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  1. So today is my birthday and with it being the beginning of spooky season, I usually ask for horror related birthday gifts. This year (movie wise) I got: 10 to Midnight (starring Charles Bronson) Scream and Scream Again (starring Vincent Price, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing) Tourist Trap WNUF Halloween Special From Beyond Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key
  2. Just re watched Dredd with my wife who had never seen it. It still holds up really well. Don't know why I don't see this at least once a year since it's such a fun action movie. My wife was also a big fan of the Fox show, Almost Human which also had Karl Urban in it so she made several comparisons between Dredd and John Kennex.
  3. http://theyshootzombies.com/ghf1000/ Just like They Shoot Pictures Don't They? This is the Top 1000 Horror Films. If this board does the horror project that Rippa said might happen, this would be a great guide.
  4. I actually didn't vote for this film or any of the other Lord of the Rings films either.
  5. Today is payday so I got the following films on Amazon: Underground (1995) The Indian Runner (1991) Psycho III blu (1986)
  6. Everybody needs to see the 1994 action film, PAROLE VIOLATORS!
  7. It's been quite a while, probably since 2014, where I had a real interest in film and here's a sort of resolution/shame list that I want to check out:
  8. Watched The Tale of Princess Kaguya last night for the first time and it was incredible.
  9. Has anyone seen The Greasy Strangler yet? I searched but couldn't find anything. The Red Band trailer is absolutely nuts. It looks like a mix between Troma, John Waters and Frank Henenlotter.
  10. I'm sorry about that. I meant to put my username in there but I must have forgot it.
  11. The 70s will probably be my most represented decade on my ballot (which I completed recently but will turn in closer to the deadline). Here are the ones I'd really pimp highly that haven't been listed:
  12. I really wish I would have participated in the 50s poll as I was really looking forward to that but I fell out of my film fandom at the time and virtually stopped watching films. Here are the contenders for my ballot:
  13. Here are the films that are in my current draft:
  14. I got over 300 films in one previous draft and now over 100 in this draft.
  15. Thanks for the recommendations. I'm gonna have to watch those when I get off work today.
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