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  1. I whittled my to watch list down to films I have a strong feeling could end up on my ballot and a few others I really want to watch:
  2. I thought horror this decade was ok for the most part. There’ll be a decent chunk of them on my ballot. The Autopsy of Jane Doe Berbarian Sound Studio Bone Tomahawk The Conjuring 1 & 2 Get Out Greasy Strangler Green Room I Saw the Devil It Follows The Lords of Salem Mandy Train to Busan Under the Skin Us We Are What We Are (2010 & 2013) The Witch (top 5 contender)
  3. I think documentaries have been the strongest genre of the last 20+ years. With how affordable film equipment have become and the amount of interesting voices that are out there, there’s so much to choose from. Here are some that will make my ballot: The Act of Killing Exit Through the Gift Shop Holy Hell I Am Not Your Negroe The Invisible War Jiro Dreams of Sushi Jodorowsky’s Dune Memphis Heat: The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin’ Nostalgia for the Light Project Nim Rewind This! Searching for Sugar Man Tickled
  4. I really loved Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai. I loved the 1960s original and loved Miike’s remake. This will be a top 10 pick for me. The Blade of the Immortal is another great samurai film. I Saw the Devil is another top contender for me. Incredibly bleak and horrifying. Incendies the film that put Denis Villeneuvre on the map before Prisoners. The Skin I Live In really hit me in the gut when I first saw it. Big fan of Almodovar. Tyrannosaur great film about anger. Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives The World of Kanako was another gut punch for me when I watched it for the first time last year. A great film about just how little a parent can know about how awful their child can be.
  5. These films are going to make my list: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Kubo and the Two Strings ParaNorman The Tale of Princess Kaguya How to Train Your Dragon Coco The LEGO Movie
  6. I’ve been waiting to do this poll for quite some time. Besides a few more films on my to watch list, my list is pretty much concrete. Just have to put stuff in order and rewatch others. A few that will definitely be high on my list: BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS I know this is a bit controversial as some see this as 2 movies but the blu ray version I have had it as one film. Batman is best when animated in my opinion besides the Tim Burton films. This is a nice dark and brooding film. Will be high on my list. COLD IN JULY The atmosphere and acting is incredible in this. This doesn’t feel slavish to the 1980s aesthetic other films do but it does feel very immersive of that time period. Michael C. Hall is fantastic in this, Sam Shepard is great and Don Johnson is a blast. This made me think of the Night Ranger song Sister Christian in a whole different light. DRIVE While a lot of the talk about this has disappeared over the years, this is still very much a #1 contender for me. The mood, cinematography, soundtrack and the sudden bursts of violence is what keeps this in my head. ENEMY I really want to revisit this but holy hell hasn’t Jake Gyllenhaal been awesome this decade?! Denis Villeneuvre has really made a great set of films throughout the decade. The ending to this is still seared into my brain. THE GREY I remember seeing this in the theater when it first came out and 9 years later, I can still remember all of the details for the most part without seeing it again since. A great melancholic survival film.
  7. I haven't listened to whole lot of albums this year, I'm always a few years behind but so far, I'd have to say PURPLE MOUNTAINS (self-titled) has been the one that really stuck with me.
  8. I would definitely be up for doing a poll for this decade. I do have some gaps in viewing as my hardcore movie watching years slowed way down after 2013 but I don't have as much as I thought I would. It's really been a weird decade. I can't say that it's been absolutely awful or even really bad as there's a bunch of good to great films every year but I think if you were to stack them up against any other time period, only a very few would stand. My top 5-10 would probably still be dominated by films from 2010-2012. It feels like only a few years has passed since we did the 2000-2009 poll. So much has happened since then just personally. Moved twice, continued with and left college, got married, promoted, etc.
  9. So today is my birthday and with it being the beginning of spooky season, I usually ask for horror related birthday gifts. This year (movie wise) I got: 10 to Midnight (starring Charles Bronson) Scream and Scream Again (starring Vincent Price, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing) Tourist Trap WNUF Halloween Special From Beyond Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key
  10. Just re watched Dredd with my wife who had never seen it. It still holds up really well. Don't know why I don't see this at least once a year since it's such a fun action movie. My wife was also a big fan of the Fox show, Almost Human which also had Karl Urban in it so she made several comparisons between Dredd and John Kennex.
  11. http://theyshootzombies.com/ghf1000/ Just like They Shoot Pictures Don't They? This is the Top 1000 Horror Films. If this board does the horror project that Rippa said might happen, this would be a great guide.
  12. I actually didn't vote for this film or any of the other Lord of the Rings films either.
  13. Today is payday so I got the following films on Amazon: Underground (1995) The Indian Runner (1991) Psycho III blu (1986)
  14. Everybody needs to see the 1994 action film, PAROLE VIOLATORS!
  15. It's been quite a while, probably since 2014, where I had a real interest in film and here's a sort of resolution/shame list that I want to check out:
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