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  1. Movie

    Just re watched Dredd with my wife who had never seen it. It still holds up really well. Don't know why I don't see this at least once a year since it's such a fun action movie. My wife was also a big fan of the Fox show, Almost Human which also had Karl Urban in it so she made several comparisons between Dredd and John Kennex.
  2. Just like They Shoot Pictures Don't They? This is the Top 1000 Horror Films. If this board does the horror project that Rippa said might happen, this would be a great guide.
  3. I actually didn't vote for this film or any of the other Lord of the Rings films either.
  4. Movie

    Today is payday so I got the following films on Amazon: Underground (1995) The Indian Runner (1991) Psycho III blu (1986)
  5. Movie

    Everybody needs to see the 1994 action film, PAROLE VIOLATORS!
  6. Movie

    It's been quite a while, probably since 2014, where I had a real interest in film and here's a sort of resolution/shame list that I want to check out:
  7. Watched The Tale of Princess Kaguya last night for the first time and it was incredible.
  8. Has anyone seen The Greasy Strangler yet? I searched but couldn't find anything. The Red Band trailer is absolutely nuts. It looks like a mix between Troma, John Waters and Frank Henenlotter.
  9. I'm sorry about that. I meant to put my username in there but I must have forgot it.
  10. The 70s will probably be my most represented decade on my ballot (which I completed recently but will turn in closer to the deadline). Here are the ones I'd really pimp highly that haven't been listed:
  11. I really wish I would have participated in the 50s poll as I was really looking forward to that but I fell out of my film fandom at the time and virtually stopped watching films. Here are the contenders for my ballot:
  12. Here are the films that are in my current draft:
  13. I got over 300 films in one previous draft and now over 100 in this draft.
  14. Thanks for the recommendations. I'm gonna have to watch those when I get off work today.
  15. What are some of the best horror short films that you guys have seen?