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  1. I saw the David Starr match from an OTT recently and he won me over. But I skipped the Blackpool show. So I’m definitely going to run back to check it out.
  2. Pretty fun show. Loved the 7 man tag. That Jordan Devlin fellow has a lot of upside. He’s like night and day from his blip on the radar in the UK tournament a couple years ago.
  3. Another really good episode. I love this Woman’s Division. But in wondering out loud. Does Ripley win it right away or does this have the legs for a long term chase? I’d hate for a first shot loss at the title take the wind out of her sails. I might answer my own question thinking that Ripley is a baby face but not an underdog baby face.
  4. I love The Dark Order. Hopefully my grandparents wont disown me.
  5. Good grief... this game. I have a very different criteria for what compel me to buy a wrestling game since I don’t really play them. I use the ones I’ve bought to run my simfed with my buddies. So every year when I read reviews and feedback. I’ve often taken it with a grain of salt as it concerns listing the negatives because for me they often don’t apply. But wow do some of the videos I’ve seen talk me out of buying this bullshit attempt at a game. Which is too bad. In the simfed, I’ve got a character that is categorized as sort of a magical Undertaker type. So some of those gothic hellscape arenas might have served my purposes just fine. Booooooo! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6H98nXl3YOcRlxL7iVk_Pg
  6. I like Mauro because of his passion. Something the other WWE announcers have lacked since JRs heyday.
  7. It’s probably a confidence thing. Rationalized by some guys that have wrestled in huge venues and small venues. So they figure they can squeeze a dive into any space without an issue. That ringside area should be a bit bigger for those attempts.
  8. I very much liked this show. My shins are terrified of guardrails. But I very much liked this show. Loved The Judas Effect tonight. Which is better. Angelico and Evans are my favorite tag team. I didn’t miss Moxley.
  9. There was a time when it seemed you couldn’t have a match without one.
  10. The update has killed my LG TVs WWE app. It signed me out AND the new interface doesn’t allow me to sign back in. I pivoted to getting the app on my PS4. Saul Goodman. But still weird lame.
  11. I had similar thoughts and feelings on this show that some here did. I just didn’t think any of them ruined the show. Several of the reactions to entrances seemed to expose a lack of overness in the undercard. As well as the early parts of the first 3 matches. No matter because ultimately, the work eventually hooked the live crowd and they got into it. Dawkins and Yim however, I think, did not have much to offer. For a main event that went 51 minutes I was surprised that the crowd reaction was as solid as it was since burn out is the common mistake these days. I’m with some of you in hoping this feud is over now. But that match was awesome.
  12. I too am also fine with Omega not being NJPW. However, I just wish he’d have hung around for the MSG show and drop the title there.
  13. I use Universe Mode for my sim league. As it turns out I absolutely HAVE TO change what the game proposes I do for match making. There doesn’t seem to be any logic applied to what it proposes. Which is fine, for the most part. But I suspect the more I manipulate the less likely cut scenes will take place or any creative twists (like say an injury being clearly sold on screen). I wonder too if It doesn’t reduce the potential for things like more frequent camera cuts or tag team break ups. Which really sucks since I’m trying to make the league resemble a live broadcast as much as possible. So I compensate by selling it mostly through my own commentary. I’ve also not really seen much contrast the simulation vs. arcade settings. But lowering reversals in the options menu and raising reversals in the characters attributes did wonders. I guess what im saying is experiment.
  14. After viewing the show on tv. I can say I would have thought the crowd would have come across stronger than it did. I had kind of dreaded the turn out after the embarrassment of the Stomping Grounds show. But the crowd was a good size and they seemed to respond really well (in the room) to just about everything but the Cross/Bayley segment. Over the years I’ve seen lots of people post that was their experience as well. But isn’t it funny, when you factor in the recent G1 show, the crowds exceeding the expectations of their respective turn outs.
  15. Was at this show. Enjoyed. But then again. I’ve had pretty good luck with the tickets I’ve bought over the years. Murphy and Ali had a pretty great, but too short dark match.
  16. I buy Ishii’s act entirely. As much 90s NJPW juniors hooked me. I had fallen off watching during the period pretty much every one else did. Lesnar laid an egg and Nakamura wasn’t quite what he would become. But between a couple of podcasts I caught doing recaps of New Japan. They sold me on some match Ishii had with Honma. I watched it and my jaw hit the ground with how unapologetically stiff it was. Instant fan and it got me back into NJPW. Just brutal. Kevin Kelly put over the idea last night, that Ishii has wins in the tournament over reigning World Champions. That can be the seed.
  17. Fuck I want Ishii to take this whole thing. I love that dude.
  18. I think you’re being overly critical... man.
  19. This thread makes me wish I wore my sailor suit.
  20. I loved the show top to bottom. Every Takeover event just reinforces my lack of desire to watch the main roster. I get that some of the fucky backstage stuff with Ciampa getting hurt and The War Raiders getting called up reflected badly. But considering what we could be dealing with. NXT is still head and shoulders above the main roster both recently and historically. I love the Dream. Though he would probably not acknowledge it. ?
  21. I thought TNKs straight dismissal of Jon was a great strategic and disciplined move. The guy has a Valarian steel sword. The one type of weapon that could kill him and the lose the war. So why fuck with him if beating Jon is still zero sum when Bran is over there and the objective. The rest of the WWs could have seen a little bit of action I suppose. But at that point in the episode I was ready for a solution.
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