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  1. I’m in on the notion of this episode having a Takeover feel.  It’s no coincidence that there was yet another stellar Revival match on the show and a main event with a betrayal angle tacked on at the end.  Yep sounds like NXT to me.  Don’t mind if I just go ahead and agree with myself. 

    I liked Punk/Joe a lot more than I thought I would.  I kind of was betting on one of them getting hurt early and fucking everything up.  Nice lil Owen roll to get the win.

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  2. STING is the fucking MAN!

    The dude continues to just give it up for the crowd.  

    So glad he is hanging around.

    As with Forbidden Door it was hard for me to enjoy this show because I’m sick as a dog with zero attention span.   I think my sinuses want me to drown on dry land.

    AEW however continues to have a lot of credit to spend with me as even their lesser shows don’t really offend me.  This was probably one of those on a macro level.  But the calm before the storm has us aiming toward what should be a couple of the biggest shows in the companies short history.  Hopefully, the build will get us there nice and comfy.

    I love you AEW.  Send meds.



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  3. 1 hour ago, John from Cincinnati said:

    What's going on with The Idol? HBO ending a six episode series after five episodes is new. 

    That shit's getting thrown into the write-off volcano in two months MAX. 

    Ugh!  I’ve hate watched this pile of shit.  Send it to the volcano.

  4. Nigel sure is planting some seeds on this show.  Between him and Kelly reminiscing over Nigel’s ROH title run and referring to Bryan as a “pasty clam digger” in the FD rundown.  Nigel also pushed the similarities of him and Andrade’s injuries.  Getting Nigel a big moment would put a big bow on a huge part of my 2006/7 ROH obsession.  The entrance at Wembley alone might might make this blackhearted old man roll a tear.  

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  5. Anyone got a boo boo so bad that a check with a bunch of ZEROS can’t fix it?  Nope.  You don’t.

    While I wasn’t with Punk after the scrum.  I am with him with the “let’s get over it” attitude.  AEW HAS TO make their money off Punk now while they can. Multiple injuries and the clock running out on how much time Punk has left and they need to hit the gas.

    Good returns overall.  Plus a double injury in match story you don’t see every day.  


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  6. Just got done watching Gage/ZSJ.  It’s a pretty good match considering last time I saw Gage.  He didn’t look like he was getting around too well.  He looked a lot better this time.  ZSJ was game for the nastiness of doors, chairs, and thumbtacks.  

    I’ve watched a fair amount of GCW this past year.  They’re fairly reliable.  

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  7. Hey Tony,

    It’s me.  Bones.  I know you’re reading this. 

    Great show, Bud.  That ironic Eddie spot with the belt was THE shit.  Kudos, credit, and points.  What a finish.  Was that the best time limit draw?  Rare to go for that finish and actually succeed in it being satisfying.  

    I’d maybe rethink having MJF going in the crowd and making contact.  If it’s not a plant it’s a bad idea.  

    I’m probably going to hang on this match for awhile like I did for that Rollins/Neville title match.  If this shit ever gets an archive it’ll be this dark horse match that new fans 10 years from now can get a surprise from. 

    I saw that Punk advert and immediately had an irritated reaction.  I’m mad at him and it’s completely irrational.  

    Sammy makes me smile.  Sure, he is a big dope man boy.  But we are watching him grow up on tv.  Get a beard when the kid gets here.  Never wear a t-shirt on tv ever again.  Go ask Cody for some suit advice.  No.  Fuck that.  Ask Wardlow.  This is a good time to separate Sammy from Jericho.  

    Adding Darby and STING to the mix was performed flawlessly by all four guys.  But little did we know it was all a ruse to jump start the 8 Man Tag Entrances.  Smooth.

    Took me awhile to figure out what Brian Cage was doing with his STING tribute gear.  Another really enjoyable match that made me glad to see the Embassy.  This has never been a thing before.  

    Skye sure has come a long way.  She reminds me of AJ Lee when she was still new on tv.  Toni Storm is hitting a stride.  Willow was looking super cute.  Come to Butt-Head.  

    I think keeping Bryan on the mic the last few weeks is a skillful move.  We ARE getting the Okada match.  One fucking way or another. That is all that matters.  

    I’d imagine after the subplot of Yuta catching a loss again will get him some shit.  

    I am pleased.

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  8. 4 hours ago, Salads said:

    Haven't seen All Together but Kevin has done the same with New Japan talents like Yujiro in the past. So if there was company bias throughout the show then ignore me but otherwise could be mainly a) our audience are smart enough that if we put over certain talents it hurts our credibility more than it helps the talent with a sprinkling of b) it's ok for one or two names on a roster to suck, and sometimes sucking is a better gimmick than anything else they have going for them.

    Fair point.  I didn’t get a chance to watch the entire show to see if there was some further context.  Because I do like the team of Kelly and Carlton.

    That being said.  I’d be surprised if Yujiro’s grandma wouldn’t bury him on commentary too.

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  9. “A HUSH comes over the crowd… with Yoshitatsu on offense.” - Kevin Kelly during the match with Shooter.

    I admit I laughed.  But I wonder how much piss and vinegar was actually applied there.  So I’ll give the benefit of the doubt.  But it’s not a great look to be “All Together” and have your commentary team (no matter how backhandedly) burying your partners.  

    Then again Yoshitatsu does kinda suck.  

  10. 3 hours ago, SirFozzie said:

    I can't see KENTA vs CM Punk. You know neither side are going to budge on winning the match.

    I don’t listen to Cornette anymore.  But if I could borrow his “two dogs fucking on the side of the road” analogy.  I would apply it here.  

  11. Brother Zae makes me laugh.  More. MORE!  MOARRRR!

    So Punk in a Trios match gets a lot of work done while spending very little credit.  You get a Main Event and set yourself up for couple of future matches in Punk/Joe, FTR/BCG.  Great.  So does that mean no Punk promo?  Lol

    Do you hold it off?  

    Loved every second of the Cole/MJF promo battle and I like that we aren’t just going to get more of the same next week.  I didn’t really like Coles performance against Hangman but I think he carried himself much better here as a contender.  Here Coles promo was a counterpoint without trying to match the nastiness as the undercurrent of his character is he is a rehabbing heel.  But nothing he said or did was a back step and even got on the scoreboard by successfully baiting the overconfident champion.  

    I mentioned last week that AC needs to project more “I’m going to outsmart you” rather than “I’m going to overwhelm you with an ass kicking”.   It was something like that anyway.  But this was a step in the right direction to sell this match.  

    Man that tag tornado fucking brought it.  The Hot Boy Express I had kinda written off because I thought AEW had written it off.  Give ‘em Yoshi and Goto.

    Somehow I managed love another OC title defense.  I was convinced Swerve was taking it before hand and actually was somewhat baffled when it didn’t happen.  Like I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Cassidy is my WOTY at this point.  

    Chefs kiss to the Konosake/Callis segment.  It’s the kinda storyline that makes it ok to be a mark.

    Count me in on the positive Anna Jay feedback.  She got way more right than wrong.  Her offense was really smooth.  But I still have nightmares about that powerbomb off the stage while back.  They were very comfortable working with each other so maybe some ring general points for Stat too.

    There sure is a lot to look forward to in AEW.  Interesting times.

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  12. Well I guess the next title shot ain’t going to Adam Cole.  Not that it matters.  Orange Cassidy is the next challenger any way.  

    The Jericho spinning the wheel to make the deal when he came up with this finish.  Yeah.  A ref stoppage isn’t something you see everyday.  I get why coming up with that might be motivating.  It’ll help stand out in a show crowded with battle royals, ladder matches, 4 Ways and a gang brawl.  But at least put that fucking chain in your fist if that’s how you want to get there.  It’s still not great even then.  But Adam Cole is a smaller guy who should be a big brain character who outsmarts and pulls rugs out from underneath.  

    Enough bitching.  That 4 Way ruled.  They didn’t toss away the money angle and I thought enhanced it by putting expected father Sammy on the spot like that.  So many callbacks and group sequences.  It was wild.  I loved every second of it.  You can tell MJF likes these guys and really was looking to elevate them and his rep as a general.

    I also like how even though AEW doesn’t go too far out of its way to mention WWE as a policy.  They refuse to abandon its own continuity with characters that aren’t there any longer.  

    Anarchy was a blast.  Bare foot in the thumbtacks.  Don’t make me retype it.  Just read it again.  Over and over.  Great googily moogily that fucks my shit UP!  I liked the in ring stuff better than the crowd brawling.  But still an all timer.  Giving Yuta the win and getting props from his crew really hits with me.  

    I think Jade/Taya was an unexpected contender.  Very good and exceeded my expectations.  Plus the morality play of not running your mouth (actually it was Mark that did the mouthing) and getting what you deserve.  Welcome back Stat.

    I love you AEW.  




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  13. IF there are attribute sliders to be adjusted.  That might be away to cure the “match came to an end on a weak move dilemma”.

    Or so it was in my simfed back on 2K18.  A title changed hands on a weak ass kick to the leg to get a pin.  Those early days of the fed were kinda rough.  Fuck that noise.

    Ultimately, when I buy the game it’s trial and error until it starts cranking out some good matches.

  14. I have to wonder if there are any plans for a tv run for that “Marvels” mini series.  The one that’s all big Marvel moments but through the lens of regular citizens.  They came out right after I stopped collecting so I might have the concept wrong.  


    I don’t pay much attention to ComicCons or entertainment news.  So if one has already been announced well fuck me I guess.  

    I think there has already been a bit of lip service given to this idea with how some of the Netflix shows winked at “The Incident”.  Or Kate Bishops flashback.  

    But an anthology with one week a gumshoe reporter and next week the guy from the deli that gives Peter Parker shit all the time. That neighborhood square where all the New Yorkers yell out the windows at each other and how ask they’re mothers are doing.

    You know how people just yearn for the credibility of a straight laced drama these days.

    Just go get the writers from Black Mirror to…

    Oh right.  Shit.

  15. 8 hours ago, DreamBroken said:

    No description available.

    Jack Perry earns the respect of RUSH.  I dig it.

    Fuck yeah.  Very clever.

     I was kinda with that bit of editorializing that was saying that Jack got his lunch ate this week.  But that endorsement turns it in its head.  

    NOW when everyone in the 4 way beats the brakes off of him and he looks like a LOSERballs.  Him breaking through the glass ceiling out of the muck with a loud crash could paint a fiery baby face underdog.  

    That doesn’t mean you give him the title.  But “you’ll get him next time”. 

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  16. Christian vs MJF is intriguing to me because AEW has already flirted with the idea of a face Max.  Those Long Island shows are watched by the nationwide audience.  The seed is kinda planted.  

    MJF really wouldn’t even have to change anything about his character.  You set up for the match as a home game in LI.  But the only difference in build up is we are just given a reason to take his side in this particular issue.  Maybe Max could sorta adopt the tone of those Arn promos during those rare occasions where the Horsemen were faces.

    ”Be careful what you ask for!  We aren’t nice guys!”

    Then the week after it’s back to fuck you and saber rattling.

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  17. I almost liked the opening segment.  But for me the weak brawl kinda killed it.  At least they masked the Killswitch with a good camera angle cuz I’m betting a different angle wouldn’t have looked at all good.  Wardlow short promo later on was fine.  A ladder match certainty raises the stakes a bit.  But I feel Wardlow is going to HAVE TO steal the show to get something going.  I have doubts but who knows?  Christian is awesome.  I think I’m going to start dressing like him.

    Weird that it’s a current Cassidy vs. a former Cassidy in the tag.  I almost didn’t know who Excalibur was calling when the Orange Punch hit.  

    Sammy squash?  Not a bad booking idea in this moment.  He isn’t winning the belt.  

    I’d like to award a single point to the AEW production team as the video promos are top notch.  They summarized the story of the 4 Way and the dynamic and history of the guys perfectly.  They know they have a harder sell on this match and are doing the work.

    The TNA Invasion Angle was the fucking dogs bollocks.  I’ve heard that not only means good but REALLY good.  Correct this ugly American if I’m wrong.  Big Singh continues to low key win my heart as an act.

    I kinda also like how multiple yet brief promos are a good way to stretch the taffy on a talent without as much pressure on them to hold up a big “sell the match” monologue.  It’s efficient.  Sammy was the better for it.

    Is there any question at this point that Ruby is much better being in AEW than WWE?  She has a really good platform and the promos have delivered.  Match of the Night for me was the Women’s tag.  Storm Zero is rugged.  

    The people still love Judas.  Great brawl.  Good to see Roddy get a big win.  Jericho has to be the biggest star he has beaten, right?  

    I like Don.  I like the Elite reunion.  I have watched BTE since before the RAW “invasion”.  This was a pay off for me.  

    We all know the beefcake painting WILL resurface somewhere throughout this.  Probably being bashed over Dons head.  Glorious.


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  18. I’m pulling from memory here.  But I vaguely recall a quote from Hogan that goes a long way back in regards to a match/fight with Tyson.

    Something along the lines of:  Tyson wouldn’t win because “he would never hit me that many times.”  Baffling.

    I want to say it was from my local newspaper.  But at this point it might have been an Apter mag for all the good my memory is.  

  19. I’ve been waiting a long time for Swerve/Lee.  

    Even longer for a big Christian match.

    I’m also going to bet that even if the week to week build of the 4 Way doesn’t impress you… The match most certainly will.  Barring a random bum out legit injury.  This match is going to rule all the butts.  I also like how unlike any other typical championship program it is.  It’s coloring outside the lines of established main event formula with 4 dudes who have been prepped for this scenario since the beginning.  This is the pay off to the entire concept of the new company/fresh original talent pillars thing.  What if they ALL walk out made men?  

    Even fantasy booking would have to recognize that’s a tall order.  I admit.  But AEW does like keeping a high bar on quality.

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  20. I broke my WWE fast to see this crowd.  It’s interesting to me how this year seems to be the time when under appreciated markets like the UK and PR are finally getting some attention. 

    I kind of dug the brevity of Brock/Cody.  But um… didn’t I hear they had a thing about blood these days?  You can never keep that straight with WWE.  I mean for me personally.  Whatever.  I couldn’t give a fuck about the ethics of bleeding in matches hardway or otherwise.  But did Lesner have a gimmick in the corner he could run his head into to get the juice?  His hand movements didn’t suggest a manual.  My AEW eyes make it impossible for me to NOT still see Cody as an AEW act.  

    I really liked Rhea Ripleys act.  She is a total package and feel she could be the face of the company to supplant Roman.  I’ve missed so much of her evolution over the last few years.  But whatever she is doing?  Do more of that.

    So if Dom is a total simp for the Mami character.  Has it at all been suggested that they’ve actually fucked in kayfabe?


    While I understand the thought process in the light that’s shed on the locker room if famous people keep coming in and stealing the show.  I’d also say it’s a bit of a trade off for whatever penetration it gets you into other fanbases and demographics.  I’m sure Priest isn’t too upset about having his name spoken about in association if Bunny’s music stats and cred are to be believed.   Priest is another guy that’s come up since I stopped watching and he looked like a total star.

    I also think it’s novel and not unwelcome for the fed to actually show respect to the territory they are visiting.  Something they spent a lot of time forgetting to do.

    Rats off to them.

    EDIT: I too would pay to see that rat faced hack Billy Joel get pleather beat out of him.

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