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  1. That is the key to beating Conor, you can't let him dictate the distance where the fight takes place. You have to get in his face, and make him defend in the pocket. He has a really good chin, but he gets stunned fairly often. If you are willing to stand in the pocket and exchange with him, he's there to be hit. His defense is almost entirely based on distance management, so if you can disrupt that you have a chance.
  2. Poirier, when he's on, can beat anyone in the world with the exception of Khabib. He's legitimately one of the best, most well-rounded fighters in the world at any weight. I'd like to see the rubber match in a couple years, but this doesn't surprise me.
  3. At this level, it's a fight everyone wins. If you don't present any danger to your opponent, there isn't a top 10 fighter in any division that doesn't wipe the floor with you.
  4. I don't know what Hooker was waiting on, but he legit didn't make Chandler feel any type of danger that entire fight. Hooker is a good fighter, who is usually pretty aggressive, but he just circled around until Chandler was able to walk him down and finish him. It was just weird.
  5. This is going to sound like a dumb question, but is Carlos Junior his surname? I'm asking, because it's weird that they are putting the suffix on his in-fight name plate. The real story is that he's only gone the distance twice while fighting great competition over the last 7 years. Seriously, almost everyone goes to decision once they start fighting better competition. I agree that Poirier is a much different fighter at 155 than he was at 145. He's more durable, and also seems to hit significantly harder.
  6. Fuck it, I'll pick Poirier. It's kind of how I felt about the Aldo fight, Poirier has more tools than McGregor, he just has to have the opportunity to use them.
  7. Seriously, when it comes to legendary Sports figures, you do not get much bigger than Henry "Hank" Aaron. Hank Aaron was about as good of a baseball player who has ever lived. If you want to know how good Hank Aaron was, understand that no one touched more bases in the history of the sport than Hank Aaron. He's 1st all time in hits, 2nd all time in home runs, and 3rd all time in hits. According to Baseball Reference, he's 7th all time in WAR (5th for position players), and played in 25 All-Star Games. With all of his accolades on the baseball diamond, the thing that is most impressive abo
  8. I don't think Conor is actually a better striker than Poirier, I just think he has much more one punch stopping power than Poirier. Conor's entire game is about putting his opponent out, he is very good at it. He only has 2 decisions and they are against two of the hardest chins in the entire sport. I think Poirier is one of the better strikers in the entire sport, but Conor can obliterate him with one shot. I think Poirier wins pretty easily if he can get into a rhythm and start pressuring Conor early in the fight. He needs to dictate the pace and make McGregor defend multiple shots and
  9. They had a decade with exclusive rights to one of the most popular properties in all media, and have one good to great game, one game that isn't big enough to charge full price for, another game that people eventually enjoyed after a terrible launch that made people legitimately angry, and another game that no one really liked. That's terrible. I've said it multiple times, but if a year passes and there isn't a good to great Star Wars video game, it is a failure. It is a property that fits into almost every genre of video game, and has a giant fanbase who want to explore every inch of the l
  10. Honestly, I think Conor wins early by knockout, or Poirier punishes him for 4 rounds before he breaks. I really don't see any way Conor wins this fight outside of the first two rounds. I think Poirier's chances in this fight is 100% based on his ability to withstand Conor's punches. If his chin holds up, he will be able to out work, and more importantly out cardio, McGregor.
  11. Dude, I was trying to guess which country he was talking about and it was like scrolling through Netflix when I have no idea what I want to watch. Too many choices.
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