird segment where Tonya Harding hangs out with Doink and Dink.....pre-Nancy Kerrigan allegations. Vince and Savage absolutely bury Perfect for no-showing (I think a MSG house show) match against Lex Luger. Savage does a great job of trying to talk up his until recently mortal enemy, Crush as his replacement. There's a pretty good Bret-Kwang match in there. Bret makes his offence look fantastic. They spend a lot of time building Yoko vs Earthquake considering Tenta is in WCW months later. I think they were looking to build to a Chief Jay Strongbow vs IRS match at some point, and the crowd is just dead for him (and by proxy, Tatanka), and it goes nowhere. Possibly just leads into the Tatanka heel turn instead?
  19. I really wish we'd have got Big Poppa Pump in 1994 WWF. I've mentioned how Backlund seemed a "ehh no one else" choice. Steiner would have been phenomenal.
  20. You're talking about the SNME match - rather than the section they had at 89 Survivor Series where it's effectively the same sprint that Bret has with Dibiase the year after.
  21. In hindsight, it's a strange call that they didn't have him go over here. DiBiase didn't need the rub. They knew they wanted to go all the way with Bret, they already had him do the so close but so far ending with Savage the year prior.
  22. Has a PPV achieved more in terms of getting as many things over at once as Survivor Series 89 did? - Opening match, you set up Bad News getting a massive pop for walking out on his team again. Boss Man comes off as a huge monster heel, holding his own in a 3 on 1 situation, before falling to Dusty Rhodes, before beating down him and Beefcake after the match. Beefcake getting two wins against Martel and Honky to build him up for the tag cage match with Zeus. - Kings Court vs The 4x4s is almost a prototype for the Rhodes vs Dibiase teams match at Survivor Series a year later with Savage instead of Dibiase, Earthquake instead of Taker and Duggan instead of Dusty. Earthquake just fucks everyone up. Tag guy Bret hangs with the top heel in the company in Savage. Duggan again tries to overcome the odds of 3 on 1 and goes down without ever being pinned, and then....yeah the same finish before of him getting his heat back with the 2x4 after the match. - Hogan's team vs Dibiase's team - weird one with the Powers of Pain getting 2 consecutive pinfalls on the champs. Demolition, only for Demolition to drop the straps to Andre/Haku a month later instead. Zeus looks unbeatable here before getting DQ'd. DiBiase gets a shitty looking pinfall on Jake, and then looks good in going down to Hulk cleanly. - Rude's Brood vs Rowdy's Roddies - Perfect and Rude come back from 4-2 down to fuck everyone up here. Rude gets established as a big deal with his feud with Roddy. Perfect remains undefeated and gets 3 pins. Snuka continues to be portrayed as a major deal on his return here after a strong showing against Dibiase at Summerslam. - Warrior gets the rub of closing the show for the first time. Runs through Andre. Haku gets a big run through the Rockers/Anvil. Arn gets a strong showing for a guy that's out the door too. All in all, maybe 16 guys look better off than before the show started. That's a pretty good outcome, and I can't think of a show that did better?
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