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  1. Indigenous Round jerseys have been released for the NBL (Australian basketball league). I feel like this one's a standout. Honourable mentions to these as well:
  2. Look, I'm not going to lie, if WWE signed him, and put him on Raw with a Norman Bates gimmick, I'd probably start watching again.
  3. I assume Adolf Hitler Jr has been trademarked?
  4. Well that's as good a place as possible to prepare for the days' work ahead.
  5. I'm enjoying Lebron absolutely schooling Doncic tonight, but this is the worst officiating I've seen in a long time. Almost a parody. I hope Carlisle doesn't get a fine. Has Lebron had a call against him tonight?
  6. I hope they just drop the Nightmare Collective and Welfare Queen shows up without explanation.
  7. That belt seems based on the DDP taped ribs gimmick
  8. Yeah, Daniels still trying to be a cool babyface has probably hit mid 90's Rock N Roll Express levels. Or 2005 Chris Jericho.
  9. https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2020/01/wwe-hall-of-famer-sgt-slaughter-being-accused-of-stolen-664615/
  10. Dark Order sucks because there's so many guys on the roster still establishing their identities, where no-one that matters will join them to make them worth a pinch of shit. Nightmare Collective not only has this issue, but then they end up being paired with no-one else worth a pinch of shit either.
  11. Years of Ben booking has me convinced the Dark Order is going to be led by Colonel Parker.
  12. For someone who portrays himself so woke, he's pretty keen on the casual sexism and homophobia in his angry tweets too.
  13. And since getting beat by Rollins a heap this year, he's now just another guy again, irrespective of that. Assuming that the goal is for someone to go over Lesnar at Mania - it has to mean something. It didn't last year.
  14. Ideally Brock wins and goes through all 29 guys. It'd be a spectacle if nothing else and probably goes a long way toward re-establishing Brock as "not just another guy". Especially if you get down to the last guy being eliminated having him dead to rights, but getting screwed over, leading to him getting the shot at Mania anyway
  15. I live about 90 minutes from the main bushfire zone. Rained all of Monday, last two days have been somewhat cold/huge drop from the usual 35-40 degrees at this time of year. Cue every tinfoil hatter deciding that this isn't such a big deal and part of the green agenda or whatever. If anything, it's made conditions worse - too muddy for firetrucks to get through certain areas, and not hot enough for fires to backburn. Drove to my boss's house yesterday as trains out my way are cancelled over holidays. Couldn't believe how smoky it was. Our area isn't great, you can still see it/we don't let our cat outside as he comes back in smelling like he's just gone through 2 packs before lunch. 30 minutes closer to the fire, and you couldn't see shit past maybe 20 metres away. Great choices for donation targets too.
  16. Warrior getting fired (twice). Jake getting fired. Vince losing faith in Flair. Hogan and Piper not sticking around. Bulldog getting fired. Bret nearly going to WCW. Sid getting fired. Jannetty's issues.
  17. I don't think any other year in wrestling had so many misses on all time great moments or matches that could have been than 1992. Still a very underrated year and a real changing of the guard one at that.
  18. How has Allen avoided concussion protocol?
  19. I like Craig's suggestion in the earlier thread. I want Arn to be paired up with Private Party.
  20. I really enjoyed the Morning Show a lot more than I expected. Probably not a great idea to watch it concurrently with the US Office and see Michael Scott, sexual predator everywhere.
  21. Surely Maxel Hardy has a title or two somewhere?
  22. Panthers interviewing Beiniemy. First option that's actually made me feel optimistic. Please not Mike McCarthy.
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