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  1. I'm hoping for Doug Williams to be in the tournament. And I'm more interested in London & Kendrick as a team than as opponents.
  2. Or:4. Mass Effect sounded really appealing this weekend.
  3. I know some people predicted a Sandow win, but I didn't see it happening. Neither did I see Orton winning.
  4. It seems WWE put him in a role where he think he's funny and no one else does. Probably to try and bury him because Vince doesn't know funny. But it's gonna backfire because Brad's gonna be awesome in that role.
  5. How can we stop Daniel Bryan's momentum? Have him feud with Curtis Axel.
  6. I'm gonna assume Hooker types it so often that his phone added it to autocorrect.
  7. Ahem, "Bartlet". One T. Don't ever make that mistake again or I'll kick you off here like it's LemonLyman.com
  8. I just got done serving jury duty... Which may support your point. But I liked it!
  9. The World Title MITB match is completely unpredictable. If I had to put money down, I think I'd go with Wade.
  10. Glad that everyone who was predicting riots turned out to be not having enough faith in Americans.
  11. You guys would like WWE a lot more if you watched it all on DVR and fast forwarded through the shit. There is some really good stuff going on now.
  12. Seasons 5 & 6 took all the humor out!
  13. Oh yeah, I forgot about that whole Toby thing. That was balls.
  14. As the guy who's usually on the other side as Victator, I'll say this: I don't think he should be banned. At all. I just wish he could tone down the rhetoric. Believe it or not, I think he's a smart guy and I'd like to be able to discuss these things with a smart guy who doesn't see the world in the same light as me. But discussion is impossible when you just come out of the gates calling everyone names and hating everyone who disagrees with you.
  15. Damnit. My first double-post on the new board.
  16. I'm so far behind on Daredevil it's insane. And he's probably my favorite fictional character ever.
  17. A lot of them are lying. Because when you're in wrestling, everyone has to pretend they hate wrestling. It bugs the fuck out of me. We do a shitty job of defending our business.
  18. As a Sorkin fan, the Newsroom breaks my heart. It's really bad.
  19. Woah. That kid from Glee died. http://m.tmz.com/#Article/2013/07/13/cory-monteith-dead
  20. It does get better when the new campaign starts, but never reaches the Sorkin years.
  21. ACH is really something special. I could watch him all day.
  22. Yep. Time for the whole clan to get the fuck off TV, move somewhere else, as change their name and appearance. Even if he is "not guilty", gloating looks goddamn awful. You're a free man, now GO AWAY.
  23. Boy, if I ever am calling for someone to be "gutted" based on rationale this simplistic, I hope someone calls me on my insanity.
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