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  1. I would say Torneo cibernetico with 8 v 8 setup for the Title Team Evil will be the 5 gods + 3: Barrett Strong Taya Hexagon Mantaza replacement (Cage?) Maybe 3 people controlled by a returning Catrina with a resurrected theme: Fenix Crane +1 More Team Good will be 7 reps of the tribe + Pentagon: Pentagon Deer Tribe (Cuerno) Death Tribe (Mil) Dragon Tribe (Azteca Jr) Reptile Tribe (Mundo - after joining Kobra so he can free Taya) Moth Tribe (Marty - the deal cut to get him on team good can be explored in S6) Rabbit Tribe (White Rabbit - same as Marty) Cat Tribe (New Prince Puma or Aerostar - future descendant of the tribe)
  2. Xavier could be just a hallucination of Logan. I don't think I saw Xavier interact with anyone but Wolverine throughout the entire trailer. Even X-23 does not really interact with him, but made to look like she is to swerve the audience, like Bruce Willis in the 6th sense.
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